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Knowing that you look great is a wonderful feeling. But getting to that point every day can be exhausting. Some days we feel like we “have it,” and other days we don’t. And, even on the good days, running through a full beauty routine every day can be a drag.

That’s why we’re here today to share some tips and tricks for looking and feeling beautiful. Below, you’ll find helpful reminders, clever techniques, and great ways to save some time and effort in your beauty routine. Get out there and look amazing!

Lashes out

Caring for your appearance involves a lot of different things, from moisturizing your skin to getting your hair just right. But if there’s one detail that you’re going to want to make sure that you nail before a big event or a hot date, it’s the look of your eyelashes!
Lashes out
Mascara will get you far in this department, but it’s not your only option. Eyelash extensions have never looked more natural, say cosmetics experts who provide eyelash extension supplies to individuals and salons. False eyelashes are a great way to get perfect eyelashes every time without having to work carefully on your own natural eyelashes.

Taming flyaways

Keeping your hair beautiful is a matter of washing it properly (more on that later), getting it cut well by professionals in a style that suits you, and combing it into place. But even the healthiest hair can look worse than you’d like if you’re plagued by flyaways — those little frizzy hairs that just won’t stay in place on your head! So what can you do?

The trick is to know what kind of hair you have. Hairsprays made for the purpose of taming flyaways can work wonders, but they’re only going to do the trick for those with fine to medium hair. Those with thicker hair will want to use something a big stronger, like a light pomade or cream.
Taming flyaways
Still not satisfied? You may want to take a look at your shampoo and pick one that is designed to combat frizzy hair and flyaways. You could also try smoothing down flyaways with an ice cube or even using an (unscented, of course!) dryer sheet — the latter works wonders because flyaways are caused by static electricity, which dryer sheets are specifically designed to absorb.

Getting cheeky

Want to look younger and more chipper? Then focus on your cheeks when you do your makeup. Adding a bit of colour to your cheeks will give you the effect that you’re looking for. Just be careful not to overdo it — less is more here, and blending everything properly is key to the look.


Are you washing your hair with shampoo every day? You probably shouldn’t be! Experts agree that very few among us actually need to wash our hair daily. On other days, a simple rinse will do just fine.
You should wash your hair every day only if you’re working out and sweating a lot or if your specific hair type demands it. Otherwise, try two or three times a week — you may even find that your hair looks best with fewer washes than that! Skipping shampoo will make your hair look better and will also save you some time as you get ready for the day.

The same way every day

If you’re going to keep your look consistently beautiful, then you need to make your beauty routine a habit. The key to doing that is to do the same things the same way every day. A good beauty routine doesn’t demand that you remember every detail every day — it should be muscle memory! Practice consistency until everything is second nature.

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