5 Easy Nail Art Ideas That You Can Do at Your Home

With the popular trends of fashion, Nail art has also gained popularity. Nail art is the creative way of drawings or paintings that are often done on one’s nails that often suits the attire as well as the season. It is that form of artwork that is often drawn or done on both the

10 Pretty Nail paint colours to try in 2021

It is likely that in 2021, Nail paint trends will become brighter and more vibrant than they are now. These paints will be inspired by nature and animal prints. The advancements in technology have allowed the nail polish industry to expand its paint options. This has led to a variety

The Charisma and Beauty of Tanzanite Rings

THE CHARISMA AND BEAUTY OF TANZANITE RINGS Jewels are undeniably gorgeous creations. They can symbolize a couple’s loyalty to each other, someone’s status in society, and much more. The history of these stones is as rich as their appearance, although there are some gems that have appeared on the scene