Il a commencé à danser en tant que professionnel en 2006, et il a gagné le cœur de nombreux danseurs avec sa merveilleuse technique ainsi que son style. Tras saltar a la fama, los bailarines no dudaron en crear una cadena de academias de baile llamada Academia Island Touch, que recorre algunas zonas de Estados Unidos. They now dance in Tampa (FLORIDA) , with their dance academy " ISLAND TOUCH DANCE ACADEMY " , and do many travels around the world to teach with class and sensuality how to be good bachata & salsa dancers !!! Tanja Kensinger was originally born in Germany and immigrated to the United States by the way of the military in 1996. (Does that ever happen :0?!?!) Biografía Ataca y La Alemana Biografía Ataca. Il en fait profiter ses élèves durant ses cours, techniques, et remplis de bonne humeur. Teaching people their great, smooth and unique bachata style. Erika Occhipinti, the owner of Salsa Caliente, commented that in her 8 year run with the studio no one had ever progressed and learned with such great talent and potential than that of Jorge.,, Présentation de la Bachata - Apprentissage - Baile Del Sol. Jorge Burgos Ataca (Ataca Jorgie), nació en Humacao, Puerto Rico. They have performed at various congresses such as the Orlando Salsa Congress 2008, Miami Salsa Congress 2008, as well as various Florida socials. Desde muy temprana edad, el baile y la danza siempre han estado en la vida de Jorge Ataca.En 2006 comenzó su andadura profesional como bailarín. This navigator doesn't support geolocation. Su elegancia y dinamismo te contagiará. Avec Tanja, il a aussi voyagé à travers le monde, enseignant dans de nombreux festivals de Bachata et de Salsa. She seeks to inspire dancers to grow and become the dancers they envision. Please enable location access to use this functionality. La Alemana was born in Germany and moved to the United States at the age of 8. Island Touch provides contracted instructors and dancers that can cater to any event, whether a corporate party, wedding, Bar Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen. Hoy os traigo la biografía de Ataca y La Alemana y un recopilatorio de sus mejores videos de baile. Je vous laisse juger par vous même de la … Disfruta de los videos de baile. Tanja was introduced to the world of salsa in 2005, and has pursued her career within the salsa sector ever since. Comprar ZAPATILLAS de Baile Latino para ensayar La Alemana (Tanja Kensinger) nació en Alemania pero se mudó a EEUU en 1996. Comprar CAMISETAS Bachateras para hombre. Their dream is to share their passion for salsa and bachata with dancers all across the world. Dec 24, 2018 - Explore Maria R. Ortegon's board "Ataca y La Alemana" on Pinterest. Je vous laisse juger par vous même de la … 15,832 talking about this. Tanja "La Alemana" Kensinger is world-renowned for her pioneering work in the Bachata dance community. A fierce presence on stage, La Alemana is known for her sex appeal, ladies' styling, and vibrant personality as a performer and instructor. Sus movimientos son bellos y no caen nunca en lo vulgar. Elle a eu l’effet d’un ouragan pour le monde de la Bachata, avec 97 millions de vues sur Youtube. Born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, Ataca comes from a family with a rich history of music appreciation. Tanja has been instructing students across the world since 2006, and is known for her infectious energy within the classroom. La Alemana ha amado el baile durante toda su vida. Ataca and La Alemana are a Worldwide know pair of bachata artists that they dance in congresses all over the world. Jorge Burgos (aka ATACA Jorgie) was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, and at the age of 6, moved to Orlando, FL. Rudi Lopez, AKA "El Tiguere Del Mambo," is a world-renowned DJ, instructor, dancer, MC, and event organizer from the state of New York. Ataca  también es propietario de Island Touch Dance Academy, servicio que permite formar a nuevos bailarines con clases presenciales o con clases via online. Avec son partenaire Jorge Burgos (Ataca Jorgie), ils sont devenus un des coupes les plus populaires dans le monde de la Bachata. Her infamous bachata dance to "Te Extraño" with her partner and fiancé Jorge Burgos has gone viral with over 95 million views and counting. Tuvo su primer contacto con el mundo del baile en su época de universitario, al salir un día y descubrir una sala donde todo el mundo bailaba salsa, inmediatamente Ataca quedo fascinado por esta nueva pasión y al poco tiempo empezó a tomar clases de Salsa. After graduating Saint Leo with a Business Management Degree, Jorge found himself with a potential life changing choice between pursuing baseball or salsa as a career. Check out this interview for © Island Touch Dance Academy - All Rights Reserved. No hay nada mas que ver en ciertos videos, algún cariño especial que tienen entre ellos. These are the next events where Jorge Ataca & La Alemana will participate soon, Dance styles and experience of Jorge Ataca & La