The ADP H-1400-AC 120-Volt, Thermostatically Controlled Dog House Air Conditioner AC unit is the perfect solution to cool and dehumidify your pets doghouse. Allows connection to dog house without mounting unit to side of house. There are geographical areas that have extremely hot climates, like Texas, Arizona, California and Florida, where the "huge" doghouses need more btu(s) during those 100 plus degree days. View More Cooling Dog Products & Pet Accessories. Product Title Petmate Peak Wood Dog House, Brown, Medium, 32" for Dogs 50-70 Lbs Average Rating: ( 3.7 ) out of 5 stars 14 ratings , based on 14 reviews Current Price $112.00 $ 112 . Some dog houses are small or medium-sized. 3. Product Title Dog Palace Insulated Dog House with Heating Pad, Large, Inside Dimensions 30.5"H x 24"W x 35.5" L, Grey Average Rating: ( 4.5 ) out of 5 stars 113 ratings , based on 113 reviews Current Price $344.43 $ 344 . The unit connects directly to the house, there are no hoses, clamps or holes to be bored, and no hoses to chew on! Lucky those dogs with a shelter—they have a place to tuck themselves in, curl up, and just stay cozy and cool. Copyright © 2020 ComfortUp. This system is ideal for spaces with a size that ranges from 150 square-feet up to 500 square-feet. But understandably, they draw the line between what your pets need and what your pets get. EER: 10.7 (Energy Star Rated) OR... Click Here for all Order related questions. The ADP H-1400-AC 120-Volt, Thermostatically Controlled Dog House Air Conditioner AC unit is the perfect solution to cool and dehumidify your pets doghouse. An air conditioned dog house, seemed like a splurge at another level. 00 Many are avid pet advocates; some are super dog-lovers. And that’s where the problem comes. In fact, they work most of the time, but not all the time. 1. Blythewood, SC 29016 It is shipped common carrier with your dog house. The problem is, a dog house—by design—is an enclosed structure. Note Before Ordering: Please measure the cubic feet (not square feet) of the space that you wish to cool. And some of these people are not just ordinary folks. We will answer within one business day or sooner. With their sweat glands only mostly found in their paw pads, dogs can’t perspire the way we do. What we mean is a real dog house where a real dog lives. Now, imagine just having sweat glands on your feet. On/Off Timer If someone requests the need for heat, we offer a full line of heated dog house pads. Unit Weight: 43 pounds Once you are done with the basics, it is time to get yourself a proper dog house heater and you have to choose between a few options: a dog-only heater, a dog heating pad or mat, and a regular heater that is safe to use around dogs. That’s dog’s life. We have thermostatically controlled heated dog houses that are safe, simple to use, and efficient. Step 4: Place the gasket back on the Dog House Air Conditioner unit and insert unit into the pre-drilled holes. Beyond the impression of superfluity, air conditioning your dog’s house means you care for the pets. For those very cold climates, we have a thermostatically controlled electric dog house heater available, we even offer a discount if you need more than one. This will allow the Dog House Air Conditioner unit to run most economically. Mount the unit where it will not be rained on. The question is: What type of air conditioning system should you use for a dog house? An electric heater box , such as the ClimateRight Heater & Fan is an excellent option to provide widespread heating and cooling throughout your dog house. A rich fancy; a tiny facetious attempt to impress. As it cools it also dehumidifies the air giving your pet cool and relaxing comfort. They run a lot, play around all the time, and when it comes to active fun, they sweat it out big-time. Sportube Ski & Snowboard Hard Travel Cases. All their life. If you’re looking for a really high energy-efficient, flexible, and high-performance cooling and heating system for your dog’s house, then this type of system is hands-down the best option. Even if, let’s say, it has enough ventilation to keep the cool air or breeze come in and pass through, it is not fully insulated to keep the heat out, especially when the heat is at its peak during summer. During the setup process the unit can be installed by the customer in less than two minutes. Mount the Dog House Air Conditioner unit off the ground if there is any possibility water could submerge the unit. Your Best Pick:  It would be a toss-up among different top brands like Gree, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi. It does not need hoses, clamps or bored holes. WARRANTY: 1 year Now, let that sink in for a little while. When the weather gets too hot, the dog house would be the last place that your pet would want to stay in. But as far as heating the dog house there really isn't any reason. Be the first to review: Dog House Air Conditioner AC Unit, Dog House Heater and Air Conditioner Unit, Elevated Dog Bed - The Original Coolaroo Dog Bed, Heat-N-Breeze Deluxe - Dog House Heater and Ventilator, Click Here for all Order related questions, Easy to use, just plug into any standard wall outlet, Incredibly energy efficient and affordable to operate, Safe and environmentally friendly refrigerant with no carbon monoxide or fluorocarbon emissions, Removes heat and humidity to keep your dog safe from overheating, Supplies 1400 BTU's to cool even the largest dog houses, Easy installation, takes approximately 15-30 minutes, Mounts to the side of the dog house or can be attached to irregular shaped dog houses using. Some customers wanted a dog house with AC only, others wanted their dog house with heat only and some desired both. Well, why not? We have tested and adapted it to fit our dog houses