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Bed without headboard: ideas to enjoy the space

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A trend that has been increasingly checking are bedless beds and is a fairly effective solution for those looking for a wider room. Thus, we leave you a brief list of ideas to enjoy the space with a bed without a headboard and achieve better optimization of the rest area.

Take advantage of the wall area where the headboard is for artwork

Simple shelves instead of headboards

Since the wall above the bed gains the space achieved by the lack of the headboard, you can choose to put some simple shelves in place, or a single shelf, if you prefer a lighter ambience.

This is one of the ways to get some storage without resorting to bookshelves or other bulkier furniture. In addition to books or everyday objects, you can create a more personal ambience through candles, photographs, plants and other decorative notes.

… or cubic and shaped shelves

This is a great alternative to simple shelves, as the case appearance of the cubic shelf not only gives character to storage but also allows for greater creative freedom. That is, once each unit is installed individually, this allows you to create your own geometric patterns. You can also choose the U-shelf or zigzag shelf for a more contemporary touch, options that also allow you to create unique designs to your liking. With this type of shelves, you will achieve greater aesthetic customization of your wall storage without neglecting the functionality.

Each room has its own personality, learn how to take advantage of colour schemes to get the best out of the decorative look.

Bed without headboard as storage place

There are several models of bedless beds that have storage structures under the mattress, accessible with great ease, so you can take advantage of the dual functionality of this type of bed. This space can be used to store bed linen and towels, cushions, footwear and other bulkier materials, thus relieving the storage capacity of the dresser or wardrobe. If you prefer, you can divide this space into smaller sections with boxes, baskets or other partitions for the most contiguous organization of small objects.

cama sem cabeceira

As we mentioned, the headboard can be the ideal place to create compartments and shelves. In addition to the extra space for your things, it will be totally innovative.

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