Young people who need a love potion very seldom have five thousand dollars. Please get real. Third, the returning customers "want more expensive things." The old man tells Alan he would not have mentioned the poison if he did not sell the love potion Alan wants to buy. Footwear Store. 5 Nov. 2020. "Au revoir" means "Until I see you again" or "Until we see each other again." News & Media Website. First, the old man doesn't say that some customers come back or that they might come back; he says "customers come back." We got the tea on lessons, insecurities, & clout-chaseres. I think the issue is a betrayal of trust, rather than "clout chasing." However, what the man describes—what prompts the cry—is a relationship centered completely on Alan. Upload them to earn free Course Hero access! That's how dark the story is: every love potion customer decides to poison the woman he once claimed to love. This ain't it. Therefore, this type of behavior is often resembled as "riding the wave" of a given situation. BTS is smarter then this fandom makes them out to be, even though fans seem to take pride in their underdog story they seem to forget that from where BTS started they must have seen some pretty shitty shit in general, far worse things then the stuff this fandom is supposedly protecting them from and definitely far worse then any clout chaser could possibly be. Just like the rest of us/the human race, they do have the prerogative to like/fan over whoever they want. In some sense, perhaps it is kinder to kill people than to reshape them as the love potion does. Collier's narrator gives the old man the final line. EDIT: and how could I have forgotten Tony lmao. Clout Checks. “[Franny] was crying about a big insecurity that she has that a lot of other girls and women have [feeling like the ‘second choice’ romantically] and I think it was just a really good valuable lesson … A lot of the people watching that episode were very positive towards Franny and saying, ‘I relate to this!’ Even though we made this dating show as entertainment, we also wanted to make this a learning experience to encourage young girls to not give up on love and to be careful when it comes to choosing the right guy.”, Elsewhere in the interview, she stated, “We all [four] learned more about each other and how we react to certain situations. I mean, think about how nervous Halsey says she was concerning what our reaction would be. Clout Chasing. Army are protective of BTS, and often rightfully so, but it does make us look delusional when some of us do stuff like accuse artists of "clout chasing" for........ mentioning BTS/Army jamming to their songs (Dolly, Jack White), and maybe casually saying they'd love to collab. “Crazy journey” is an understatement. And even though I call them the boys out of endearment I never forget the fact that they are all adult men in their 20s perfectly capable of deciding who they should trust and who they should rely on, maybe it's time some fans remembered the fact that they aren't teenager anymore.