It’s like choosing between my children. Fan subreddit for the hit TV series American Horror Story. Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt may have fared better than some of her fellow witches in Wednesday’s Apocalypse finale, but that doesn’t mean Leslie Grossman was ready to say goodbye to her fan-favorite American Horror Story character. My name is also Langdon. I suspect that maybe Bunker 3 is built on the same location as the Murder House once was. Mallory (Billie Lourd) is revealed to be a powerful witch who will eventually succeed Cordelia as the Supreme. But if she did mess with those storylines, could the ramifications of her actions bleed into future seasons? “What’s the cheesy Dr. Seuss quote, ‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened’? So the bunker is supposed to eschew all technology? Yeah, the two kids wandering the shelter for the first time showed zero reaction - they might as well have been walking through an aisle at Walmart. While Michael is technically only five years old at this point, he has aged rapidly as his powers have manifested. Right? Did you film those scenes earlier in the season, or did you have to get back into that elaborate getup? I feel like she could be relied on to really go there to keep the coven safe. Everyone kept saying that! "Prophecy is inevitable." reserved.PMC Entertainment. Press J to jump to the feed. Since Michael untimely failed, he decided to go with his plan B, Timothy and Emily. But there was so much stuff to get through in such little time. After completing each step of the Seven Wonders, he was eventually crowned Supreme of all witches and warlocks. TVLINE | How many calories would you guess are in a human heart? If you are American and can vote today, please do so. Horror Story's Leslie Grossman Breaks Down Apocalypse's 'Perfect' Ending, Reveals a Finale Scene You Didn't See. So he abounded his child intentionally so that he would die and reborn as Timothy and Emily's child somehow (Maybe not as reincarnation, but the first child was definitely used for just breaking the boundary). It was so nice! The only reason he chose Michael was because he wanted to see how powerful a child of both the living and the dead would be. The finale also changes one of the season's big episodes: "Return to Murder House." Wait, is this five including me? I don't usually get to say that so here I am on a reddit. That would have been hilarious! In the year 2024, the young parents enjoy a night out and leave their son home with a babysitter. It also showed the real significance of Michael's presence in the world of American Horror Story. I saw her as someone who didn’t have much direction in life, just this spoiled rich girl who never had any reason to do anything on her own, and then she found out she has this special power and I think she felt she really found her calling. It seems that we got a bunch of scenes that didn't tell anything in the end, but hey, they made reddit fans laugh. American Horror Story's season 8 finale just created a new, altered timeline for the entire series. It's morbid, but falls in line with the previous seasons of the show. Remember what Michael snipped at Cordelia shortly before she slit her throat? American Horror Story: Apocalypse ushered in the end of the world and, after 10 time-jumping episodes with enough crossovers to satisfy the most diehard of … Or have as little as possible? It’s been an absolute pleasure to foster discussions on the sub this year and I’m thrilled to join you all in conversation about what has undoubtedly been one of the most engaging season finales in awhile. To be enter our mortal world Satan needed the Hell's mouth, which is near our Murder House. What do you know?” And Michelle Ceglia, who’s the head of the hair department, was like, “I haven’t read it… but I know she’s coming back.” We’d gotten it down to a science by the end, but that wig was heavy. Will we be able to enjoy whatever's next knowing that the destruction of humankind is just around the corner? Oh, that's a good one! There likely exists infinite possibilities for the future of mankind in the outposts, proof that all of these people will keep coming into contact until the "right" solution is discovered. … But I also love Mama Dee so much. Were there any points this season where you needed the producers to explain what was going on? And I think I would need Erika Jayne, just for the glamour. In the absence of Michael, fate course-corrected so that a new Antichrist could be born. Ever since discovering "The Ring" at age 13, she's had a slightly sadistic love affair with horror movies. But no, she puts up an invisible barrier. However, the show is set to continue for at least a few more years, as it has been green-lit through season 13 and season 10 is set to debut in 2021. Michael's grandmother killed herself after she couldn't cope with his evil nature. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. I want to have fun, and I feel like Sonja can party. Sarah has plot armor thicker than the Antichrist himself. It was this huge reveal and awesome moment, but her trying to hold back Michael wasn’t even part of the plan if Mallory didn’t get stabbed, right?