Kip notices that Ironfist is being held captive by the enemy and rushes to rescue him. He served as " the Red " and had lived as a red wight for an unknown amount of time before stabbed by the Blinding Knife at the end of in the second book of the series. Kip, instructed by the Prism, returns to the Chromeria to become a Blackguard. Kip still manages to make it into the top 14 blackguards of his class, despite Andross Guile's attempts to keep him out. Once Gavin returns to the Chromeria, he can no longer draft blue or green. Teia stays behind, but Kip and the rest of the squad leave to hunt down the Color Prince. When Kip next goes to find Janus Borig, he walks into an assassination attempt on her. He kills the King before Corvan and Gavin have the chance to stop him. Now rejuvenated, he controlled the Prism Elect, Zymun, a headache to the White and in league with his servant Grinwoody (secretly the Old Man Of The Desert, the head of the Order Of The Broken Eye,) for nefarious purposes. Killing multiple soldiers,  and fighting his way to King Gardul himself. But is now completely color-blind, and without the ability to draft. Shortly after they reach the Chromeria, Kip, the Prism (Gavin), Commander Ironfist, and Liv all leave to go back to Tyrea to defend the city of Garriston from King Garadul, sinking pirates along the way. My has to die is Grinwoody, he has screwed with too many powerful people, and the Order will have a new leader. He almost succeeds, as Gavin, Kip, and the Blackguards arrive to late to stop the green God from being born. Thanks to his top classmate, Cruxer who wounds #14 so Kip could get in, even when he was ranked 15. Kip may die again, but come back to life (2nd death). The illegitimate Tyrean son of Gavin Guile and Katalina Delauria. Kip is told of a woman named Janus Borig, a Mirror, and creator of original Nine King's Cards. He is a full spectrum polychrome, able to draft all seven of the Chromeria's official colours, Including paryl and Chi, and is a superchromat.[1]. Forcing Kip to gamble his friends lives and personal possesions on a card game called Nine Kings. Kip discovers that his village of Rekton was going to be destroyed by King Garadul's army, from a green wight named Gaspar Elos, while he was scavenging outside his town for scrap luxin to sell. He served as "the Red" and had lived as a red wight for an unknown amount of time before stabbed by the Blinding Knife at the end of in the second book of the series. He is described as tall but chubby, with blue eyes medium-toned skin that is lighter than his mother's mahogany-coloured skin, with kinky hair. Kip had never played before, and loses his ability to train his drafting skills at the Practicum. Guile, Dazen: Younger brother of Gavin. In the beginning of the series kip is rather weak,slow and gets tired easily but by Blood Mirror Kip is able to keep up with The Mighty when running into battle and has been seen acomplishing incredible feets of strength. He fell in love with Karris White Oak and triggered the False Prism's War when "he" burned down her family compound, killing everyone within. Andross and Felia spent much of their time and resources gathering information about the Lightbringer, the Immortals, and many other topics censored by the Chromeria. Andross kicks Kip off of the island in front of the Spectrum so he has a pretext to leave. He goes "green golem" and loses himself to the wild nature of green luxin. She shows Kip the outlawed cards, known as the Black Cards. Kip finalizes his marriage to Tisis, as his half-brother Zymun is made Prism Elect. Tisis Guile (nee Malargos) is Kip's wife, originally wedded. Due to his visions he'd been having and the Black cards, Kip determines that Andross is a Red Wight. After entering the library in The Broken Eye Kip absorbs all the Black Cards Kip is then given the ability to see events that have come to be or are currently happening through the eyes of the person in the card which not only gives him knowledge of things happening it also lets him learn the ability of the person in the card for example war strategies. While he is attempting to slip away, Liv finds him and decides to go with him. Upon his return to the Chromeria he announces to the Spectrum that Gavin is alive, and has been captured by the pirate Gunner. Kip, Corvan, and Karris then retreat to the docks where Gavin and the rest of the town are loading ships to escape the lost city.