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Black and White Room: Where Rustic and Modern Complement Each Other

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The big secret of the black and white room trend is that this can be anything but monotonous. Monochrome – yes. Monotonous – no way. And remember that the biggest advantage is that although monochrome duality dominates the theme of the room, it can be complemented with notes of a true burst of colour. Come and find out how!

Black and white room: rustic and modern

Opposites attract, contrasts complement each other, and so on. So it will be no surprise that to give a new breath to your room and if you like the idea of monochrome but are not sure of a style that can complement the theme without leaving the decoration too divergent from the line of the house, bet on the always current mixture of rustic and modern.

The wooden element in the furniture and especially at the head of the bed also gives the room an extra warmer comfort environment that can sometimes get diluted in the colour sets.

Bet on the hints in grey, yellow, and/or wood and don’t think twice when you see a set of decorative pieces in other shades games that suit you for your room in black and white.

Room in black and white: complementary colours

Yes, I certainly realized that yellow was back in fashion. In times yellow was commonly used as one of the characters in a more colourful palette. This palette could easily integrate the greens and roses as well. Or also at play with blue was the pinnacle of something a few years ago. Only red – which is red  was outside the domains of yellow.

In the rooms in black and white, yellow is one of two excellent bets as a complementary colour. But who may have been the genius who looked at any wasp or salamander of fire and thought, “That’s it!”. And it wasn’t?

The entire range of grey gradients is the most stylish haven that there can be in the room in black and white. This is because, notwithstanding the monochrome in shades more or fewer spleens do not leave their presence and go unnoticed to anyone, grey is always the platform or trampoline of decoration that opens a door to a set of other colours.

If you have an “instinct” to try the room in black and white but you are not a person of absolute extremes, our suggestion is that you opt for the complementary shade in grey or yellow. Of course, the room is black and white, not orange and green, which in itself allows the permeability of other colours to integrate the palette as long as there is a minimum of common sense. But for the avoidance of doubt, keep in mind that the use of wood is always a safe bet in the black and white rooms.

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