Basic Invite Wedding Invitation Designs

Basic Invite Wedding Invitation Designs

Is your wedding just around the corner? You must be thinking that wedding invitations are pretty simple to design and easy to create. Even though it will be easier than many other tasks, but still u need to make a plan wedding invitation design or look for some ideas. 

A wedding is not an everyday activity, and a layman can never be an expert in it. Thus many people might not know the trending designs, therefore, it is better to have a look at the common designs. 

In this article, we have shared a few ideas to make it easier for you to design a wedding card. You can customize those according to your taste too, especially when you are making an online wedding card, or hire someone to make one for you. 

The cards with flowers 

Sending flowers to all your guests will not be possible. But if you want to share your lively feeling with the guests then you can go for the floral wedding cards.

we wouldn’t tell you what kind of wedding cards should you choose. It would be better to go with the pistol colours or if you want to make it a bit more bright then the bright red roses with a white background would be the best combination.


As it is the year 2021, and technology has revolutionised everything around us so why not we try it on wedding cards too? You can ask the wedding car designer to make an animation of your expected look and your partner’s look for the wedding on the front cover of the card. it will give an idea to the guests about how you’re going to look at your wedding.

If you don’t want the wedding look on the card then you can have simple cartoons and animated pictures of you and your partner. 

Ideas for a destination wedding

Creating a wedding card for the destination wedding should be a bit different from traditional wedding invites.

For the destination wedding, you can have a picture of the venue as the cover of your wedding card. The guest would love it and it will be a kind of stimulus for them. Most of the time the guests don’t know the place so they find it boring. Adding these pictures on the cover of the wedding card Can increase their excitement for your wedding.

invitation 1

A wedding card with a lot of section 

English weddings might have a single wedding day but in different cultures, there can be various events for a single wedding they don’t like to have simple weddings. so how would you design a wedding card for such an extravagant wedding? 

 don’t worry there is an option for you. instead of a single Paige wedding card, you can either have a long online digital wedding card, all make a traditional wedding card with several subsections, each having detail of the event. 

Minimal and elegant

For modern elegant wedding invites you can have the minimal. Wedding card design. It is a DIY project and you don’t have to get into trouble. If you’re busy we would still want to design your wedding card then it is the best option for you.

You have to do is select an amazing colour for your wedding card, then select a font which has to be a bit attractive, and just mention the details. it is all you need to do for a minimal and elegant wedding invite.

The pictures 

Your wedding card can be a collection of your happy memories with your partner. to make it a memory wedding card you need to select a few pictures of you with your partner. These can be any pictures you like. 

It will induce a sense of excitement in your family members and you. Most importantly it will be a worth remembering card for you. Furthermore, it will be the most affordable design. 

The bold shades 

Bold and vibrant colours are also trending. It will give off an energetic vibe. You can try bold shocking pink and gold fonts. Similarly, pitch-black cards with golden or metallic fonts can also be a good choice. It is all about the colours you choose.