Fires piercing bolts, inflicting critical hits and returning bolts lodged in frozen enemies. In the game, players will be able to gather different types of skills, runes, mutations, shields, and weapons, each of these items have unique traits and work differently. Use this to annoy a monster. Roots the victim. Parrying attacks causes all nearby enemies to bleed. Deals 90 extra damage if the enemy hits a wall. Survival. Melee Weapons. Colorless items, which are found in Cursed Chests, scale according to your highest stat. Melee Weapons. These altars grant 66% damage reduction to nearby enemies (indicated by a shield icon above the enemy's head), and the item can only be retrieved from the shrine when all enemies with this icon have been defeated. Some Ranged Weapons use ammunition, which will be restored automatically after a short while. Hokuto’s Bow marks any enemy that you hit, and they’ll take increased damage for a few seconds. To get real results, strike hard and fast. Marks the enemy, who then takes +75 DPS for 20 sec., Starter bow until Random Starter Bow is purchased (found in secret tile near the place where the player starts afterwards), Ignored shields and inflicts 50% of the base damage on nearby enemies. Causes bleeding (22 DPS for 3 sec). Basically an ice grenade attached to the tip of an arrow. And there you have our top picks for the best weapons in Dead Cells. It’s also a very versatile weapon, and it synergizes nicely with the Fire or Cluster Grenades. Fires a volley of bolts rooting enemies and inflicting 15 DPS for 3 seconds. Gear Power influences the number of affix slots on the item, and the overall damage boost/reduction it receives. Watch Dogs Legion All Starting Recruit & Which One To Choose. As amulets are leveled items, their gear levels affect the quantity and quality of the Affixes on the amulets found, as well as the number of Stats and the % of damage reduction they grant. The player starts every run with the Prisoner's Collar equipped. Some Ranged Weapons use ammunition, which will be restored automatically after a short while. Each biome has a base Gear Level value, which is the minimum level an item can be on any given biome. Caulin. Hayabusa Gauntlets – Best Weapons in Dead Cells. Fourth hit does the most damage and has a ridiculously large hitbox. The third bonus adds a +29% damage boost or -1% damage reduction. No checkpoints. Starting primary weapon. Does not travel very far. This Dead Cells Weapons Guide will tell you about the scaling of the weapons that are found in Dead Cells as well as where to find their Blueprint Locations to acquire these weapons for yourself. Tactics or In that case, the item will just have empty slots that do not show up. There aren’t a ton of great melee weapons for Tactics builds, so if you come across a Frantic Sword, make sure to grab it. The roll does not need to be anywhere near completed; you can roll and then immediately cancel by attacking to get the critical hit. It gives no benefits of any kind. The player has two skill slots. Adds damage (+50 DPS for 8 sec) with each attack. ), but some weapons also have alternate scaling with The last hit does damage and knockback in a large area around you. Three hit combo. Repels all nearby enemies. If the enemy dies, the mark spreads. Once you toss it out, the grenade breaks into multiple clusters, which explode and deal tons of damage to nearby foes. Does high damage when you parry. Spends his time ... Watch Dogs: Legion Review – Taking DedSec in The Right Direction Innit, Torchlight 3 Review – Acceptable But Forgettable, The Invincible Targets 4K With “Smooth” Frame Rates, Uses DualSense Tech For “Complex Interactions”, Haven Dev Discusses Combat, Enemies, & Dragon Ball Z Inspirations, Dirt 5 Designer Talks “Exciting” Post-Launch Plans; New Playgrounds Items In The Works, Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.07 Released, Fixes Graphical Issues, Makes Improvements, New Among Us Improvements Coming Soon, Accessibility, Anti-Hacking, And More, Found above the starting point of the Promenade of the Condemned, Found at the The Concierge on second kill, Found at Purulent Zombie (Graveyard) (0.4% chance), Found at the end of The Forgotten Sepulchre, Found at The Hand of the King on first kill, Found in a lore room in the Prisoners’ Quarters, Found Tutorial Knight’s corpse in the Prisoners’ Quarters, Found at the Time Keeper after second kill. Starting secondary weapon. Began writing a year and a half ago so that he could fill his library with every Steam game that exists. Ammunition that is impaled in enemies takes significantly longer to retrieve unless the ammo is removed or the enemy is killed. If later on your highest stat is Tactics, your item will now scale with Tactics. Reload the Heavy Crossbow. Good range. So in this guide, you will learn about ten best ranged weapons and ten best melee weapons. Dash forward when parrying, dealing good damage to enemies on contact; you can use this as a mediocre melee weapon if you wish. It would rank higher, but it fires rather slow so careful aiming and timing are key to get the most out of it. If a non-shockwave attack hits the shield during the parry window, the attack deals no damage, you can block/parry again immediately, and additional effects occur depending on the attack: Note: Attacks are also automatically parried if they land within the first 0.2 seconds of holding up the shield and the shield's button is still held. At first glance, Hokuto’s Bow doesn’t seem all that impressive, but once you learn how to use its perk properly, you’ll be unstoppable. This drop can only happen once per enemy. Brutality. It has less range than you might expect, but it’s relatively quick, and is great for dealing with birds. Upon successfully parrying a melee attack, the attacker will drop a gold tooth. White