What are the best MPG mods you guys have seen with the 6.4L? Fuel economy instrumentation, such as ScanGauge's OBD II Computer or the CAMP2 from HKS, measure fuel quantity data from the vehicle's injection timing. A vehicle depends on an electrical network–fuses, relays, and electrical wiring–to operate systems such as lights, fans, stereos, and air conditioners. The parts run about 3500 new but that's a hell of a hookup and you can split all the gears except 4th. Subtract the new dollar amount from the original figure to find your annual savings after adding modifications to the truck. My reply: it depends on. Take all of those elements into consideration and keep in mind that there are no right or wrong decisions — it's your money and your truck. In short, the longer the injectors remain open, the more fuel is released.How do these devices improve fuel efficiency? If you drive fewer miles each year, and if the per gallon savings are less, it will take more time to recover your expenses. We went into a recession in 2008 because of gasoline prices. My last two HDs have be the 6.0 . Through practice–and with the vacuum gauge's feedback–drivers can learn to accelerate in ways that maintain high and steady gauge pressure. In addition, synthetic oils have more stable viscosities as temperatures change; this can further decrease resistance. It works like this: A higher manifold vacuum equates to higher mileage. Mileage Avg is 20MPG, and pulling 12.6MPG. And for only 75$, it worth every penny! This can lead to a variety of problems, including slower throttle response and decreased fuel efficiency. Next, estimate how much the modifications will increase your fuel mileage. I have to agree with Shaun. Dodge Ram Mods for Better MPG. :thumb: My DRW F350 has the "tow boss" package, part of which were 4:30 gears. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. LMM MPG Mods. Commuting expenses that are incurred as a result of the taxpayer's regular means of getting back and forth to his or her place of employment and is not tax-deductible. 2010 My Wife has 2 Full time JOBS NOW :woot: 2005, 6.0L, 6 Spd Std, 3.73 Rear End, F250SD, Extended Cab, 4 x 4 Long Bed. Dale Wickell is an automotive expert who has worked in the industry for more than four decades. What for gears do the duallys have and what should he go to? Futures/Commodities Trading Strategy & Education. I thought I read he had the F450. Discuss performance mods, towing capacity, wheels, tires, lift kits, and much more! A long time ago, my car had a mod that was, in retrospect, a little goofy. Millennials: Finances, Investing, and Retirement. Gas guzzler tax is a tax added on sales of vehicles that have poor fuel economy. As a result, everything in the electrical system has to work harder. These devices provide streaming data, including battery voltage, coolant temperature, and a real-time fuel economy readout. I was getting 17mpg in Arizona but here in Michigan I can't break the 15mpg mark. Using the new mpg figure, repeat the calculations in Steps 1 and 2 to estimate how much you'll spend on gas on the modifications. '08 F-350, CCSB, Spartan, Diamond Eye 5". Redo the calculations: 20,000 miles per year divided by 18 mpg = 1,111 gallons of fuel per year. Head-to-Head Comparison: 2008 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8, 2008 Shelby GT500 Mustang Vs. 2008 Challenger SRT8, How to Pick the Right Size Swimming Pool Pump, Hybrid Cars - The Future of 4x4 Pickup Trucks and SUVs. Author's Note: Increase Your Car's MPG with Eco-mods. Economies of scope are economic factors that make it cheaper to manufacture a wider variety of products together instead of on their own. He is a diesel nut and is still running the stock air intake. What Cars Are Affected by the Gas Guzzler Tax? Modifying Your Truck to Improve Gas Mileage. There are a number of additional vehicle modifications that can help individual drivers improve their fuel efficiency, including real-time engine monitoring, vacuum gauges, grounding cables, and pickup truck caps. Check out these links. I also know a guy running the cts programmer in a f450 that is getting 17-18 mpg up here using the economy setting. If your goal is to save fuel for environmental reasons, and you don't mind the cost, you probably don't have to think too hard about purchasing the add-ons. This is done to meet durability, emissions (set by our government), and fuel economy requirements-leaving lots of fun and power tightly locked away. Both of these factors can reduce fuel efficiency. Discussion in 'Engine & Performance' started by CowboyElvis, Mar 2, 2018. 