Gone is the time when the girls’ room needed to be pink, isn’t it? Also, the idea that you have to spend a lot to leave a beautiful room has also been in the past. Today, there are numerous ideas for simple and inexpensive female children’s room décor to create an amazing environment without blowing the budget.


1. Invest in the walls

The wall of a room is like a blank canvas. She has countless possibilities. You can, for example, paint everything in one colour, paint only one side with a more vibrant colour or even make patterns and drawings with paint. You can also use wallpaper and stickers. Whatever your choice, remember to follow the colour palette.


2. Simple and inexpensive women’s children’s room décor: where to start?

Before putting any idea into practice, it’s important to follow a few basic steps to ensure harmony of the décor —and your bank account, of course. Here’s where to start:

  • Choose the colour palette. The ideal number of colours for a room is three, but you can add more as long as you are careful. Discover amazing colour combinations online palette generators such as Adobe Color.
  • Set your budget and search for prices. Know exactly how much you can spend before you start decorating. Don’t the desired products fit the budget? How about replacing some of them with items made by you?
  • Think of space. Write down all the measurements of the room and pay close attention to the size of each item. Remember to keep free space for circulation and play.
  • Consult the child. After all, she owns the room. Let her choose the main colour of the palette and give ideas during decorating planning

3. Buy multifunctional furniture with neutral colours

With cabinets, dressers and shelves in neutral colours, you can dare more in the colours of the walls and other decorative items such as cushions and carpets. This also means savings in the future, because if the child is tired of the strongest colours, you do not need to paint or change all the furniture.

Another excellent idea is to invest in multifunctional furniture, such as a bed with a drawer, a puffed chest or a bunk bed with a table, drawers and shelves.

4. Use little bandeirinhas

Do you know the famous June party bandeirinhas? They’re high in decoration. With the most diverse shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and textures, they are a different — and very cute — way of decorating the room. And the best: it is possible to make your own little bandeirinhas. You can use fabric, EVA or the most diverse types of paper to create this decorative piece.


5. Use flasher lights

The flashlights have become a cliché, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their charm. They are perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere, especially if you opt for the yellow light, also called warm light. It creates a sense of comfort and relaxation. How about using the cord of lights as a clothesline on the wall to hang pictures of the child with family and friends?

6. Decorate with comics

Instead of a large frame, have you ever thought about sprucing up the wall or a shelf with several small or medium-sized comics? Choose the photo frames according to the room’s colour palette and let your daughter participate in the selection of paintings or drawings. You can even choose designs made by her.


The paintings are perfect for simple and inexpensive women’s children’s room décor, as they can be made at home or purchased at affordable prices.

7. DIY

Currently, there is no shortage of ideas for simple and cheap female children’s room decoration. And many items can be made by you. In addition to being economical, DIY (“Do It Yourself”) allows you to create an object that blends perfectly with the environment.

Organizers, baskets, pencil holders, shelves, carpets, tents, canopies and murals are some of the many objects you can make with your own hands. Use DIY to create an amazing room for your girl without spending too much.


Did you like our seven simple and cheap female children’s room decorating tips? So start creating the perfect room for your daughter with everything you’ve learned here. Start with tip number one and remember: use creativity and have fun in the process!