Overview: Most hikers begin on foot or by bike at a rugged road crossing of the Sturgeon River and follow the road north to a series of overgrown bush trails. At several instances I had to pull up the motor to avoid damage, however despite the inconvenience, the outboard saved us much time, as we were able to complete the trip in under two hours instead of a 4-5 hour paddle. If on a bike, stash the bike near the intersection here and follow the overgrown bush trail on foot. A 100 foot intact fire tower stands on the summit and can be reached via A 3.3 km long hiking trail. Even though I had previously climbed the Ishpatina Ridge – Tower Peak on a canoe trip starting from the Montreal River in the north, I had always wanted to attempt the trip like many others sans canoe. A large boulder hidden by thick bushes at N47.31670 W80.74884, 50 meters from the base of the tower may be the highest point on the summit. I am thinking of going to Sudbury next week, maybe attempt to reach the highest peak in ontario. The Ontario County High Points List was created by Greg Slayden of Peakbagger.com. 07.5 km – Take left fork onto overgrown trail Emerging from the bushwhack onto Scarecrow Lake. We set out at 5am in the morning before sunrise, and the temp just above zero. The small stream that drains from this unnamed lake into the south end of Smoothwater Lake near the portage to Apex Lake is not a viable route. 47.8 km – Views of Ishpatina Ridge – Fire Tower Summit, Ishpatina North Peak GPS Track (.gpx format), Related Links: intersection at Portelance Road to the Sturgeon River, Despite being only a short bushwhack from the trail leading from Scarecrow Lake to the Ishpatina Ridge Tower summit, the South Peak remains relatively unexplored. Zoom: to adjust the map definition level. GPS recorded height: 2116 feet / 645 m Summited on (Overland Route): August 1, 2010. Directions: hi again thanks for all ur help. Directions: We had the 3 day August long weekend to complete the trip; 2 days for driving up and back and 1 day for the hike to the South and Tower Peaks of the Ishpatina Ridge. Trip Summary: Lat/Lon: N47 19.002, W80 44.930 Overview: 3.8 km from Apex Lake the bushwhack ends at 2220 feet on the 3rd highest peak on Ontario. With sandals/water shoes we could easily walk across the river along a crest of gravel and rocks. As we knew the water levels in the area were low, we decided to bushwhack towards Scarecrow Lake in the hope that we could walk along the shoreline and save time and energy. Bell was the first known non-aboriginal to scale the mountain. The trail skirts a small lake and begins a moderate ascent northwards. Directions : Having visited the area in 2007, I discovered first hand that the main Ishpatina Summit (Fire Tower peak) and the North Peak are separated by a deep valley and steep rock faces, which would make a bushwhack between the two peaks hazardous. // Removes "over" class from rows on mouseout Once reaching the northwest shore of Scarecrow lake, the bushwhack ends at a well-established campsite and the start trail to the Ishpatina. In total, 26 geocachers made it to the top of Ishpatina Ridge today, one of which was with me for every bit of the hike. The head net also helped during the bushwhacking part of the trail, preventing any leaves and twigs from hitting the face. After only 50 minutes of rock hopping and walking along the shore of Scarecrow Lake, we arrived at the campsite just south of the Ishpatina trailhead. Line Parent: Ishpatina Ridge (Tower Summit) GPS recorded height: 2260 feet / 689 m Would enjoy the it better. Send Feedback. Follow this path eastwards for 570 meters until reaching another fork — take the left fork. Darcy’s video montage of our journey to the South and Tower Peaks of Ishpatina Ridge: Ishpatina Overland Ridge GPS Track (.gpx format), Related Links: Route from Ishpatina Ridge, ON to Sellwood, ON. is over nite camp recommended Completed the round trip in 12 hours at a decent pace. We’d make camp at the south end, ensuring we had the entire next day to make the trek up to the North Ishpatina Peak from camp and return back to camp. 49.5 km – Turn left at the fork Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail, Voyageur Hiking & Cross-Country Ski Trails. Directions to the Ishpatina Ridge via the overland route is as follows: From the Sudbury area, make your way to Garson either via the Falconbridge Highway (RR-86) or the Garson/Coniston Road (RR-90). The name “Tower Mountain” is relatively new. You can change the itinerary by dragging the route drawn on the map; You can change settings such as transport, units, tolls and highways. Lat/Lon: N47 19.002, W80 44.930 We headed into camp a short time later. The road forks at the Wahnapitae First Nation Reserve sign. After a small mix up we found our bikes just off the bush road in the woods and started biking back. Happy hiking! If you like bushwhacking for 4 hours. Rank: 3 Follow the bush path north for about 290 meters and turn east on another bush path which branches to the right. Someone had placed logs and boards in key places so we were able to get across without getting wet or muddy. The river crossing was a non-issue. I'll take another whack at it another time. I wish this write up had been available when I did my trip in 2010. Encountering the first lake along the Ishpatina trail. The Ishpatina Ridge traverses several rounded bumps and under the Ontario 2100 Footer criteria, 3 of these qualify as being distinct 2100+ foot peaks. Below is shown the road route step by step from Ishpatina Ridge , Ontario to Sellwood , Ontario accompanied by road signs. As we suspected, water levels were way down. GPS recorded height: 2298 feet / 700 m 42.7 km – Apex Lake and start of bushwhack to Ishpatina Ridge – North Peak Did it over 2 nights and 3 days. Height: 1601 feet / 488 meters The trail then descends