6.5 turbo diesel performance is one of the things that makes owning one so worth it. GPS/TV/DVD/CD/Rear Cam/Radio installed, Max Energy programer by Hypertech, and Fuel Pressure Gauge. It did a very big difference on mine. Considering the benefits versus cost will help you determine if modifications fit your needs. Slanted from the top of the truck's cab to the top of the tailgate, they greatly reduce drag by increasing aerodynamics. Times have changed. (Tonneau covers are low-profile bed covers that allow air to flow smoothly across the back of the truck.). Elite status is a type of classification that denotes a preferred customer. 2008 F-350 King Ranch Dually 4x4, 33" BFG Mud Terrains, SCT Programmer with DPF and CAT Delete Pipe. The three modifications we've talked about could possibly increase the truck's fuel economy by 3 mpg. Drivers get instant feedback on how their specific driving habits affect mileage. Many drivers are constantly challenging themselves to find new ways to improve the fuel economy of their vehicles. Learn the basics of what millennial need to know about finances, investing, and retirement. CowboyElvis Junior Member. Modifying Your Truck to Increase Its Power, Understanding Instant Fuel Consumption Display. I don't know if 3.73s or 4.10s were more common though. ELC Cat EC-1 Coolant, Pull a 39ft 15500Lbs 5th Wheel Camper Trailer. Parleys Diesel Performance offers the TDI Performance mods you need to get even better diesel fuel mileage, and to awaken the power of the sleeping beast in your TDI engine. You've probably already tried the simple things you can do to suck more miles out of a full tank, like avoiding unnecessary idling, eliminating quick accelerations, and making sure your tire pressure is correct. Grounding wires and cables are an integral part of a vehicle's electrical system. Fuel weighs about eight pounds per gallon; depending on the fuel tank capacity, that could mean driving around with 50 to 100 fewer pounds in the car. Crude oil is a naturally occurring, unrefined petroleum product composed of hydrocarbon deposits and other organic materials. We offer TDI upgrades from some of the best brands in the business. On the other hand, if gas prices keep climbing upwards, you may see a return in less time. Will you keep the truck that much longer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MusN66Rue8I&feature=youtube_gdata_player, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-8lV3JUNn4&feature=youtube_gdata_player, 94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. From seeing 12mpg stock to 19-21mpg with the tune, it's a huge improvement! The cost of modifications might be a good investment if you are making changes to gain power (which all three updates will provide), because you want to help reduce fuel dependency, or because you want your truck to have a certain look or sound. Many drivers are constantly challenging themselves to find new ways to improve the fuel economy of their vehicles. A vacuum gauge is a low-cost, low-tech device that provides instantaneous fuel economy measurements by monitoring the manifold vacuum. That topic is coming up more often lately in conversations with friends and colleagues. Synthetic oils are more expensive but they tend to last longer because they don't break down as quickly as conventional oils. I would say don't waste your money on a cold air intake. Whoops, my bad, he has the F350. Now take $3999 (before modifications) and subtract $3,333 (after modifications) to find your yearly fuel savings, $666. Not in stock form necessarily but with the ease of what amounts to bolt on mods. Some companies will build custom aerodynamic truck caps that reportedly improve gas mileage by 13% to 20%. Come join the discussion about performance, bulletproofing, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Now divide the price spent for modifications by the annual cash savings to determine how many years it will take to cover the cost of the modifications. Every additional 100 pounds in a vehicle equates to a 1% to 2% increase in fuel consumption. He currently works for LeMay - America's Car Museum. Do what works for you. Good luck. I have an '08 6.4L dually with SCT tuner & DPF/Cat delete and my MPGs went from ~10.5 to … I would go with a custom tune from KEM, the 250 tune is very good for fuel economy. In addition, filling the gas tank only partially, instead of all the way, reduces the overall weight of the vehicle.