A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Lingerie Online


Welcome to the world of online lingerie; if you are new to this world, then don’t worry; we will guide you to the finish line. 

We are sure that there are people who give preference to comfort more than to sensual appeal or vice versa. But there are many people who still are confused when it comes to buying lingerie online. Especially when it comes to buying lingerie for your wife or girlfriend. So, let’s talk about the basics of buying lingerie online

 and end the confusion.

Things to Consider When Buying Lingerie Online
Size Matters

This is a slippery slope; if lingerie doesn’t fit well, it will look pretty awful- even if she wears a branded lingerie. The sizing is really important. So, you must know her exact size. You can figure out her exact size in two ways. Either you can directly ask her or sneak around while she’s sleeping and check the size tag on her intimate garments. I think the second one is best if you plan on giving her a gift or surprise. Another challenge is coming to your way; sizes might vary with different brands. So make sure that you are confident about her size.

Lingerie 1


If your wife is a homemaker, then you need to travel a midway between comfort and style. Nighty and robe sets are the best pick for her. It flatters her body and offers a high level of comfort all night and day. If you want a sexy nighty that pleases your eyes, you can choose a strappy nighty online with a pretty see-through cut and lace. 

Know how bra size works

Men think sizes are just numbers. But if it doesn’t fit well on your wife’s body, it is sure to annoy her. So, you need to learn about the bra size before purchasing it online. 

The bra size consists of two components- the band size and the cup size. The band is the measurement of the rib cage, and the cup is the part of the whole area. 

Quality Matters

Along with style and size, consider the quality as well. It makes a huge difference. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy expensive lingerie. If you buy a branded lingerie online, you will get it at cost-effective rates. Low-quality lingerie is very unpleasant to wear and sometimes a disaster for the body. So, when purchasing the lingerie online, pay maximum attention to the quality.

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Prepare Your Wallet

Emotionally prepare yourself to spend at least Rs. 1000 to buy good quality lingerie. After knowing that many e-commerce stores offer you the lingerie online at the discounted rates, you will surely save some bucks. 

Avoid the variety

We advise you to avoid old design based lingerie online. There are plenty of new and eye-appealing style available that doesn’t only please your eyes but will also make your wife happy. 


I hope this comprehensive guide on lingerie online helps you in buying the best lingerie. It’s much easier for men to purchase lingerie online than you think. If she loves sexy lingeries, then pick the perfect one for her and make her happy.