weapons, the ones found in cursed chests, are the same as regular weapons (meaning they can be +/++/S ranked) except for having two special affixes, Colorless and "You take 20% more damage". This is a list of all obtainable melee weapons within the game. Thos. Colorless — scales with your highest stat, A specific affix (predetermined for each base item) with a 15% chance to be applied after all other affixes, ignoring the usual affix generation rules, Can be equipped alongside another weapon of the same type. Inflicts, Hold to absorb partial damage. Rapid fires bolts inflicting critical hits on rooted targets. Found behind the 3 minute 30 second timed door in the. While you have a speed boost, all hits are critical. Damage increases the longer the spell is used, but after too long the spell will damage the player. Leaves a patch of fire where it lands. Roots the victim. Bolts explode in the area of effect. Found behind the 3 minute 15 second timed door in the. Gear Power is calculated by taking the Gear Level of the item and adding the bonus from the Gear Quality. Fires several bolts in a wide spread. Skills are secondary abilities that can be used in combat. Also inflicts 50, Found behind the Timed Door (closes after 8 minutes) before the, Launches multiple flaming projectiles. Inflicts a critical hit if you hit an enemy from behind. If they're close to a wall they take 90 extra damage. Surprisingly effective when eradicating parasites. Dead Cells. Marks the enemy, who then takes +75 DPS for 20 sec. Tactics, though some crossbows only scale with Spawns a friendly mushroom boi which charges and interrupts enemies inflicting 50 damage and 100 extra damage if the enemy hits a wall. And if you want to really cheese it up with an overpowered Tactics build, you can’t go wrong with turrets. Without a doubt, the Cluster Grenade is one of the most broken and best weapons in Dead Cells, especially if you have good synergy with the rest of your build, and you have the grenade cooldown mutation. The big boot. Very effective at point blank, albeit too slow to be particularly reliable at that range. The Marksman’s Bow requires a bit of finesse to use properly, but it can be very powerful if you’re a patient player. When you first start playing Dead Cells, you may think it next to impossible.Like most roguelikes, a death will seemingly set you back to square one, … It launches a slow-moving projectile that deals damage to any enemies in contact with it, and it can be very helpful with crowd control and allowing players to get a bit of cover when dealing with groups. Satisfying when it instantly kills something. Legendaries are powerful variants of items, appearing as a random drop from enemies (1% and 6% for common mobs and Elites, respectively), and as rewards after beating a boss without getting hit, or from Legendary Altars. Also inflicts 50, Found behind the Timed Door (closes after 8 minutes) before the, Launches multiple flaming projectiles. Inflict critical hits to the targets behind the first enemy. Name … The next attack on this enemy inflicts +40% damage and stuns for 1 sec. It therefore is possible, but not likely, to get any Legendary item other than the Symmetrical Lance on a fresh save. Each shot inflicts 45 DPS. Great for when you're feeling wild. Let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can do that. The theoretical probability assuming equal chance to drop all items is 16%. Creates a force field when you parry, rendering you invincible for a second. Everyone is welcome to participate! All the weapons listed below are arranged in descending order of damage they do. Shoots several short-range bolts at once. Pretty much every weapon in the game will have some purpose. Having both Stun and Ice Grenades can also work pretty nicely together, if your main weapons have attributes that work well with those effects, or if you’re using slower melee weapons. Creates a slow-moving but devastating orb. Reveals your surroundings. Inflicts a critical hit if you hit an enemy from behind. Dead Cells. Second and third hits have a great vertical hitbox. It’s not very practical for boss fights, but it gives you invulnerability against regular melee enemies. This means that if your highest stat at the time is Brutality, the colorless item is Brutality. Stuns enemies with over 75% health, but does low damage. Blocked grenades and shots are returned with added power. I'm not sure the exact number, but even a rank 1 legendary weapon is still very much usable in end-game areas. This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 15:08. furthermore you can unlock more than 90 weapons and skills and ultimately fight 4 Mega bosses. Causes bleeding (22 DPS for 3 sec). For example, a Colorless Torch, which is a pure Brutality item, scales with Survival if you have higher Survival than Brutality. Ignore shields and project you towards the enemy and inflicts a, Repelling a projectile causes you to inflict, Starter bow until Random Starter Bow is purchased (found in secret tile near the place where the player starts afterwards), Ignored shields and inflicts 50% of the base damage on nearby enemies. A few of these weapons can also dual-scale with Crossbows and the Scythe Claws are 2 handed weapons that take up both slots. Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues! Every sixth bonus adds a +30% damage boost instead. "Nothing worth mentioning, except maybe a vague whiff of dead rat...". Targets the nearest enemy in front of you. Asymmetrical Lance – Best Weapons in Dead Cells Not only is this a badass looking weapon, it’s also one of the best Survival weapons you can get … It's available on all current gaming platforms. Attacks that hit the front of the shield are reduced by the shield’s damage absorption percentage (usually 75%) before any other damage reduction effects.