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7 Decorating Trends in 2021 That You Can’t Miss!

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Home is the most important place in anyone’s life, and by 2020, that became very clear. The new year is knocking on the door and “stay at home”, will continue to be a trend. At these times, having a cosy home makes all the difference. The problem is that decorating our home is not an easy task. But don’t worry, because to help you, we have prepared 7 decorating trends in 2021 that you can not miss!

The time is ticking too fast. Slowing down, looking inward and staying at home directly influenced how we relate to our homes.

And there’s nothing better than having the house the way we like to experience this difficult phase. By the way, it’s going to pass!

We want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you, readers and readers, who accompany us, who send questions, who always offer valuable feedback.

It’s great to be with you on this journey! Count on us!

New year, endless quarantine, decoration… what does all this have in common? Everything! Plans, dreams and the desire to be safe and at peace. So let’s go to the decorating trends in 2021? Our tips are great for those who need current references and amazing ideas for home.

1. Comfort and tradition remain strong in the decoration trends in 2021!

People are spending much more time at home and looking to add touches of functionality and comfort to their space.

For example, if you’ve had a formal living room for years, or just with the couch and a television, you might be trying to think of ways to make it a more inviting and functional space.

In this sense, a wonderful alternative is to bet on upholstered furniture, smoother curves and traditional styles that you can always count on.

These choices ensure the same look, support and comfort for years without leaving the style aside! See how beautiful and soft this decoration is.

2. In harmony with nature

Staying at home made us find form and more ways to be in contact with nature. Therefore, including plants at home has become an increasingly strong trend with regard to decoration.

We even prepared an amazing article about plants in decoration, with special tips for those who want to start including greener at home, but do not know very well where to start.

But nature goes far beyond the little plans that purify the air and make the environment lighter! Particularly popular this season, unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, ceramics and wicker furniture have been very successful!

3. Strong colours on the walls

One of the main trends in colour is the emphasis on bright palettes and rich colours in the design of furniture, fixtures, accessories. Pastel tones, inspired by Scandinavian style, go through oblivion. No for nothing, for example, that Pantone colour institute chose Ultra Violet as the main colour of 2021.

4. Lightwoods

Previously, we talked about mixing the traditional with comfort and elements of nature as decorating trends in 2021, right?

So write it down: light woods come as the darlings of those who want to follow a more minimalist or Scandinavian style.

Marie Kondo taught us to change and keep only what we love, and the movement of our culture towards great sustainability supports having fewer parts, but better quality. That’s the turn bet!

Buying online is wonderful for practicality, but on the other hand, we are always insecure about the quality of the parts, aren’t we?

With LIV Decora, you don’t have that concern. All the products of our store, including exclusive ones, undergo a careful curatorship that guarantees quality, comfort and beauty!

5. Textured walls

Another common trend in apartment design is, for sure, the complexity of the architecture of the internal walls with additional elements.

At the height of popularity is a variety of wall panels, especially wood. Its textured surface recalls the proximity to nature, creates additional heat and soundproofing in the environment.

6. Time travel: from the 80s to 2021

While comfort and tradition are great in 2021, the modern look that became great in the 1980s will also be popular.

The decoration of the ’80s had a very specific type of popular furniture, which can immediately set the tone of your home.

Look for some striking pieces from the 1980s, such as a glass dining table with a chrome or marble base.

Opt for high-contrast colour schemes such as black and gold, for example, or soft palettes that include Malva and softer pink.

7. Luxury and art decor everywhere!

The trends of 2021 remind us of elegant luxury with elements of art decor from the 20s of the last century.

Individual elements of the style gain a second breath: symmetrical organization of space, golden details, noble colours, many mirrors.

As for the upholstery, there is undoubtedly an undeniable highlight to velvet. Many furniture designers this season have included velvet upholstery on their tops, especially in the colour of precious stones such as sapphire, emerald and amethyst. Hence the new round of style for vintage furniture.

The sophistication of the 1920s co-ordinates comfortably with the classics, contrasts perfectly with the minimalism of the Scandinavian style and emphasizes the brutality of a loft.

Again at the height of popularity, expensive fabrics, marbles, woods and precious metals.

Remember that, anyway, the most important thing – don’t really forget – is to have the interior as a comfortable space for its inhabitants, even when your ideas of beauty are contrary to the trends of style.

So focus on what you like, feel cosy and present your personality and style. No matter if you are in a small space or in a house with many rooms, you can make your home your home.

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