Autumn is a beautiful time for the embodiment of creative fantasies. Walking on warm days, you can collect many things that will be excellent raw materials to make autumn crafts with your hands. Collect forest cones, acorns, and twigs, walking around the park, you can collect a whole herbarium of multi-coloured foliage. Vegetables ripen in the gardens, which are also useful for creating compositions for a school or kindergarten exhibition. If everything is ready, let’s look at what children’s autumn crafts with your hands are easy to create using environmental materials.


Autumn Crafts on the theme “Winter” with your own hands

You may wonder why we touched on winter crafts with our own hands. It’s simple – in the autumn it is best to collect material. It can be dried and processed. In addition, the New Year is not far off – it is better to be prepared in advance. Crafts on the theme “Winter” with their own hands, as shown in the photo, are diverse – these are applications, three-dimensional compositions, most often depicting snow-covered landscapes. In this case, white paper, cardboard, cotton wool or foam plastic are used, imitating snow. Houses are formed from twigs, and living creatures are formed from chestnuts and acorns.

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On vacation, when there is a lot of free time, it is worth preparing for the New Year. Make crafts for the winter with your own hands, which will decorate the interior of the apartment and the Christmas tree for New Year’s Eve. An example would be balls (photos are represented by material). They are easy to make using acorns (caps) or pumpkin seeds, which are glued to a round blank. Decorating, the formed winter crafts with their own hands are processed with varnish and sequins. Walnuts painted with gold paint look spectacular. They can become both an independent decoration-toy, and be folded into a composition.

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