The Silver Toys hereby are rarer than the Normal Toys and the Golden Toy is rarer than the Silver Toys. If you find the Reindeer you can purchase the selected item/s from the Sleigh. One must remember that depending on the situation, one might have different preferences for the tool required to be used. Instead, they have to be bought using the event currency, Tickets. This is actually the most attractive form of purchase incentive. The goal is to collect tickets for the Halloween tent to attract more kids to the tent with candles, flashlights and lanterns. If found after a Double Payout, you will get a Calendar Key and a Lock Pick and 10 Stars if it is the first time you find it on the day or 2 Lock Picks and 10 Stars if found again. They are different from currencies of other events in the fact that Tickets by itself is not used for clearing fog. Rewards a Mad Scientist's Lab when all quests are completed. The Main Questline and the Daily Questline. After completing the Main Questline, you will be able to complete stacked Daily Quests without any delay and after that, one quest per day. There are four different "Normal Toys", three different "Silver Toys" and one "Golden Toy" to be found. The Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2020 is coming! Rewards an Extra Large Medals Package when all quests are completed. Players who think about whether it’s worth using a candle for each pumpkin, or whether it’s better to skip one in favor of more light bulbs and dolls, should take the hint that the friendlier the pumpkin looks, the better the chance of getting a good reward, i.e. After completing that, the player will then immediately receive 5 quests without any delay and after that, one quest per day. Everyone gets the building in the desired highest expansion stage and then has 2 more upgrade kits in their inventory, which some people don’t want to waste. Clicking on a clear avatar icon presents the player with an avatar. One of the daily specials was on the beta server directly on the first day of the event the Selection Kit for the Abandoned Asylum, which was the previous year’s main prize. Tribal Wars 2; Elvenar; Tribal Wars; The West; Grepolis; The Collectors Reward may be collected for every full set of eight different completed library quest lines. All quest lines consist of 5 quests each. Click here to visit the video on YouTube, or watch below: We are passionate about FOE and love sharing everything we learn about the game. This considerably reduces the time required. So no one can really complain and InnoGames benefits from this. InnoGames have used the 2020 Halloween Event to reintroduce some avatars from previous Events. The forge of empires brings us another event!, Summer 2020, is a seasonal event and is IDENTICAL to Summer 2019 but the main prize changes. Starting mid of October, we will have the ever popular Halloween event again this year. The Lantern is useful when one wants to clear tiles on a large scale. The player begins with 7 Candles, 3 Torches/Flashlights and 1 Lantern. As you can see, the event window contains 6 main elements. the daily special. Forge Of Empires Fall Event 2020 Prizes Harvest Barn is the main prize this year followed by September cabin which is the secondary prize and the third prize is Mill of Fall and Cider Mill. This is a special deal offered during the Winter Event. "Shuffle All" resets all the presents. Second, after cleaning up a fog tile, the prize does not automatically fall into your inventory. Wie war ihre Reise hierher? It cannot work on Travel Cases. But there are also 2 times the Black Tower, the Cemetery Kit, the Dark Doorway and several towers with combat bonuses. They are: Rewards remain the same until midnight server time or until the "Shuffle" is found in a present. Towards the top of the playing window is the City. As you can see, the event window contains 6 main elements. From level 6 on you get a defense bonus for the attacking army and for level 7 you have the choice: More goods, more forge points or attack bonus for the attacking army. They can do this with the help of certain tools which clear different parts of the room. On the 10th day this daily special was available again. The first is the Pumpkins, which are of three kinds. You will only ever find avatars that you don’t already own. The found light bulbs are then displayed in a progress bar at the top of the event window.