What types of meat will you be grilling? stream %PDF-1.7 This checklist is complementary to your BBQ menu and contains all the main BBQ items that you need for your event: meat, salads, beverages, plates cutlery and deserts. Share your expertise with the community and publish your checklist templates. This online BBQ party planning template checklist is to use and enjoy a stress-free and fun-filled event. Check out the list above and make sure this year's grill is your best yet! �P)�q�T#����Uw�´�k�6��d$�o��#�q6p4�$'Ά����w&�x(�Ey r��@�?/��T�~I+��8+&�-4�Tk�6�nn�G2E�;�:z=Kn(5V�m"o�sʄ��u6K�dm�!�K�A��]69�� �4��(��`�X����������lO\� w �/jD�~н���x���� �'p['���m�������+�%�mE9���Xe%�}@#|8$筵���x���w��p��u��8��1dGC����� ���ҁ\n�� B��jƀ��G���H�7��QZX*c� twp}�K�6�N���H�H v�\ǡ����X0˧����K ±_jԪ�\���o�^>~�V�%:�u6�ߵ5v���ѹuV�^��L�Yj���VFљ��9P��K�)^�)Q�u�kCn��-`פP���qke��u`�\g�q^3xM�Y��u�o�z=RǖJ��x���J-��ƶ��x�K�ii��\k��ɝ%a��pئ%�%a>4���կ���y���[m�ʉU`��:��. Think of our planet and reuse anything you can. Disposable cups for cold drinks. Any frozen cakes or home-baked goods can be made in ahead of time. If you have a more traditional grill, make sure you have plenty of coal and lighter fluid. Keep separate plates for different meats, and keep meats covered. �/.�N��AU�|�k���b1K�hi|��.��W_��R�4�s*�F,`jЦg4s��|�v�����(V���һ8>�P�����3��q������~�XI�?���֘��l+"� $�< Are we missing anything? Fish is somewhere in the middle. Bottled water is a must-have. A few different sizes. Salads, side-dishes, spreads and garnishes can go on another table, just be sure you can cover perishables from heat and insect. Peppers and zucchinis and tomatoes don't require much time at all. Clean the grill thoroughly after use. You can roast potatoes and veggies on the grill, or have them as oven-baked sides. Give your guests options. Do you have any tips? BBQ_Checkliste_RZ.indd If you plan on serving coffee or tea, make sure you have disposable hot-liquid cups, sugar or sweetener packets and stirring straws, as well as tea, coffee and creamer or milk. Marinate desired meats a few hours before (or even overnight). << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 100115 >> << /Subtype /XML /Type /Metadata /Length 1359 >> By Lauren Meir / Aug 17, 2020 / 155 tasks. 92 checklists. Regular mixed green, with assorted dressings to choose from, potato, pasta, and egg salads, cole slaw and other chopped specialty salads are good to have on hand. Make sure the fire is strong enough to cook meat though, but not to high, otherwise your food will burn. They should be clean, sharp, and ready to use. Lauren is a long time checkister. If it's an evening barbeque, set up citronella candles to ward off mosquitos. %���� Lauren is a long time checkister. 1 0 obj Not only do you want to keep your grilled meats hot, but covering them keeps them from spoiling faster and protects from insects. Call or send out invites to get an idea who is coming and for how many people you should be planning. When putting meat on the grill, use tools and tongs. : �����t���p�9��xۑP���cƎ��c��G ��_���r�·�A��|6���eQ�n�%���2�B`A���|��4P;�+Ô���j����y�����Y��9���d"�>~I�)���I۸�m�UosK�f)� g��� Do any of your guests have special dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences? x��ˮn�uF�����p{�/��p� ��Xb r�QId�e�J�3��F�ws���� Call to make sure who's coming and the foods or items they plan on bringing. endobj Various buns, rolls, breads, pitas and wraps. Fire up the grill. Setup. ��v(c:��~dLY�(��1eƘ F���Y�(��1Uf�����G!y@Ӆ���R*�����\a� �{��a�l��1�!q(����P[{A$��{K4�p��"l�Q��h�Su��c[�M�-�:%�Hb������^��R �æ7$Y��M�^��x�=*0�N ���F�����yA��������֬~'�R�\����5���{�����u������_~�I������)�u�~��g�"[�8��v��a՛8���c���g���Wt*F٭���.��A"%��Q� �:�ț7�I� �>%�)�p�"�F��M�4��n��՞Qy�@�� �t|3؜"q' �&fBB�gd�aMcA���"'9�4�3�q7x�:�K,E��L)�H�;�$S�`�4��#-Sރ�cZäg � (�����W�iEL�-�0�bZcQJ�N�3L;�;��=&w�X’��X�8��r(EC��Z2+��p��׸;f 7��g��2�&e´�v Xt�ܤ�,��?�o�˗aHo�&e��ϓ2e/��!x��"��*����臘˗���4�����yZd7s�U���^|����?�o' ��ӧ�]-���$�7W�ٛۼ(��2[��w��uV������{�6��9ˊ2�}�y�'�����d1��eӂ�`���q��j�5mw���n�d���#`����sL��e:/lO���2_�f��/��@�O�Y�E�ֈ��%�7[1H��~9�t�2f�r�H&)�z x��|3,I�����5ģͮ��,�圌�z^�aZb����5�.����~/i��m2��7d�2�;�ڕJ�iP2/���CCR���9��?�Y���>�>�˻d��1ށQpnXtyէ=�~���}ڰYi �$+�'�Ə3�[; y�~Vf���.�Q����j��p��u�"�Bm�V��I� �|"���:�&�[|��� ��p���X�m�E�ޫ���x�3����� /G~�ѫ�$���s�ww�z&�q��BCܸ�֫�p�k���|Y���0�w��)�� ?k�R\Ck��묧�'�2��v�;\hZ\h9�ȝ��8�������(��tlk?�8�q��F-嵣U+�;! Chicken wings, for example, take longer than other types of meat. We hope you found this BBQ Checklist helpful. Leave that up to your guests. The big day is approaching fast. Start by making your initial guest list. ��p,���]���+�A�wp��k^��`R���V�~��a�Bݏ��ןZ���_��\��Z��F��3q��?