1. Closet in sight

Turn a Glass Showcase closet into a window with glass doors. Choose a closet and, if it doesn’t, put some open glass doors or sliders to convert it into a showcase. It is a very practical and elegant option to store and display your items in an enclosed space, away from dust and any damage. It will certainly be an option to be taken into account if you like this type of furniture. You’ll see no one will be indifferent.


2. Combine the showcase with your space

Despite their glass doors, they are often very robust furniture. If you want to give a lighter image to your small store, paint the window the same colour as the walls of your store or buy it already in that colour. In this way, you will achieve it without having to give up the warm and nostalgic aesthetic that this piece emanated.


3. Showcases with glass doors: turn them into a more personal piece

Who decides what window displays with glass doors should have inside? Nobody! So if you want to use this piece of furniture in your store and give it your personal touch, why condition it to certain uses? Use it regardless of your business area. Put accessories, shoes, bags, clothing, makeup, plants, paints, tools, office supplies… The possibilities are endless. Only you will set the limit.

4. Expose your little treasures

Contrary to what may seem at first glance, the showcases are auxiliary furniture for all styles and purposes. And among them are yours, of course. In the market, you will find different shapes, dimensions, finishes and aesthetics among which you will certainly find the one that will best adapt to the space available in your small shop. So why not, in addition to putting the items you sell, also put pieces of decoration of your choice? They can be books, plants or whatever your creativity dictates.


5. Spot and hand items

The windows with glass doors are the perfect ally to expose the items you sell, whatever they may be. Displaying your articles without having to deal with the dust and dirt that accumulates in the day-to-day is a great advantage for your image and for the image of your business. This also gives you greater peace of mind. What more can you ask for a piece of furniture?

6. Bet on more contemporary lines

When buying your glass showcase, there will certainly be no shortage of options. There are styles for all tastes. Be patient and look for the one that suits you best and that best suits your store.

7. Layout and organization of articles

Do not place too flashy objects on the same shelf so as not to make the environment heavy and because each article needs its own space to stand out. Leave a free space between items. Arrange objects by type, colour, by size. Avoid visual noises. Everything must be in its proper place. Besides organizing, he’s also decorating. Place, on the shelves of your showcase, baskets of natural fibres, and wooden or metal boxes with a personality to display your items in an organized way.


8. Lighting

Place LED lighting in the windows to provide a more welcoming environment and to draw attention to a particular article.

9. Decoration of showcases

Decorate them with a plant or with a jar of flowers to add a touch of nature and freshness.

Keep in case you can also use the storefronts to separate the environments or sections of the store. You can also opt for a window with glass doors to use as a counter in your store. Do you know how to decorate your store window? There are no limits. Abuse creativity to decorate the window of a small shop. We are sure it will be a success!