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8 Secrets of Betting on Sports in Bookmakers

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There is an opinion that spending time in a bookmaker’s office is simple entertainment, the result of which will certainly be the loss of money. Professional bettors are ready to argue with this judgment, since professional betting is a grueling and exhausting job for a handicapper, requiring him to have a huge baggage of all kinds of knowledge, a lot of time and experience in betting.

But what about those who sometimes want to bet on sports events without spending most of their free time, but still not lose all the money? Based on a set of some caper rules, it is possible to successfully confront a bookmaker. is kindly sharing these rules, derived from the experience, sometimes unsuccessful, of more than one generation of bettors. These rules will help beginning bettors avoid common mistakes that many face at the beginning of their journey.

Secret 1: Don’t be afraid to lose

Remember that more than 90% of bettors are in red. You can also lose, so don’t be too upset if this happens. However, if you make the right bet on an outcome that is less than 50% likely, you will recover from the recent setback.

Secret 2: Do not seek to win back immediately

Yes, a good win will brighten up the negative emotions of the recent loss, but having got into a losing streak, the player has a natural desire to return everything as soon as possible. Bets begin to be made rashly, using large sums and searching for off the charts odds. The principle “all or nothing” is inapplicable here and leads only to a complete collapse.

Secret 3: Don’t lose your head on success

This secret resembles the second, but the algorithm is the opposite. After winning three or four bets in a row, the player begins to believe in his gift of foresight, and in an excited state gives the bookmaker all his bank. Don’t forget the statistics. More than 90% of bets lose, you can’t stay in 10% forever.


Secret 4: Don’t be influenced by the odds

Psychologically unstable tipsters often change an already thought-out bet when they see new odds on a selected event. The in-house analysts of a bookmaker’s office often take advantage of this and purposely manipulate the values of their line. If the odds on a result that seems very likely to you is high, think about its probability – hundreds of minds against one of yours.

Secret 5: Avoid betting on your favourite team

The player’s psychology is such that the chances of a favorite club are almost always evaluated biased. It is quite understandable that a bettor wants to bet on a team he likes, but professional betting is a quest for profit, not entertainment.

Secret 6: Get gid of betting greed

The handicapper community is always striving for more, but the pursuit of high odds and huge parlay bets can only lead to the red. A small but stable gain is better than an ephemeral triumph.

Secret 7: Do not get hung up on others’ predictions

Other people’s advice is not always a bad thing, but you always need to have an individual opinion. According to statistics, the overwhelming majority of tipsters from sites are still losers, and it doesn’t make much sense to listen to everyone. It is best if your opinion about the fight coincides with the opinion of an expert. But remember: you will lose your money, not him.

Secret 8: Use the psychological reboot

Even professionals cannot do only betting all the time. A periodic disconnection from the betting activity is only beneficial, otherwise, the handicapper’s brain gets overloaded and begins to produce wrong decisions. A temporary absence of a player in a betting office is simply necessary.

If you place bets every day, then after a small successful or unsuccessful streak, it is worth taking a break for a few days to rest and think things over.


The above betting secrets can be used not only by newcomers but also by handicappers who are not satisfied with their gambling activity in many ways (long black streaks, constant losses of bankroll). Over time, gaining experience and acquiring the necessary betting knowledge, each tipster acquires his professional secrets of successful betting, and whether to share them with colleagues is an individual matter.

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