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Great Body Corporate Manager


Attributes of a Great Body Corporate Manager

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Picking the right body corporate manager might seem like a challenging task for many communities. There are just so many options out there to pick from, and trying to get all body corporate members to agree can be even more arduous. This is particularly the case when you consider that different individuals have varying agendas, priorities and values which they call want to be taken into consideration. And the fact that strata schemes are all over Australia doesn’t really do much to help.

There are numerous body corporate managers, and so, it is helpful to know what attributes to look for in a body corporate management firm first. A set of criteria that will help in the comparison process and help you narrow down to one that meets your needs is very useful. In this read, we are going to take a look at some of the qualities of an excellent body corporate manager, thus making the selection process a bit easier.

Attributes of Excellent Body Corporate Managers:
They Stay Abreast on all Rules & Guidelines

A body corporate manager will have to adhere to all rules and guidelines of your property, starting with the corporate legislature as well as following up with the Body Corporate Committee’s instructions. This implies learning about the new guidelines on a consistent basis and staying abreast with any changes that happen. This can be anything from paying routine utility bills to how the records are organized.
They Stay Abreast on all Rules & Guidelines
A body corporate manager that shows the willingness to go above and beyond is one worth considering for the job.

Stellar Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively on all issues is another key attribute you want in your body corporate manager. Fortunately, this is easy to distinguish from the moment you first communicate with them, asking them to show up for an interview and during the interview. Yes, many people tend to be a bit nervous during interviews, but you should be able to tell whether they are capable and comfortable in communicating just from this session alone. An excellent body corporate manager should be able to listen about varying issues and come up with compromises and also dealing with complaints.

Great Organisational Skills

A huge part of a body corporate management company’s job is to maintain all administrative records and documents. They should not only know the proper protocol but also have excellent organisational skills. It needs keeping on top of all invoices, reports, finances and records for your residential property, usually handling all of this alone. So, ask how they kept up with records and paperwork from their past jobs as this is crucial to find out. One mishap can cause chaos in a busy body corporate office.
Great Organisational Skills

The Ability to Train New Employees

More often than not, a body corporate management company is tasked with hiring and training new administrative employees such as office managers or assistants. If this will be one of their roles, then it’s important to look for one with experience in training others. Ensure that you pick one with a lot of patience and understanding in this regard.

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