These Lynches settled in … I would really like to know where would be the best source of information about these people. Mike. They were not savage laws as again history (written by the English) would have us believe. I don’t really have a history of the Roche family myself. Also my family Dennehy merged bloodlines with Flanagan in the early 1900’s. Mike. Since I joined these wonderful Irish sites I have had many people try and help me with my family. The peers are followed in rank by the gentry, whose titles include (also in descending rank) baronet, knight, esquire, and gentleman. Xx. I am loving this whole trip Mike. They hold the titles (in descending rank) of duke, marquis, earl, viscount, and baron. Hi, my dads family name is O’TOOLE and KENNY both from Wicklow. Thanks for the information and have a great day! My great grandfather immigrated to America around 1850. If you look up the online Irish census ( for Gallivans in County Kerry you will see what I mean – and probably find a few cousins. The Emerald Isle, as is well known, has a long and intricate history dominated by Irish chieftains, Viking invaders and foreign conquerors, amongst others. This is amazing! Hi Karen – I often wonder about that – when given a choice, do we look for a landscape that reminds us of home! Irish Surnames Home » Names. Is your Irish surname amongst them? They were a Norman family that established a strong foothold in Munster. Hi Charles – Duggan spelled with 2 ggs is typcically from Cork and Limerick alright. The Rock of Cashel – Seat of the Kings of Munster. More like home and a huge population of irish there. Should have things sorted out shortly. What about Higgins? Mike. As our own Emerald Heritage landowners often take up the title of squire, squireen or squiress, we thought we’d take a look at the other titles used here within the 32 counties of Ireland! Can you ask again in about 2 weeks and I should have some answer for you. Mike. I have a copy of the ships manifest with their names and ages. O’Shaughnessy from Clare were very powerful local chieftains – and they are the ones I refer to in my list. Where would this name have most likely originated? The Irish nobility could be described as including persons who do, or historically did, fall into one or more of the following categories of nobility: . Her father was suppose to be Anthony Joyce, I see Joyce in Connaught. So enjoy the title should you choose to use it. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Michele – you caught me out – you’re right on the Connaught rather than Ulster connection. O’Rourke is usually around Leitrim and Divine is from Tyrone/Derry. They owned the Hedigan Victuallers in Galbally. Sad to see that none of my family names are on there. It is typcally called Gallivan in Kerry. Its hard to trace because so many variations of the name have taken place O’Malley.O’maille, O’meley , Miley even Mills and I noted many old records with James Mealey in the census and civil registration. Many other records on Irish nobles are available at the Family History Library. What are the chances of that? This is going to give me a good start. I saw someone mentioned they took pics of 7 of the O’Mahony castles in Cork.