7 Traits You Must Consider Before Buying Ergonomic Office Chair

Traditional chairs can cause much discomfort, back pains, and strain when working. As a result, your productivity lowers, and your health is affected. Thanks to technology that has bought ergonomic office chairs to combat these challenges. These chairs are built with the end user in mind so that you choose the right one according to your preferences.

Well, choosing a good ergonomic office chair, on arrival to the market, maybe so confusing. That is why you need to know the right traits to look for when buying. For example, seat depth, lumbar support, the material of the seat, mobility, ability to recline, the height of the chair, and of course, the price.

1.The Depth Of The Seat

The Depth Of The Seat
An ergonomic office chair should have the ability to move to the front or back depending on the length of your legs without difficulties. This trait helps you to stay comfortable for as long as possible.
Otherwise, you’ll be forced to bend to the front as you work thus losing the comfortability that comes from leaning on your seat to give your back a rest.

The distance between the knee fold and the seat’s front edge should not exceed 4 inches neither should it be below 2 inches.

2.Support Of The Lumbar

Back Support For Office Chair in Office Chair Accessories Back Pain
The worst thing that you could do to yourself is using a chair that does not support your spine. The blog about back pain FreeYourSpine puts it very clear that majority of those who work in the office all day suffer from neck and joint pains, herniated disc, and misalignment of the spine.

Having good lower back support will prevent these pains since there is no strain on your joints, neck, and head.

3.Seat Material

Seat Material
We all know how seating on a hard surface causes many problems to your buttocks. You’ll not only experience much pain while you try to wake up or sit again, but you’ll also be very uneasy. This, of course, will lower your concentration, effectiveness, and productivity in your work.

That is why you need to think of a seat with a soft material. A seat material that allows air is more appropriate since there’ll be no sweating due to much heat that results from prolonged sitting hours.

4.The Height Of The Chair

The Height Of The Chair
Your height determines the height of the chair you should purchase for use in your office. Nevertheless, whatever your height, your feet should rest flat and comfortably on the floor. On the other hand, your thighs should be horizontal to ensure that there is no much pressure behind your knees.

This trait not only helps in making your feet comfortable, but it also helps oxygen to flow well to your knees and legs.


Consider the free space you have in the office and the movement you need to make now and then. For example, if you are working from different desks in the same office, you’ll not need to wake every minute.

Think of an ergonomic chair that will allow you to rotate as well as move it smoothly from one desk to the other. Also, depending on your profession, test the chair arms. They should allow you to work freely without any hindrance.

6.Ability To Recline

Ability To Recline
As earlier stated, working from the office may cause misalignment of the spine. To avoid this, always recline well on your office chair to ensure that there is minimal or no pressure at all on your spine. In fact, if you suffer from degenerative disc disease, your ideal help would be an ergonomic chair that gives you the ability to recline.

While you recline, you should be able to do your office work, for example, typing or writing without straining your wrists or eyes.


Having a set budget for the ergonomic office chair is good. However, don’t compromise these seven traits because you do not want to go beyond your budget. It makes no sense to purchase an office chair that ends up causing you a lot of body strain as you work.

Again, if your budget cannot give you a quality chair, it means you’ll soon look for another one to replace it. Hence, double cost.

Finally, the many hours you spend in the office to make a living should not turn out to be emergency hours due to strain and health issues you get from using the wrong chair. Therefore, embrace each of these traits.