and Zach has been online on and off seeking information… so below here i post info from Zach himself.. he wrote his own story below, and has provided many links and even found a YouTube video showing some of us fans what the house is REALLY like!! We moved far from where we once were and that was that. A 2008 issue of Latina Magazine featured a photoshoot of Jessica Alba recreating iconic horror scenes. I do have a boyfriend and he’ll be here any second so your ass better be gone. Maybe it’s more than that to other people as well. For a while now i have known loads of Scream and GhostFace fans because we all come to the internet to show our love of the films and general topic, and whatever else that is linked.. for instance.. Ghostface's first on-screen victim. All I really had, was the address. Casey was seated to the right of Sidney Prescott in English class at Woodsboro High School. I finally got to see the pictures and footage of the house that scared the hell out of me as a kid. Casey tries to fight back, even knocks the knife out of his hands, but the killer grips her neck to strangle her. Home The caller forces Casey to answer horror movie trivia questions in order to spare his life. She shared this hobby with her ex-boyfriend, Stu Macher, until she dumped him for football player, Steve Orth. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. (Being asked who the killer of Friday the 13th part one is and being told she's wrong) "Listen, it was Jason! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Not long after, the listings were all removed, along with the pictures that went with them. She kicks the killer in the groin area which causes him to release her. Casey answered her phone one night while she prepared for a movie night with Steve Orth. Copyright © - GhostFace - The icon of 2020. I certainly think that the filmmakers, the home owners and the fans looked to the final scene house as iconic, but this one is a bit more special than that for me. Scream Ghost Face® is a Registered trademark of Fun World Div./Easter Unlimited Inc. All Rights Reserved. You know, the one with the guy in the white mask who walks around and stalks babysitters? Stu tries to kill Sidney, but she drops a television on his head, electrocuting him. Casey is the first character to appear in the franchise as well as the first character to speak. It was also planned to do the documentary in a ‘sub style’ in which we could have replicated each shot of the movie, but with just the locations as the stand today. So here it is, the footage, and the pictures. Casey's body hangs the same as the opening victim of. They play the first Stab film which was first introduced in Scream 2.