They have specific needs in order to live a long, happy and healthy life. Rabbits like to eat hay and poop at the same time, so this will encourage good litter box habits. Housing, daily care, grooming, high-quality feed, showing, & neuter/spaying or breeding options & kit-care – if you decide to breed – are vital decisions that will have permanent effects on the life & longevity of these great rabbits; which have an average life expectancy of approximately 6 years, if well cared for. They’ll need to be brushed during their sheds and have their nails clipped every few months, but that’s is generally all that’s needed. I am a lifelong rabbit lover and have been specializing with rabbits at my local animal shelter. Home » Rabbit Care » How to Care for a Pet Rabbit. There are many breeds, especially long standing breeds, that are capable of being bred with albino coloring, but only a few that will always have the white fur and red eyes. The movement will stop when the animal finds the object it's searching for. There are dozens of different rabbit breeds that vary in size, color and body and ear type, but all have their own charms. The lack of brown-black or red-yellow melanin pigmentation will make its eyes appear pink or red. I brought my rabbit, Elusive, home from a shelter instead of a breeder, so I’m not completely sure what breed she is. Myxomatosis is fatal to... read more. Then put hay on top of the litter. Some breeds are naturally more gregarious, or patient with children, more docile, or better problem solvers than others. Albino rabbits do have a few special needs that aren't required by other rabbit types. If contained, their space should always be large enough so they can hop around, and they should be let out of their pen for at least a few hours everyday for exercise. Albino rabbits do have a few special needs that aren't required by other rabbit types. They do have the albino gene with white fur and red eyes, but they also have dark markings around their nose, ears, feet, and tails. Yes, just like bunnies of other colors, albino rabbits can live indoors or out, provided your climate is suitable. I have had two albino guinea pigs and one albino rabbit. Take advantage of this by setting up a medium-sized cat litter box or shallow storage bin near their food/water bowls and hay feeder. More recently, albino rabbits have been bred as laboratory animals due to the genetic similarities between individuals in the breed. Amy Pratt is a lifelong rabbit owner who has been specializing with rabbits at the Humane Rescue Alliance. Red-eyed albinism is caused by genes at the C locus. Follow the Bunny Lady and her bunny partner Elusive and they seek to educate rabbit caretakers and make sure everyone is able to have a happy and healthy bunny in their home. Learn more at Enrichment for Your Pet Bunny, Logic Toys for Rabbits, and Playing with Your Pet Bunny. My Rabbit Hates Me!. The first sign that a rabbit might be albino is its pure-white fur. In order to create a safe space for your bunny and to protect your belongings, you will need to thoroughly bunny proof the area. Supplement your rabbit’s hay with fresh vegetables, fiber-rich pellets (in limited quantities for adult rabbits), and fresh water daily. Several domestic bunny breeds carry the gene for albinism. Why do some rottweilers have white spots on the chest? One to five years: unlimited Timothy, grass and oat hay; half cup pellets and two cups veggies per six pounds of weight. Which means the availability of albino bunnies as pets has more to do with trends and changes in what people consider desirable. Binkley, Color on, color off, Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, 2001. Lop-eared rabbits are very popular with house rabbit owners, but sometimes their characteristic ears also need a little extra attention. C – This gene allows for normal, uninhibited pigment production. Also, don't leave your albino rabbit unsupervised in open areas outside because it will stand out to predators and may be attacked. Over the centuries, there have been many experiments with albinism. Learn about common rabbit diseases to look out for at our Rabbit Health section. They won’t save the wood from being chewed, but can buy you a few minutes to redirect your rabbit’s attention to its own toys. Do not use clay/clumping cat litter or wood shavings, as they are not safe for rabbits. Red-eyed white rabbits have had surges of popularity over the years. If you don’t want your baseboards gnawed, you can cover them with plastic guards, 2x4s or furring strips. Learn how to clip your rabbit’s nails yourself at Clipping Your Rabbit’s Nails. As long as you are cleaning out their litter box every day, then you are not being a negligent caretaker. The first sign that a rabbit might be albino is its pure-white fur. Red-eyed white rabbits (also known as ruby eyed whites) are albino rabbits who don’t even have any pigment in their eyes. Therefore, you shouldn't put your albino rabbit in bright areas. Since baby and adult rabbits have different nutritional requirements, Rabbit Rescue and Rehab suggests the following timeline as a guide for your rabbit’s changing diet: Health care needs change with age, too. But less common colors also occur. by Minnesota HRS Educator Amy... read more. When a rabbit must be held or carried, support their front half, under their rib cage, with one hand and their rear end with the other, holding them close to your body like a football. No melanins are produced anywhere in the body. Additionally, their white fur makes them naturally stand out. When rabbits can’t make these melanins, they don’t have any color. It’s essential to understand how rabbits think so you and your rabbit can live a happy life together. Rabbits are also highly social animals that crave contact and interaction with their human caretakers. To rabbit-proof your pet’s play area, move houseplants or cover them with sheets and protect cords and wires with flexible plastic tubing. Additionally, their white fur