slightly to Dick Lake, the third and final lake on the route to the summit. The road was still in good condition, however at a couple sections, the gravel was piled up so high between the 2 tire ruts that my car’s undercarriage would plow into it, giving me a bit of a startle. The weather reports forecasted for some rain, but as luck would have it, it would never come. Follow the bush path north for about 290 meters and turn east on another bush path which branches to the right. Date Summited: July 13, 2009. We arrived back at Dick Lake at 2:10 PM after bushwhacking to the 2 potential high points on the South Peak. 40.3 km – Turn left onto Gervais Road I was pretty sure we had to take the left fork, but just in case I hiked a bit along the right fork, which headed south — the wrong direction, into a marsh. Had mechanical trouble with the bike early in the trip so ended up walking more than planned. Main Page. With no bugs to bother us, we enjoyed our suppers around a blazing fire and went to bed just as dusk was upon us. Ishpatina Ridge North Peak on Peakbagger.com, Discovering Ontario's backcountry high peaks, © 2020 ontariohighpoints.com All Rights Reserved Take the left fork and proceed along the road which runs in a north-northeast direction for 15.5 km until meeting up with the Wanapitei River. If camping within 120 meters of the Sturgeon River, a back country pass will be required. We had to bushwhack the remaining 2.5 km to the Ishpatina trailhead on the north shore of Scarecrow Lake. DIY Cheap Exercise Ball Pizza Oven - Duration: 10:17. The views from the base of the fire tower were impressive. However, there is a small makeshift log bridge just east of the road, which crosses the stream. Jack Bennett (author of Not Won In A Day) who climbed the North Peak from the unnamed lake describes the creek as “canoe frogging” at its maximum. 07.0 km – Turn right onto bush road #2 34.6 km – Turn right onto Stobie Road But requires having the right gear and preparing yourself for the steep incline near the summit. Make a left on this rough gravel road and follow for 12.5 km until a fork. There are no views at the summit, but if you make your way west for 150 meters you will come to the top of the cliffs where you’ll be able to get a nice vista of the surrounding area. The trail skirts a small lake and begins a moderate ascent northwards. I had initially outlined a route which starts from the shore of an unnamed lake west of the north peak. After enjoying the views, we turned around and started our trip back to our campsite on Smoothwater Lake. The Ellis Fire Tower, a lonely sentry and reminder of days of old, sits on the tallest of the bumps and looks out across the vast expanse of Canadian Shield wilderness. The familiar Fire Tower summit of the Ishpatina Ridge is the highest point in Ontario and a popular destination. 06.7 km – Turn onto overgrown bush road   |, standard approach from the Montreal River Access Point to Smoothwater Lake, Ishpatina Ridge North Peak on Peakbagger.com, Ishpatina Ridge (Tower Summit) – Overland, Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park High Point, List of Ontario County High Points (Peakbagger), List of Ontario’s Highest Elevations (Ottertooth), List of Ontario’s Highest Elevations (Peakbagger). Hotel: In the route information you will find a link to select the hotels for Ishpatina Ridge , Ontario and Sellwood , Ontario. The 3.7 km trail to the Ishpatina Ridge – Tower Peak begins at the canoe launch on Scarecrow Lake and ascends through an area regenerating from a recent bush fire — wild raspberries and blueberries are abundant here. The trail past the fork, although marked with flagging tape and blazes, quickly becomes overgrown and passes through some marshy areas. 26 of us met at the fire tower for a geocaching event. – The bridge crossing at little scarecrow is no longer there so expect to get wet again (knee deep). Directions: Road continues along east shoreline There are a few campsites along the way. We quickly found this out and managed to turn around and back up and continued on our way. Although it’s shorter to bushwhack directly to the primary candidate high point from the height of land just south of Dick Lake, the route is made difficult by the extremely thick underbrush which dominates the south slopes of the peak. Ishpatina Ridge Hike. Overview: We took our summit photos, I waypointed the summit and afterward we made our way south along partial clearings that showed off good views of the area. The highest point, the familiar Tower summit of the Ishpatina Ridge is the highest point in Ontario and a popular hiking and canoeing destination. Passing through the small town of Capreol, continue along the road for another 8.0 km and then turn right onto Portelance Road. It is also possible, thanks to google maps, to memorize the position of numerous activities such as: attractions, museums, restaurants, supermarkets, post offices, banks, ATMs, railway stations, airports, service stations (gas stations), auto and car mechanics, renting cars, hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, schools, bookshops, churches, cemeteries. As I was enjoying the filtered lake water, I was rejoined by Darcy. That’s why I was surprised to see some of the obstacles that were to be faced using such a vehicle. It’s a full day of biking/hiking just from Sturgeon River, so I would not advise adding additional km’s to the hike, especially in October now that daylight hours are getting shorter. The actual summit was difficult to pinpoint, and after completing several rounds of the area, I decided that a small grouping of trees looked to be the highest point, at N47 19.977 W80 44.014. The plan was to drive up Highway 11 to New Liskeard, and then take Highway 65 to Elk Lake and beyond Elk Lake take Highway 560 to the eventual turnoff to Beauty Lake Road.