Alemana. Around the world, their shows are loved for their connection to music, sensual chemistry, detailed footwork, and innovative partnerwork. Both began dancing from a young age and together they started bachata in their spare time, although their talent has never gone unnoticed. Además de los videos de Ataca y La Alemana, quizás te pueda interesar: Considerados los Reyes de la Bachata y de la Salsa, Ataca y La Alemana son los bailarines más elegantes y precisos que puedes ver. ¿Qué video de Ataca y la Alemana te gustó más? Wanna learn more about us? Puede cambiar la configuración u obtener más información aquí, Sign up now and enjoy the benefits of belonging to the community go&dance. He was born to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother. You haven't allowed location access in this device. Jorge grew up playing baseball, which later led Jorge to be offered a baseball scholarship to Saint Leo University in Tampa, FL. Su apodo, La Alemana, viene dado por su procedencia. ATACA x Fuego da... Jorge "Ataca" Burgos and Tanja "La Alemana" Kensinger of Island Touch debut a new bachata routine at the Bahhari Night social in Orlando on 3/15/14. He, along with his dance partner, La Alemana, has the highest number of views on YouTube of any Latin dance artist with over 100,000,000 hits. My mother got married to an American military man, and we came to the states around 1995. Our Creative Directors, Ataca and La Alemana, can create a choreography for your studios' dance teams, at either the student, semi-pro or pro dance level -- in Salsa, Bachata, and even our very own style of hip-hop & reggaeton fusion called "CrunkChata.". With dance training directly from Ataca & La Alemana, accompanied with his energetic and charismatic personality, El Tiguere's classes are filled with lots of insight, laughs, and sensuality. Madrid Sur Latin Festival 2021 (6ª Edición). Asi que si te gusta bailar bachata y salsa y tienes la oportunidad de ir a un congreso de baile en el que asistan, ves y vivirás en tus propias carnes porque son apodados como los reyes de la bachata. Since winning the Spanish bachata championship in 2010 performing their improvisation with the song "A dónde va el amor" their dance style has not stopped causing furor around the world. Ils ont acquis une très grande renommée grâce à la vidéo « Te Extrano » d’Xtreme. Ataca y La Alemana Biografía. Jorge is also an owner of Island Touch Dance Academy, which is an instructor referral service, and also one of the top online providers for dance instruction via virtual classes. La Alemana y Ataca comenzaron como pareja de baile, ya que querian obtener las mismas metas. Wanna learn more about us? Gracias a lo cual conoció a Ataca y por esa misma pasión que comparten llevan juntos dando clases de baile desde 2008. Esto tambien lo transmite en sus clases de bachata que da alrededor de todo el mundo, fusionándolas con humor y mucha energía. Nunca pensaron que saltarían al triunfo por un show de bachata. Inspired by icons such as Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Aaliyah, she began her exploration in the world of Hip-Hop dance and carried that on through college, becoming a dedicated member of "Fenomena" Hip Hop Dance Company. 66,412 talking about this. Wanna learn more about us? She has loved to dance all of her life, and has had training in ballroom, jazz, ballet, rock-n-roll/swing dancing, as well as many of the latin style dances. Comprar ZAPATOS de Baile Latino para mujer, Comprar ZAPATILLAS de Baile Latino para ensayar. to help give you the best experience we can. In addition to dance, Ataca has starred as the male lead in the Salsa movie, "SHINE.". Saber sobre Daniel y Desiree Many may know her as “La Alemana”, which distinctly describes her origin. She received much of her basic training with her previous dance partner, Nery Garcia; but quickly learned how to apply her previous knowledge and training into this new dance. Les champs obligatoires sont indiqués avec *, Mentions Légales et politique de confidentialité, CGV produits en ligne pour les particuliers, Bachata - Salsa - Kizomba - Zouk brésilien. — Tanja “La Alemana” Après cette biographie un peu atypique de Tanja (j’espère prochainement pouvoir vous en proposer d’autres de ce type) je vous la présente en vidéo lors d’une chorégraphie qu’elle exécute avec son nouveau partenaire ATACA Jorgie. Juntos están consiguiendo cumplir su sueño y compartir su pasión por la bachata y la salsa con personas de todo el mundo. La Alemana is a dancer originally from Germany, who met Puerto Rican-born Ataca in Miami in 2008. His teaching style is one of his own; he uses high energy and humor throughout the entire length of class, while still being able to simplify moves for students to fully comprehend. Are you a principal artist that has dancers on tour? También proporcionan proyecto de equipo de baile para aquellos que buscan hacer shows encima del escenario. Jorge est aussi connu pour son incroyable pédagogie.