We want to hear from you. The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (may she rest in peace) has sent shockwaves not just through Washington, but across the country since late Friday. Got a confidential news tip? Italy imposes harshest coronavirus restrictions since spring. His sources of disorder include not just the de-globalization mentioned above, but also inequality, climate angst, the priorities of younger policy makers, and the tech revolution ("Big cities were huge winners in the previous era, and this could now reverse" if work-from-home stays permanent, he notes). The same theme as last week--the Nasdaq leading a sharp move lower--is back this week, but with a twist. Little wonder that "deteriorating U.S./China relations and the reversal of unfettered globalization" is the first of eight themes Deutsche Bank lists today in its piece explaining that the "Age of Disorder" is coming. It's "a contender for the most impactful political event of the first half of the 21st century, based on what it's likely to do to the future of the American political system," said FiscalNote's Stefanie Miller, who was on our show yesterday. 9. Kelly Evans – $2.5 million. Instead, we face potentially cataclysmic changes to our political system, sinister warnings about election-outcome riots and five million new gun-owning Americans this year braced for whatever, exactly, is coming. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Passionate about work: Kelly Evans speaks with iconic investor Stanley Druckenmiller on the stock market, tax reform and his stock picks. It's also worth noting that Republicans kept control of the Senate after supporting Brett Kavanaugh throughout his difficult nomination process in 2018, and even credited the "Kavanaugh Effect" as a reason for their win in especially tough states. Just look at what people on both sides are already saying about the upcoming U.S. election. Even the markets appeared unnerved yesterday, with the Dow off nearly 1,000 points at the lows. To be sure, the "stay-at-home" plays like Zoom and DocuSign are down again today, but not by as much as we've seen; around 3.5% at last check. A Division of NBCUniversal. So what gives? Welcome to the official Facebook page for CNBC Anchor Kelly Evans. How impactful? In retaliation for us cracking down on their reporters earlier this year, apparently. We want to hear from you. If the shutdowns return, however, all bets are off. P.S. Energy is getting crushed; oil, which quietly dipped back below $40 a barrel last week, is down another 8% today to under $37. All Rights Reserved. He earned his wealth through his business and reporting expertise to various news outlets. © 2020 CNBC LLC. Click here to listen to The Exchange as a podcast. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where the SCOTUS replacement is relatively uneventful; Congress compromises to pass a Covid relief bill before the election; and we actually know the election results the night of November 3rd. He earned between 620k to 684k per annum. Look at the unrest already unfolding across the country. This is not a rare occurrence; it's happened 19 times before, according to Dan McLaughlin, including when John Adams appointed Chief Justice John Marshall even after he had lost his reelection bid to Jefferson. If the Democrats win the White House and Senate, owing in part to GOP efforts to fill Ginsburg's seat, their changes to the political system could include abolishing the filibuster; meaning just 51 votes needed in the Senate to pass any major legislation, "a pathway for massive, material policy swings as frequently as every 2-4 years," as Miller notes. Pretty sure the age of disorder has already dawned. The NBA has already showed how difficult a position that is. Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. Chemi has a whopping net worth $3 million. They got married in 2018 and are parents of two sons. Add it all up and the U.S. may be more dependent upon itself in the decade to come than it has been for years--if we don't tear ourselves apart first. The death count, at least for now, remains at 40% of what we saw in the spring (chart). CNBC. Got a confidential news tip? The U.S. may be entering "our most dangerous time," former health official Andy Slavitt said today, in part because front-line healthcare workers are already exhausted from fighting Covid, he said. © 2020 CNBC LLC. If spending by those younger Americans stops again, watch out. Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. But the market is still up nearly 6% over the past month and trading just about 5% below its February all-time highs. One economist I know is warning people there's a 75% chance of a litigated election that could be drawn out for weeks. Got a confidential news tip? It's not just that the 7-day average in cases is already at a fresh high of nearly 69,000. Second, Covid treatments have improved dramatically since March and a proven vaccine could be just weeks away. Delta and Alaska Airlines are among the best names in the S&P 500. (Published: 13 Dec 2017) Prior to joining CNBC, she was an economics reporter at the Wall Street, a journal where she wrote The Ahead Of The Tapes column. That's a pretty big shock absorber. Relations, he says, "are likely to deteriorate into a bipolar standoff as both the U.S. and China seek to prevent encirclement by the other," no matter who is president. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. We'll be hearing a lot from Fed Chair Jay Powell this week with no less than three appearances on Capitol Hill; today he and the Treasury Secretary are testifying about precisely this issue, their Covid response efforts. "Companies that have embraced globalization will be stuck in the middle if relations sour as we fear," Reid writes. The market jitters you could largely chalk up to Covid; most D.C. types are saying you can throw the chances for the political compromise needed to pass the next relief bill out the window now that the parties will be at each others' throats over filling Ginsburg's seat. On the one hand, we're worried their demand is weakening. All Rights Reserved. © 2020 CNBC LLC. American Airlines, Starbucks, and Fox are leading the Nasdaq, as I write this. superbhub.com/entertainment/eric-chemi-kelly-evans-husband-father-baby-boy Put differently, it means 'markets want broad consensus.'). A Division of NBCUniversal. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Published Tue, Sep 8 2020 12:42 PM EDT. Republicans are gambling that voters don't want this and would prefer Ginsburg's seat to be filled, as is the tradition when the Senate is of the same party as the president in an election year vacancy. So, watch the states--and the NFL. As President Trump said yesterday when asked about the subject, "It's called decoupling, so you'll start thinking about it...we will end our reliance on China.". There's a reason the filibuster exists; as Sen. Cruz has observed, "gridlock in Washington is a feature of our political system, not a flaw." It's ugly out there in tech again today. Back in March, when Covid was first ascendant, we were often plunging one or two thousand points a day as the market ultimately tumbled 40%. (It's why the old saying on Wall Street also goes that 'markets love gridlock.'