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Avoid the Common Wedding Reception Mistakes That Leave Your Guests Grumbling

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No, don’t get us wrong by reading the title of the post because weddings are indeed a beautiful thing as they’re a celebration of happiness and love. However, for a guest who is attending a wedding party, things can fall into a routine – getting dressed for the occasion, travelling to the ceremony, sitting for the dinner, drinking cocktails, dancing, listening to the speech and leaving the party. The more are the number of wedding reception parties you attend, the more you’ll notice whenever there’s even a small detail that’s unbearably wrong. For instance, who would want to wait through long and unending cocktail hours only to dig into the food that’s inedible?

If you’re all set to hold your wedding reception in salt lake, chances are high that you’ve left no stone unturned to arrange every single detail in a perfect way. Even after all your efforts, what if you end up hearing grievances from your guests? So, here is a list of the most common wedding reception mistakes to avoid. Try learning lessons from them.

Mistake #1: Wedding invitation card not reaching the guest on time

This is most likely the first kind of complaint that you’re going to hear from the invitees, particularly who thought of not attending your wedding and then suddenly bumps onto the party. No matter how huge and loving your family is, you’ll always have guests who will have the most unique excuses to exclude themselves from your wedding. The most effective solution would be to post the invitation card minimum of 45 days in advance of the actual date of the party.
Wedding invitation card not reaching the guest on time

Mistake #2: Venue being too tough to locate

The most pervasive wedding complaint among guests all over the globe is this. In this era of smartphones and GPS, you’ll still hear such complaints coming from guests. Among the late-comers, this is one of the most common excuses. In order to solve this problem, go digital! Send your guests the location details of the venue of the wedding through messaging apps on your phone. Whatsapp can be the most convenient app for sharing venue locations.

Mistake #3: Inedible food

The most decisive part of ensuring that the guests at your wedding are happy during the party is by assuring that the food quality is commendable. You can’t forget the fact that the fastest ceremonies can sometimes seem to be long and unending for the guests when you don’t offer them anything to chew during the cocktail hours. Hence, the dinner spread should not just be nutritious but also delicious.
Young couple and guests toasting with champagne during wedding reception in domestic garden
The choice of caterer should be done wisely and taste each and every item that you’re going to serve before the actual day.

Mistake #4: Inadequate amount of liquor

If you’ve got an open bar but not enough amount of liquor to booze, you’ll always be remembered as that person who didn’t offer enough liquor. The tipsy guests will keep sulking throughout the wedding. You should count the total number of guests and then the number of drinks that you plan to serve them.

Multiply and you get your numbers right! Do the right calculations to serve liquor accordingly.

No matter how much love you receive from your guests, there will always be ungracious guests who will be pointing out your mistakes. Hence, try to avoid the above-listed mistakes and have happy and cheerful guests leaving your party with a broad smile on their faces.

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