6 Reasons Why Promotional Material is Crucial for Business


The highly competitive nature of the business environment demands that companies do all they can to stay ahead of their competitors. Why must the consumer pick your business as opposed to your competitors? What differentiates you from the rest?

People love free gifts. And what better way to attract new customers than to give them free promotional materials? Thankfully the promotional materials you can use are endless; from customised brochures to embroidered shirts and t-shirts. To survive in such a cutthroat industry, it’s important that you do all you can to attract customers. You want your business to be easily identified by your customers and target audience.

We list the six main reasons why you must consider using promotional material to gain a competitive edge.

Cost-Effective Form of Marketing

While we appreciate how businesses must spend money to make more, we don’t necessarily advocate for expensive options.
Cost Effective Form of Marketing
There are many effective but low-cost strategies that businesses can employ to advertise their products. Using promotional material is one of them. Compared to airing expensive television ads or printing large billboards, handing out brand t-shirts will serve the same purpose. The only difference is that you don’t have to allocate a huge amount of money for the latter.

Promotional material doesn’t have to be extravagant: a cap, pen or calendar will suffice. If you’re not too keen on handing out freebies, then you can sell your promotional items at a discounted price. Either way, you’ll stay within your marketing budget. Branding can be an extremely important aspect to consider even on your premises, so people know where to associate the brand logo and colours. Digital signage is a helpful tool to consider when expressing your brand’s identity.

Create Brand Recognition

Because promotional items are branded with your company name, this automatically creates instant brand recognition. And in a world where there are plenty of companies offering the same product or service as you, you need to do all you can to sway customers your way.

You want customers to immediately spot your brand. And this can be achieved by giving them branded material. Whether it’s in the form of a mug or calendar, chances are they’ll keep these gifts in their homes or offices. The next time they want a service your company provides you’ll be the first brand they think of.

Brand recognition is the first step to creating awareness which may wind up being customer loyalty. So, don’t be afraid to hand out those promotional gifts.

Business Exposure

By distributing promotional material you’re automatically creating greater exposure for your business.
Business Exposure
You may have handed out a t-shirt at a local park, but the owner may end up giving a friend or relative who stays in a different city. It’s safe to say that giving out promotional materials can literally break down geographically barriers. And the best part is you don’t have to make the extra effort or spend more money for this to happen—it’s organic.

Business Card Alternative

Handing out business cards is an effective way of introducing your business to prospective customers—so is distributing promotional material.

Like business cards, promotional items usually have the company name, logo and contact details. This makes it easy for prospective clients to contact you when the need arises.

Fuel Social Media Campaigning

In the 21st century, you can’t disregard the power of social media in business. Businesses that have no online presence risk becoming redundant. As a result, most companies are capitalising on social media campaigns to reach a wider target audience.

In the social media world, you can never estimate the power of the hashtag. Why not consider adding a catchy hashtag on your promotional items to get people talking? This will significantly escalate your social media campaign, making your brand even more popular.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Attracting and getting new customers onboard isn’t an easy process. But keeping those customers is an even bigger task. With your competitors working relentlessly to sway your existing customers their way, who wouldn’t want to do all they can to ensure their customers STAY their customers?

It follows that you must devise strategies that’ll establish customer loyalty. You want your customers to keep on doing business with you. Make your clients feel like they matter to you and are valued.
Increase Customer Loyalty
Give them promotional items to encourage repeat business. Whether you like it or not, customers are fickle in nature. And they’re always looking for the next best thing that can satisfy their needs. Do all you can to assure them that doing business with you is the best option for them at any given time.

Final Words

Whatever you do make sure that you get your promotional materials printed by the best designers. This way you’re guaranteed a job well done that looks professional.

Nobody wants to do business with a company that gives them t-shirts with sloppy prints. Otherwise what guarantee do people have that your products or services will be of high quality?

It’s time to get down to business and start customising those promotional items. Do this and watch how your business will rise to even greater heights.