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7 Kitchen Splashbacks Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2019

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 7 Kitchen Splashbacks Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2019


Anyone who is telling you that renovating your kitchen is easy is a liar. Most of the brands convince you that only choosing proper splashback will make your kitchen remaking simple, that’s completely not true. Everybody makes mistake. That’s the part of the process but planning is always better than regretting hard later on.

A kitchen is a place where the food is made. It is a source of energy for each member of the family. What if your homemaker does not feel happy cooking in the kitchen? It will surely affect the whole family. In short, if the kitchen does not have proper ambience then it creates tension in the entire family. You obviously do not want that….Right?

We have provided a complete guide which will aware you from making silly mistakes on kitchen remaking. We assure you that by the end of this write-up you will have impeccable knowledge of do’s and don’ts pertaining to kitchen installation.

Below are some Splashback Mistake You Need to Avoid

1. Doing Extreme Research

You are well aware that anything which is done in excess is harmful. Whether it is taking too much sugar or either doing plenty of research on renovating your kitchen splashback. The internet is flooded with ideas but from that, you need to choose which design or splashback will suit your intimate kitchen. Another thing is the budget. If you have a compact budget any research related to the luxurious kitchen will be a waste of time for you.

A Workaround to this Mistake– You must pay attention to those ideas which work ideally for your kitchen especially taking the size of the kitchen into consideration.

2. Not Relying on Expert

You are not an expert contractor and so it is not advisable experimenting on your kitchen splashback design. There is everything available on youtube. But the YouTubers are using certain tips and tactics to make their work easy which they do not mention in their videos. Most of the time you will feel that you can do it by yourself and that will save your money but half knowledge will make your work dicier.

A Workaround to this Mistake– There are many things which are an important part in the installation of kitchen such as grouting, cutting the sheets of splashback, arranging the kitchen interiors, making space for shelves, and having proper plugs and lights in the kitchen. An interior designer or DIY expert knows thick and thin of a kitchen and that is the level of expertise you need in your kitchen.

3. Wrong selection of Textures

The textures, colours, and designs are inevitable when you are planning any sought of kitchen interiors. There are numerous varieties of splashback designs available in the market. You have multiple options from light to dark shade.

A Workaround to this Mistake– Make sure that you don’t get influenced by designs on the internet. Reason? They might be different than the kind of designs you need for your kitchen.

Though white colours are in high demand it will not suit every household. For example; if you have plain light texture all over the kitchen, then the kitchen splashback must be in the dark or contrast shade. Wrong choices of texture will diminish the elegance of your kitchen.

4. Not Asking for Samples

If you are choosing the splashback for the first time, make sure that you ask for the sample designs and then give the final order of purchase. There are several materials available. It would be confusing to choose the right one for your kitchen.

A Workaround to this Mistake– Simply ask your neighbours or designer about the quality of splashback material. Some companies also provide a warranty for the kitchen splashback so it will again be easy for you to choose a material which is worth acquiring.

Choose a material which is functional and works best in terms of durability.

5. Working with Wrong Tools

It may sound rude but if you are not an expert you must not ruin your kitchen with wrong tools. Some material does not require any tools. For example, acrylic splashback can be installed without any tools with the help of sealant.

A Workaround to this Mistake– Never take any risk when your kitchen splashback is concerned as it would be wastage of your time and money.

6. Not Monitoring when your DIY man is working

Every one of us become helpless when we have little knowledge about something. Even if the contractors you hired are working for installation of kitchen splashback UK, there are chances that they show carelessness in installation.

A Workaround to this Mistake– You simply need to have little patience and require to ask the contractors about each thing they are doing in your kitchen. The more you will ask, the better work you will get from the contractors.

7. Not to Repeat the Mistakes

You are lucky if you have caught the mistake on the initial stage of the installation process but not everyone is! We all choose wrong textures once in a life but when you get the chance of renovating, choose from the best.

A Workaround to this Mistake– Before working on any kitchen splashback first research, plan and then design for it.

The Genius Tip

Since you are now well aware of the mistakes you don’t have to make it is time to stop repeating them. We hope to have provided valuable insights pertaining to splashbacks through our write-up.

Always remember that having half knowledge is equal to zero knowledge. So, get adequate information before starting. You should also hire an expert for your kitchen who has a complete acquaintance of handling kitchen splashback designs.



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