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Thanks to modern technologies, beautiful fireplaces can now be present not only in a private house but also in absolutely any apartment. Today’s market opens up a stunning selection of beautiful electric and bio-fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces are built not only of stone or brick but also of marble and even glass.

We dedicate this article to modern interiors with fireplaces: how can you make them look both stylish and cosy? To understand this, we have collected a collection of 48 amazing modern fireplaces presented in various spaces throughout the house. All of them are distinguished by a well-chosen location, a favourable combination with the surrounding furniture and décor, as well as an interesting game with different shades and textures.

Fireplaces in the interior of the living room

Having a fireplace in your living room or any other room will create not only warmth but also a wonderful atmosphere for family holidays and entertainment. Maybe you think you don’t have enough space? Then pay attention to the fireplaces built into the wall, or narrow corner fireplaces! And in addition to a wide variety of shapes and sizes, today there are also hundreds of ways to give the fireplace the right style, using a variety of building materials and decorations.

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