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Aviator Sunglasses


Aviator Sunglasses: How It All Began

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When we think of sunglasses, the Aviator would be one of the first images our minds would conjure up, and this inimitable style was created by Bausch & Lomb in 1936, with a design specifically for military pilots, hence the name Aviator. Chunky flying goggles that impeded side vision were replaced by stylish and very functional frames that ticked every box as far as the pilot was concerned.

Perfect Design

The Aviator sunglasses have a large, teardrop-shaped lens that completely covers the eyes, and this tilts inwards, hugging the cheek line and that prevents light from entering from the sides. Dark, mirrored lenses were preferred, as they gave the pilot the best possible vision, and stout frames provided solid support.
Perfect Design

The 1930s

This was the time when Aviators began to be fashionable among wealthy sportspeople, fishermen, and hunters, who needed to have an accurate vision that wasn’t impaired by glare. The title ‘Aviator’ had not yet emerged, this came after WWII when advertising campaigns connected the military pilot with the frames. War movies contained many shots of ace pilots wearing Aviators and this helped to cement the brand into the US marketplace.

Celebrity Endorsement

As with so many other items, the Aviator sunglasses were worn by the Hollywood A-Listers, which catapulted the name into the open market. During the Second World War, General Douglas MacArthur wore Aviators when he landed on a beach in the Philippines, and the US press was there to capture the images, which were then spread all over the newspapers, and this single event probably did more for the Aviator sunglasses than anything else. The makers, Bausch & Lomb eventually dedicated an entire line of designs to General MacArthur, as a tribute to the famous military hero who said he would return and did just that.

Continued Popularity

Continued Popularity
During the 1950s, this unique design continued to gain support, with Marlon Brando sporting a pair of Aviators, then came the Hippy era, with Paul McCartney wearing them with shades of yellow-green and pink. Then, in the 1980s came Top Gun, when Tom Cruise really put the seal on the famous brand and that popularity has remained until today. Brad Pitt loves Aviators and must have a lot of pairs, as he is seen wearing them almost all the time, while many other celebrities like the fine and elegant lines of the close-fitting frames. Today, almost every sunglasses maker has Aviator style lines and despite almost a hundred years passing since they first emerged, Aviator sunglasses are as popular as ever.

If you would like to view stunning Aviator polarized sunglasses, an online search will take you to a leading online retailer for high-quality sunglasses, and there are so many designs that incorporate the Aviator style, so you can keep cool wherever you are and have great visibility when out and about.

Shopping online is very convenient and once you find the ideal pair of Aviators, simply head to the checkout and a secure online payment will see the sunglasses shipped to your home address.

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