Autumn is the time of fragrant tea, warm blankets and pleasant dreams. In order not to be sad about the past summer and not to let yourself fall into the blues Dekorin offers to decorate the autumn décor of the room and enjoy the beauty and comfort. Are you ready for creative ideas? Then we’re on our way!

Autumn decor of the room: cozy living room

What do you associate autumn with? Of course, it is warmth, comfort and inner harmony! In order to decorate a room in the autumn style and fill it with all the above characteristics, you must first choose the colour scheme.

Here are shown the colours with which you can harmoniously “fit” autumn into your own apartment. It all depends on the basic colour of the room.

  • If pastel shades prevail in the interior, it is best to decorate the room in a range from olive to mustard;
  • If the room is decorated with inclusions of materials of dark wood shades – choose a range from beige to deep brown;
  • If there is little sunlight in the apartment, refresh it with decor in yellow shades (from muted to saturated);
  • The modern style of the room with good natural light will decorate the elements in brown, red and marsala shades.

Now for the accessories. Of course, in order for warm autumn to settle in your house, it is not necessary to re-sheathe furniture or paint the walls. It is enough to add just a few strokes that will take you to the right atmosphere.

You can decorate the mantelpieces with beautiful ikebana made of natural foliage.

Seasonal flowers will also decorate the autumn décor of your room.

With this design, the living room in your house will be a pantheon of tranquillity and comfort. Warm evening gatherings over tea will be remembered for a long time!

Ideas of autumn décor of the room: cute bedroom

What attribute in the bedroom occupies a dominant position? That’s right, bed! Therefore, making out the autumn décor of the room in the bedroom, the bed can not be missed.

Buy a new blanket with autumn motifs, add cute decorative pads and vois-la, the sleeping place in the autumn style is ready!