_˼�� ���k��u\^��z%n���u��^ You may want to clean and test it out first if it's been awhile. Enjoy a delightful BBQ with your friends or family. Ketchup, mayo, mustard, relish and of course barbecue sauce are all staple flavor enhancers. Garnishes. Lauren Meir. 57 0 obj Lettuce, tomato, and raw onion are good starters to top off burgers and wraps. endobj Share your expertise with the community and publish your checklist templates. Go for chopped or grilled onions and mushrooms, or chili for coney-dog lovers. Grill preparation. Experts recommend running it at full for ten minutes to burn any excess meat/ fat. Throw away all trash, including food scraps. Use the list above and shop for anything you are missing well in advance. Buy nonperishable items. Whether you are planning a small event with a few friends or a large BBQ with many participant, good planning is worth the effort. That's right, it's barbecue season, the perfect time to get family and friends together for a quality cook-out. Save the whole list and take it on the go while shopping. Checkliste Mundstücke Feta, Wassermelone, Minze Feta, Gurke, Tomate, Olive Parmaschinken, Melone, Minze Käse, Salami, Olive gefüllte Eier, Shrimps, Weintrauben Use our Contact form to let us know. What do you need for your bbq party? Separate alcoholic beverages, bottled water, and sodas. Hamburgers, hot dogs, shish-kebabs and grilled chicken, ground lamb or turkey patties, grilled steaks and salmon fillets … the list is endless. Place garbage bags in plain sight for easy trash disposal. A few more things need to be taken care of before you can relax, Marinate. Set up any decorations, such as banners, flags, or other colorful accents. We hope you found this BBQ Checklist helpful. Organize plates and eating utensils at one end, with cutlery in cups for easy grabbing. 2019-09-02T10:07:45Z Cooler. Do this with a metal grill brush, and then put half an onion on metal grill fork, dip in oil and rub across the grill. Publish Your Checklist . Fish-eaters may want tartar or cocktail sauce. For example, if you plan on serving seafood, you may have guests allergic to shellfish. Adjust fire levels. She loves staying productive and sharing her checklists with the community. Ask a few of your guests to stay a little longer and help you cleanup. Salads. Make sure it is still warm, as it will clean easier. Make any foods you can in advance. Keep several large coolers and buckets stocked with ice. Gather any additional supplies, such as entertainment equipment. Plastic cutlery. Set up one or two tables buffet style. If you have a gas grill, make sure the tank is full and works properly. Place meat on grill by time. Who says all burgers have to go in a bun? Try a whole-grain tortilla or onion roll. ` d��Z�_�y�o|�_�kI�������?����w���)��_���8N�{�>*~��H���w��?^X|�˿�%./����o?e��/u����Kk�u����/�����~��������������_�����������?��ӿ�.�����:^����k]�%����K�����cn�����/��z}ez~��ׇ����z�M_��O��W�����G��/�w��y��_~�����۷����w���wO�G�����O��)Ż��7/����������4���������_�O�~1_�ګ��"��_����������}��Ͽ��z��o���;����W~�S}l�垨��~��+��~ď~�w��1A����?����5E��4������c��=��d��{����_�1~���ʏ~�w��,��_���������?��^��+?���:��J�o��x�ͷ/��˿�V�u�\�7o���޾�����ki�Z��x��RdOM�����?~����~�����^���ݷ�e�_kǗ�����/����?�EO�u�� �,��������9η�x�q�ɑ�e��݇��Z�=���"a���w��Wtv�5��~���M�W~�SMC��������o�����K��#^�O��'{����o��ʫ��#^�O��'{�T�W��?~������_y�:���������{��׭���x�?���읯��� ��W^��� �����t�S/=Ά��o~��~���_\��(�D��g����K����gE�-��7?������=��?�������ÿ��-Q����_��O6���f������,�G�����'{������W��淿���N��Ox���u��|]�&��Ӻt�/M�ݷ/������ӫ�놗zL��p�F��������\z[m=љmk_j��Û]g���=���ˉ�?�~?�;��=3�����}Y{��\ۗ/:3��엷O��T��~�ˮ˻\���v�\g�/�]z �u�n(Ĺ��~Y��ė8���O8�����z���J]w�LX\���z嗺.�8�{\K�:�?�;�뭮c=c]Ҩ/�3_��L��_�Kk�|���=��)cq�iO�)��ʯ�'�����'��y,ݣ>����q&��ʧ�t�(sj,��ȯ�T�����d����%~jѷ�מ���O~��U_Z�9^��9��k�b[�sx}���=^q�^����?^�u�qM�u�����3��Z��j���h��[�6u| [��g���S����� �i{-הK5]���{���nѮ{� Grill und Zubehör: Grill Beistelltisch Feuerzeug/ Streichhölzer Kohle Grillanzünder Pappe Grillzange Schürze Alufolie & Aluschalen (für Gemüse, Käse Corn on the cob is a classic favorite. Decide who will bring what dishes, other refreshments or necessary equipment such as extra chairs, tables, or utensils. Do you have any tips? Depending on how your guests want their red meat cooked, you may have to leave some steaks or burgers on the grill for longer. During busy holidays, the stores are busy and sometimes run out. Find out what the majority of your guests prefer, and go from there. Knives, spoons, and forks. Large plates for food, smaller ones for salads or desserts.