from the Large Cedar Dog House to our largest house, the Goliath Cedar Duplex and it performed flawlessly, cooling them in just 3 to 5 minutes. To keep the dogs cool, many owners try a lot of methods. In many ways these methods help a lot. And believe it or not, air conditioning the dog house would make a lot of difference. Step 1: Remove the gray gasket from the Dog House Air Conditioner unit and use as your template for the holes in your dog house. If it is impossible to bore a hole into the structure, then you might have to forego a room air conditioner and choose a ductless mini split system. Place gasket on house with small hole in upper left corner. (Depending on the location and type of material you may want to use a bolt and nut.). Jun 5, 2016 - Explore Thomas Kuhns's board "HVAC Dog House" on Pinterest. So, how do dogs make up for the lack of sweat glands? It's been a learning experience for us; the most important lesson learned - listen to the customers. Depends and varies widely based on r-factor (insulation), ambient temperature, humidity, etc. Their body has a different way of cooling off, which is comparably difficult because they have very little amount of sweat glands in the body. Do you want to add products to your personal account? It is made of primarily solid fir and features steps along one side that lead to a rooftop porch with slat rails. Dollars. All you need is a, Mini Split Systems for Beginners: Essential Care & Maintenance Tips. And believe it or not, air conditioning the dog house would make a lot of difference. No good dog owner would ever want to see their pets get dehydrated, get sick, or worse, die just because of heat. Please enter your Product question(s) or Technical Issues below. To make sure that you will be able to get the right system, the key is in choosing the right size and in considering the type of installation required. All prices in U.S. You can attach a 3/8" plastic tube to drain this away. All Rights Reserved. Drill holes in sets of twos around the lip of … They relayed to us that they desired an air conditioned dog house that had an air conditioning system with a better warranty and a longer life. The H-1400-AC unit for dog houses quickly cools on hot days with quiet efficiency. When dogs are panting, they stick their tongue out while breathing heavily, and this allows their body heat to evaporate through the moist lining of their tongue. Our exclusive remote controlled DogAire™ / CatAire™ dog house air conditioner* can be set up by the customer in less than two minutes. We repeat: Dogs don’t have much sweat glands. And who can blame them? What Is A Good SEER Rating For A Ductless Mini Split? 5200 btu We recommend using an indoor/outdoor thermometer to help you achieve your desired temperature. You might think, that naturally makes sense, due to their furs and all. We investigated many different air conditioners by a number of manufacturers, and have chosen a 5,200 btu, ENERGY STAR rated unit that meets all of the requirements of our dog house with AC. Yes, dogs pant to cool themselves off. When you order one of our dog houses, choose the option for the DogAire™ system if you'd like to cool your dog house. Inexperienced owners would assume that they’re looking for a treat, but they’re not. The truth is, it’s just a matter of finding the best model that can fit your application. Heat problems for dogs can be avoided. And they would mean a lot to your pet as well. Well, that may sound cool, but in reality, that makes dogs prone to dehydration. You would perspire, of course, but you wouldn’t really be able to cool off completely. For more cooling system choices for a dog house, you can visit Unit does not run continuously Step 6: Set the desired temperature and turn on the power switch. In addition, we build a custom platform to hold the air conditioner to the side of the house. When you look for an AC, put these aspects into consideration. It is a bit pricey up front, however, you can be assured that its energy-saving capability would be able to completely offset your initial cost outlay. It’s time you do differently. Finding the right cooling solution for your dog house is not difficult at all. Infrared Remote Control Step 3: Attach the mounting brackets in the Dog House Air Conditioner unit using the screws provided. Alright we know that most dogs now live indoors with the owners, but it’s not always the case. Think about it! No knobs to chew They just perspire on their feet, which is the reason why some days you would find some sweaty dog footprints on the floor even if your dog did not step on water. When you order a dog house with AC, the finished house has a large hole in the rear panel where the DogAire™ will be installed. The truth is, dogs are some of the most active, if not hyperactive domestic animals. Not exactly to provide them extra cooling comfort, which they couldn’t care less anyway, but to keep them safe. Draw holes for cutting. Painfully, all the time. 4. The Perfect HVAC Solution For Healthier Families, How Increased Time At Home Can Affect Air Quality, What To Expect When Getting A Mini Split Shipment. Office: 803-786-0755 And no amount of cooling fan or water can dissipate that body heat, so your dogs would normally be forced to endure heat as much as they can. Easy to access, slide-out filter is washable We ship to over 200 Countries. More dogs die of heat related problems then come close for freezing to death. The sad thing is, many pet owners are really not aware of what their pets are going through. They don’t sweat the way we humans do. If you are considering an air conditioned dog house using the DogAire™ system, we recommend the insulation option, along with the Seal Safe™ door, especially for larger houses with multiple dogs.