This is one of the easiest bags to ID in my opinion, Eraser has a the small round flat stud, the cylinder head piece and the large flat square piece of paper. Cyborg is almost as bad as his cybernetic hair is just not that distinctive (hey, at least it’s not a fifth below-the-shoulder hair! The single square flat stud for the chest piece, the bulky chest piece, the half round visor… Plenty of pieces to spot! So pleased that @lego has, Baby Yoda crew now ready for The Mandalorian Seaso, Ernie looks a little different after emerging from, Come to the dark side, we have cookies @David: LEGO Promo Codes 2020. 4 comments on “ LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71026 DC Super Heroes Feel Guide [Review] ” David January 2, 2020 at 7:11 am. The Brothers Brick relies on a variety of online advertising partners and technology platforms to fund operation of the world's most popular LEGO hobbyist website. Make sure you follow, like and subscribe across all our social media pages! These can all be ignored when feeling the packs, since they are the same across all characters. Harley’s big black and red pigtail hairpiece is a dead giveaway when you grab this bag, plus the large flat “paper” piece! The Brothers Brick is funded by our readers and the community. LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Bag Codes. 71026: LEGO Minifigures - DC Super Heroes - Sealed Box. Each series usually contain 16 different minifigures, however some series contain as few as 9 minifigures, while others contain up to 22. I’ve identified Batman by the cowl, the batarang, and the climbing rope. The Republic Gunship wins the Star Wars UCS fan vote! If you’re a fish lover, Zodiac is for you! Log in Here', LEGO has just announced the new #LEGO @sesamestree, Exciting news for @adidas and @LEGO fans! Distinguishing him from Sinestro is probably the most difficult challenge. Read the full review here. A very simple build with few pieces, keep an eye out for the rough and pointy hair piece which should make finding the Joker pretty easy. There are other packs with guns but this piece has the rounded end so it easily stands out when feeling around for the smaller pieces. The two sea life pieces are unique to this bag in the series, either the thick fish like club or the star shaped crab, this minifigure stands out pretty fast. The only time I ever found Flash’ helmet was when I was helping out a couple who had already found the other 15 minifigs. Minifigures is a 2010 Lego theme based on a set of collectible Lego minifigures.Each figure is an original character with new clothing and facial designs, and most contain previously unseen accessories. With the movie releasing this weekend we’re sure you’re going to have one or two of these hilarious characters you’re going to want to add to your LEGO lineup. Totally portable and ready for play and display. And for Bat-mite, I don’t think I had any luck with the tile (really odd, given how big it is compared to the completed minifig). That in-depth review will give you insight into which minifigures you want to pick up, especially given this series represents the new high-water mark in pricing for individual CMF packs, ringing in at US $4.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.49. I never once found the tile. As always, each of the characters includes a standard black minifigure stand, so just like the torsos, heads, and legs they can be ignored since they are identical across all figures. Starting at the front, the first 10 figures are: After that, the figures tend to be in an A-B-A-B pattern, but aren’t the same across rows and we can’t confirm that all cases are packed the same. You can download a PDF of this cheat sheet to use on your phone, or print out before you hit the stores if you prefer a more old-school approach. As always, we source our reviews from a full case which we sort by feel before opening any packs. The rather smooth and rounded hair piece for Gordon combined with the walkie talkie one piece brick with the long antenna topped with a ball gives anyone searching for this pack two very easy to ID pieces. Also, because of the many capes in this series, many minifigure parts are inside a second bag within the blind bag (you know what I mean, this is not the first time it’s happening). This new batch was not easy, especially because of … This awesome minifigure has the longest, thickest piece in the entire series with the one piece head, fin & tail. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this series for review. Is it for sure the capes that the inner bags are for? It’s a terrible way to try to find him, but if you randomly chance upon it there’s no need to chase down the fish. The Mime has a rubbery mohawk hair piece which typically settles to the corner of the bag and can be an instant piece to spot. This bag is full of unique pieces that can easily be felt in the bag. Sinestro is tough enough since you still have to find the hair to prove it’s him, but it’s so much easier to find an element than to find not-an-element.