You may need to make a quote as a businessman, motivational speaker, or secretary of a business person. In many cases, you may be asked to create a press release, and you will need to add some value to it, whether it is yours or someone else’s.

The quote in a press release is important because it can add perspective and strength to your announcement until the quotations are powerful and credible.

Quotes can be helpful to explain why your brand is alert to a problem, why something needs to be done, why some issues matter, why the reader should care.

Some of the pro tips for writing quotes that would be credible to the reader are explained in this article.

Why are quotes important?

Quotes are very important to humanity because they encourage people to implement ideas and think about their decisions. Successful business people are influenced by quotes that help them make decisions to succeed.

In addition to business, there are many areas where quotations are seen as life-changing objects, such as sports and music. Quotes help people to strengthen themselves and make their time valuable.

Tips to make the quotes more credible

Any author can make a quote, but the quote doesn’t need to be effective and reliable, because the words of the saying have some important aspects that make the reader believe.

To write motivational quotes, here are some of the tips that can make you a professional quote writer.

1. Understand the topic

The first thing before you write is to focus on the niche of your quote and understand it. Consider the supportive words and ideas in your quote for making it informative.

Start by writing all the words that are in your mind and make sentences out of them. Then use your mind to break down the sentences to make them shorter.

2. Contractions

You should add contractions, and it will sound more real. There are some differences in writing and speaking, just like people write “do not,” “cannot” or “will not,” but when they do speak, they usually say can’t, won’t, don’t.

It would help if you wrote the quotations as you speak, and contractions are very important for converting your quote into speaking tone.

3. Avoid big words

Avoid big words
The use of big words in your quotations makes your quotations unreadable because they leave a bad impression. Simple wording and briefing are the most accurate way to deliver, and professional authors know how to use small words that are friendly to read.

4. Avoid longer sentences

Although the quotations should have the speaking tone and the longer sentences are included in speaking, but this should be avoided.

Short but simple sentences are more believable than long ones because they focus on the original concept, which increases its legibility.

5. Rephrasing

The paraphrase helps to convert your words from complicated to simple words. When you make a press release or official announcement, you must select the selective words and ideas because some terms are not usable in this scenario.

Quotes for the press or other platforms should be written in a light and professional tone. Paraphrase also helps to add some styling to your quote, as the reader focuses more on style than content.

6. Take Help

The best quote is the one that has fewer words than ideas. That is, the words of your quote should be limited, but its thoughts should be unlimited.

There are several types of proofreading where it is an option to ask your friend for help. You can see if your quote is easy to read and if your quotes are correct. Your friend or co-worker can tell you if the quote is effective or if there is a lack of interest.

All this will help to increase the quality of your writing and make it well organized.

7. Make your quotes error-free and remove the similarity

Assume a quote that contains spelling or grammar mistakes? I mean, would the reader believe the quote or the author?

The best method is to read again and again to find errors in it. The second option is to use an online grammar fixer, which uses artificial intelligence to find errors and suggest user correct errors. A fine tone without grammatical or spelling errors makes the reader believe in your quotations more confidently.

Another important thing is to remove duplication from the quotes. If Google found a similarity in your work, their algorithms will surely penalize your content. That is why it is necessary to check plagiarism from your quotes.
Make your quotes error-free and remove similarity
For this purpose, benefit from the plagiarism checker online to check the similarity in your content. If you find plagiarism, make sure to make it unique by using paraphrasing techniques.

8. Speak out your offer

As already mentioned, the quote should be in a spoken tone, and for that, you need to test your quote through practice. It is best to pronounce the quote aloud and see if it sounds like a saying.

To speak better, try to speak your quote in front of your fellow human beings and ask their feedback. This is one of the most effective methods to make your quote healthier, and there must be a rule of speaking aloud before you publish it.


It may be easy for writers to write quotes, but it is confusing for the unprofessional. Popular authors follow most of the above tips, but they are also effective for beginners.

When you think about why you need to write a quote, you should know that writing a quote is a good practice to motivate others and share your experiences. Writing quotes can become mandatory in your office, in a speech, in a meeting, and in communication with others.