8 Things Every Bride Should Never Worry About During Her Wedding Day


A wedding marks the beginning of a couple’s new life. For brides, it is the day when they finally exchange a life-long promise to stay with their significant other in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.

Considering what this event represents, it is not surprising that brides worry about plenty of things. From the event venue to the smaller details like the cake and flowers, brides always want to have a hand at planning their own wedding.

If you’re one of those brides, you must remember what your role in the entire picture is: to be the star of the show. To make sure that the event goes smoothly, everything should be either accomplished prior to the big day or delegated to a trusted friend, family member, or a reliable wedding event planner.

So, if you don’t want to be a hot mess while you walk down the aisle, here are eight things you shouldn’t be stressing about during the day of your wedding:

1. The Weather

While it is normal to want to know about what’s going to happen should the grey clouds turn up, you should not tear your hair over the forecast on your wedding day. Weather predictions have a slight chance to be wrong. On top of that, you won’t be able to do anything productive if you stress yourself out over something you cannot control.

Instead, rely on your wedding planner and trust that she has set up a backup plan in case the weather does go south. Your stylist should be able to find the perfect hair product to keep your half-up hairdo from frizzing from the humidity.

The bottom line is that all you need to think about is the happiness you would feel once you say “I do” and become the wife of the man you love.

2. Fetching Guests and Supplies

Another thing you shouldn’t be fussing about is fetching guests and supplies for your big day. Hand this task over to your family and friends, and you’ll surely glow on your wedding day.

If you don’t have a wedding planner, you can have your maid of honour (or whoever has helped you throughout the planning of the event) list down the supplies that need to be picked up. You may also find that giving another person the task of fetching your guests to be a big help in easing your wedding day stress.

Fetching Guests and Supplies

3. Packing and Preparing Things

Aside from things that need to be moved, there are also things that may need to be packed or prepared for your wedding. Again, delegate this one to some of your trusted sidekicks and be on your merry way to a life of marriage.

In doing so, you or your maid of honour can create a comprehensive checklist of what needs to be prepared and packed for the event to guide your little helper on the task. This list should contain the item in question, the location it needs to be brought to, and other notes you might want to add.

Remember that passing on details verbally may cause confusion on the part of your helper, especially if she wasn’t there when those things were planned. In this case, complete written instructions are in order.

4. Arriving Late or Delays in the Start of the Ceremony

Being late is another common worry among many brides, especially for those with wedding venues outside their hometown. However, this shouldn’t be one of yours during your big day. After all, there are at least three people in your wedding party who would make sure you get to the venue in time: your father, your mother, and your maid of honour.

Plus, the day-of-wedding coordinator will make sure that everything – from the guest seating to the timing of your walk down the aisle – goes smoothly. They are certified in the job, mind you, so let go of your worries and focus on being a beautiful and happy bride.

5. Checking and Confirming with Wedding Vendors

This is something event planners include in their to-do lists during the last week prior to the wedding day. However, if you decided to forgo event planning services, you definitely would want to delegate this one to a friend or family member.

This is because this task requires keen attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions exactly. Plus, you might need to have the person give important details of the wedding and even pay the vendors, so it should be someone you can trust.

Checking and Confirming with Wedding Vendors

6. Solving Problems

As much as you may wish that nothing goes wrong during your big day, there will still be little issues that may arise. This is the perfect time for a problem-solver to stand up.

Be it a wedding planner or your super loyal bestie who might also be your maid of honour, your problem solver should be able to deal with issues without disturbing your wedding day zen. This includes all kinds of issues, both big and small – whether it’s a change in venue due to the weather or a guest seating arrangement change.

7. Greeting and Welcoming Guests

You and your soon-to-be-husband will have your chance of greeting your guests but welcoming them the moment they arrive may not be the best time. Leave the warm welcome to your relatives and friends, and have someone else point florists, photographers, entertainers, and other wedding vendors in the right direction.

8. Packing for Your Honeymoon

If your honeymoon follows your wedding day immediately, you should already have packed ahead of time. If you haven’t, ask a friend or a sibling to do it for you. Like all other delegated tasks, you can write a comprehensive checklist of what you want to be packed into your honeymoon luggage.

If the honeymoon is scheduled days after the wedding, you can postpone the task until after the event. You’ll have plenty of time to deal with it later on.

Be Merry When You Marry

Marrying someone is a huge commitment, not only to the other person but to your own happiness as well. Make sure you don’t ruin your wedding day bliss with worries that could’ve been dealt with by other people. Hire a trustworthy wedding planner or assign someone from your wedding party to handle it on your behalf.

Be Merry When You Marry


Masha Cain is a founder and a managing director of Fabulous Day Weddings & Events. Masha’s idea of having a wedding planning agency came from having a wedding planner at her own wedding. Now, 5 years later, there are over 100 successful weddings designed and planned by Masha and her team.