Is hibiclens ok to use on infected belly button? you decide to have body piercing: This information sheet was composed by Carol J. Mulvihill, RN-C, BSN what do I do? My stepmom is a nurse practitioner and recommended it to me when my belly button piercing was infected. Can I use hibiclens on my belly button piercing? will changing my piercing will be helpful?and how will i clean it? I got my nose pierced May 1. With water? About 8hours later I noticed that only one side of the ring is in the hole and the other out, I wiggled it a bit and the nose ring just came out so I cleaned it with rock salt and hot water and I thought I’d put back in the stud i had when I done the piercing but I couldn’t get it in as it seems like one side is already healed close and I need to force it through but it really hurt so I didn’t push it. Unfortunately, it are often vulnerable to infections. I’ve had my piercing just under a month. A piercing is an open wound that requires time and care to heal. That’s why we’re going to review the best antibacterial … It is used to clean surface of skin before surgery. It doesn’t hurt, there is like an open wound around the stud and a little bit of pus comes out occasionally. Continue reading to learn about the treatment options for piercing infections as well as the cleaning procedure for infected piercings?Â. I got mine pierced 3 weeks ago and my nose looks most like the last “Image of an infected nasal piercing” but more around the bottom with pus. Nolte, MPH, CHES, Head of Dr. Charles Gordon answered. Does it mean it’s infected?. HealthTap uses cookies to enhance your site experience and for analytics and advertising purposes. It is used to clean surface of skin before surgery. Any one else experience this? Today it sunk in so much that I had to put tissue under it to push it up. Shake thoroughly and soak a clean cotton wool into the resulting solution. is it safe to use a anti septic wash like the one from band aid or simply saline? Don’t squeeze the bump. Any advice is much appreciated 🙂. 63 Comments It can be used in this manner. I had my piercing for about a month and today I noticed a bump and it started bleeding. The symptoms highlighted above will usually tell a normally healing piercing from an infected one. It is our sincere hope that this guide has shared some useful tips to help you avoid and treat nose piercing infection if they occur. I recommend this over salt water cleansers. Can I change the stud to a sterling silver one until my surgical steel one comes in? And I woke up with my nose really infected and it’s getting worse as the day go. You should avoid using an ordinary cloth towel since it often harbors germs and bacteria. But it looks soooo healed. is a skin cleanser with antiseptic & antimicrobial properties. People also tend to touch newly  pierced noses frequently and this can easily introduce bacteria, leading to an infection. I got my nose pierced on Tuesday and it doesn’t hurt at all only when I move my nose. Everything was great until last night and today it just decided to blow up and pus!!! What should I do? Cartilage piercings typically take longer to heal and are more prone to infection than earlobe piercings. i've read it's too harsh of a chemical to put on a new piercing. Wash in shower. Thank you! Clove oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that keep the pathogens at bay. I got my nose pierced 3/4days ago and my nose is so swollen that my stud has sunk in and its really sore when i touch it other wise its fine . OK: Hibiclens is brand name for topical antiseptic chlorhexidine. Please help, So I got my nose pierce 4 months ago, but after one month of getting pieced I stated to get a lump on my nose that lasted almost 3 months my friends told me to use neosporin and it worked in 2 days my numb was gone for about 2 weeks and now I removed the pierce to clean and I had a hard time getting it out. I got my nose pierced 3 weeks ago and it’s not inflamated or very painful, but it will NOT stop bleeding. The pain isn’t tense at all. Kelsea shut the fuck up about tea tree oil. Should I see a doctor? Treating an infected piercing basically rolls down to cleaning the area around the piercing, removing the infected materials and using heat to enhance blood circulation and stimulate the body’s immunity. 🙁 after over 2 years you’d think it would be healed! 5,905 Views, Nose piercing has been around for a long time and the popularity of the practice continues to rise. I recently wanted to take my nose ring out so I asked my boyfriend to help me with it and long story short we couldn’t get it out and it got stuck. I am cleaning it with antibacterial soap (dial) and should I use the hot-cold compress? This is especially the case if the infection has moved beyond the immediate area around the piercing. Otherwise, you are having a normal cold which should clear up. On changing your jewelry, it is ok since the some jewelry material tend to cause allergic reactions. It’s been about 2 weeks since I pierced my nose, today I noticed it’s a little swollen all around the stud and a little red, it doesn’t hurt or anything but I was wondering if that’s how the infection starts ? Specializes in Adolescent Medicine . Then in February around the 20th or something it got infected, when it got infected it ripped a little bit so the stud kept going inside my nose. Here is a brief guideline on how to clean an infected nose piercing: This is important in order to prevent a transfer of germs and bacteria into the piercing from dirty hands. This helps to soften the area and get rid of any dry scabs. That might be normal healing since its only a third or fourth day. If the above treatment options for piercing infection don’t heal it, antibiotics may be necessary. So, how do you treat a nose piercing infection if it occurs for whatever reason? What should I do? It is advisable that you repeat the procedure twice every day until the infection goes away. Infected piercing on your nose sucks! And yday morning, I woke up and it was swollen to the point where my ring looked like it was swallowed up. I’ve had my piercing for 3 months, it was fine, no keloid, all was fine. The sooner it heals, the sooner you can show it off. can i use hibiclens on my belly button piercing? Use HIBICLENS daily or as part of a pre/post-operative skin washing plan. It looks infected like the pictures but not sure?! At first I thought it was a keloid but then I started to see a little bit of puss come out. It is a fact that you have an infected nose piercing which needs to be treated urgently. Once done, use a cotton swab soaked with a little warm water to rinse the nose before drying it with a clean paper towel. I clean it perfectly 2 times a day just like my piercer told me to do. (8 days old now) 1 doctor answer. Any piercing can be infected even after it has healed fully. I switched to a ring/hoop and it helped a lot and it finally started healing (every day about a spek of yellowish puss comes out). I woke up this morning and it is even more swollen, red and painful but now there is yellow puss around the piercing. I had my nose pierced about a week ago and it is still swollen. I got my nose pierced 1 month ago & I got a bump 2 days ago. But that shouldn’t keep you from getting a a piercing on your nose if it tickles your fancy. Also, ensure the jewelry used is not too short. nd does dat mean i hav an infection? I got my nose pierced Sunday.. now its hurting a little but I have some gooey stuff around it! I’ll keep cleaning it with the salt water but should I try to push the stud through again? Anyone have an idea how i can get this away before september?!! Infection or just irritation? Try diluted tea tree oil. I would also recommend you use a steel or gold jewelry since they are very unlikely to cause allergic reactions. I’ve had my nose pierced 3 months ago and it was fine no keloid but, this morning I woke up with redness around it feels swollen, and tender, but no clear, green, yellowish not pus coming out, does it mean it’s infected?