makes them naturally stand out. Just like a little demon bunny! Learn more at Litter Training Your Pet Rabbit. Ever since I got my sweet bunny, Elusive, I’ve been pretty curious about red-eyed rabbits and where they come from. Depending on which genetic type of albinism they have, albino bunnies can have red eyes, or blue eyes. Adults should be the primary caretaker of a pet rabbit and carefully supervise children interacting with them. If it's caged outside, ensure it has a shelter … This helps prevent uterine cancer in female rabbits, aggressive behaviors like mounting and spraying in male rabbits and unintended breeding. As they age and grow, they’ll have different needs, especially as it pertains to their diet. High profile bunnies like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland fuel a steady interest in albino rabbits, so that they’re generally quite easy to find. This is a mutation that developed hundreds of years ago in the wild. The vet can check the ears, eyes, teeth, and gut to make sure the rabbit is in good health. Normally eye color comes from the iris. If they take a little longer than previous buns you’ve owned to relax in your company, just take it slow and keep the treats coming until they warm up. Learn more at Building a Cardboard Castle for Your Bunny. For the most part, albino rabbits are the same as any other rabbit. Besides providing them with fresh hay and water you will have to do a dozen other things in order to keep your bunnies healthy. Rabbits which are handled regularly as youngsters and have lots of positive experiences with people are more likely to be trusting and confident around humans as adults. In these cases their eyes may appear black and the iris will be barely perceptible. More. Cardboard castles also provide a quiet refuge for the rabbit when necessary. Basically, your rabbit will try to chew everything in reach. The House Rabbit Society maintains lists of veterinarians around the country and your local chapter or rescue society can likely also recommend a local veterinarian with rabbit experience. This makes albino rabbits very rare in most groups of wild rabbits. And needless to say, make sure their enclosure it secure against predators, and always shut them inside at night. Albinism is caused by genes that stop the rabbit’s body making pigments. the best way to Look after a albino rabbit is the same as any other rabbit the only thin a vet would recommend is that if the rabbit has got a run or is allowed to run around your garden when its sunny that you apply sun cream to there ears as the will get sun burnt with the colour of them other Than that there's no difference hope this helps Caring for Orphans. It has been discovered and confirmed, that albinism is a recessive trait. Castle, W. E., and Glover M. Allen. As a prey species, this is exactly the kind of experience which doesn’t end well for them in the wild. Why do rabbits have red eyes? The Florida White breed of rabbit is the only breed that will always be pure white with red eyes. Their basic care should be exactly the same. Red eyed rabbits occur as a result of albinism. Albino rabbits are NOT prone to deafness, or eye problems, or any other health problems---in fact most are HEALTHIER than other colored rabbits (there is a reason why labs use albino rabbits specifically, after all). An albino rabbit can be just as good a pet as any other rabbit; however, this type of bunny does have a few impairments. Albinism is a condition that affect to any animal that traditionally produces melanin, including rabbits. The site was founded by veteran rabbit owners Abi Cushman and P.A. © My House Rabbit   |   About Us   |   Contact / Advertise   |   Privacy / Disclaimer, Responsive WordPress Website Design by Brown Bear Creative. What breed are they? They have a special place in my heart . Rabbit Care. As a caretaker, you should take extra precautions to make sure your rabbit always has shelter that they can move to, so if they find the direct light uncomfortable, they’ll have somewhere else to move. Not to be confused with albino rabbits who have red eyes, the red eye infection can occur in rabbits of any color. Regular nail clipping is also important because long nails can get snagged on things or they can curl into your rabbit’s paw. You’ll also have to block off certain areas since rabbits like to chew the undersides of beds, items on bookshelves, house plants, and more. To be sure, check the animal's eyes. She helps to socialize the rabbits and educate volunteers on the care and behavior of these small mammals. Without the intervention of breeders, there would be very few red-eyed white rabbits in the world. If you notice any change in behavior, it is important to call a rabbit-savvy vet immediately. Check out our new Adoptables! It’s not horrible eyesight, but these rabbits will often need to take more time to scan their environment before moving forward. However, just because a rabbit is white does not mean it's an albino. Because of the lack of pigment in its eyes, the animal is very sensitive to light. By catering to your rabbit’s natural inclinations, you can build a trusting, loving relationship with your bunny. 1/3. They need a lot more time and effort than people assume, but the payoff is a curious, playful companion that will be part of the family for years. Wild rabbits can carry Myxomatosis, but do not become sick. Abi Cushman is a veteran house rabbit owner and a contributing editor of My House Rabbit. When an animal doesn't have any colour pigment in its skin, it is called an albino. Otherwise, your rabbit could ingest it and have serious digestive issues. However, in the safety of your home, he should be fine. Myxomatosis is fatal to... read more. So consider placing their run under the canopy of a tree, or setting up a parasol to create some shade. “Himalaya: an evolutionarily paradoxical phenotype in rabbits (. It is certainly selected for now, but it’s interesting that this specific mutation was naturally occuring.