After all, my father called me a "walking encyclopedia" when it came to football, because all I did was study my Street & Smith's annuals, my Pro Football Weekly and the cheaply printed tip sheets he bought at dear price because they "guaranteed" winners. They argued, and Charlie would win. In the moments that followed, as Rogers watched the time on his watch, the crowd settled from nervous laughter into a hush, and then, for many, into being moved to tears. I put it this way because that's how it was put to me. They called all week long, and on Saturdays and Sundays they called all day long, proffering exotic parlays and teasers. Rogers became a vegetarian in the 1970s, even taking a co-ownership in and appearing on the cover of the Vegetarian Times. In real life, the Junods adopted a daughter after the profile was published and Janet never met Fred Rogers. Having sex with Zsa Zsa Gabor wasn't a carnal act as much as it was a mythical one. With her pinkie and forefinger extended, she'd put the horns on placekickers especially, and when they missed, she'd cackle in triumph: "See? She didn't tell me anything I didn't know until she broke the news with those exact words: "And of course everybody knows he had Zsa Zsa Gabor. For another, it lacked the splendor that transformed most stories about him into myths. We saw many games now considered historic and witnessed the transformation of Super Bowl Sunday into a national civic holiday. I was afraid of him until football. as she was, as ludicrous, and, ultimately, as forgivable. He gambled because he liked, as he always told me, "a little action, a little interest," and because life lacked savor without "a little larceny." Photos by TriStar Pictures and Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SCAD. He was betting $1,000 a week and asking me to beat a point spread whose shifts mocked my certainties and careful preparations. Illustration by Max-o-matic. To this day, I know nothing more about her than I knew then, which was that she was blonde, that she was Hungarian, that she said "Dahlink," that her sister starred in, , and that, among many others, she'd been married to George Sanders, who wrote the following on his suicide note: "I'm so bored." But his gambling was the one secret in which we could all participate. That is, he had sex with her. Two years after my wedding, my parents sold their house on Long Island and moved down to Florida. My father had to pay him no matter what -- no matter what -- a requirement made clear when he visited my father's office and my brother asked: "What happens if someone doesn't pay?" We went out for dinner, and she began telling me stories about the old man. She wasn't my sex symbol, or my generation's, and I had no idea, growing up, that she was my father's; unlike Raquel Welch and Jayne Mansfield, he posted no pictures of her on the wall of his bar or inside the door of his closet. The movie adheres more strictly to Junod’s fashion: “He was dressed as I used to dress back in the late ’90s, in a black mock turtleneck and an Armani blazer,” Junod writes. In the movie, Joanne reveals to Vogel that her husband begins every morning by swimming and praying for people by name, and at one point, Rogers discloses that he’s a vegetarian. He had an underworld glamour, even to his own children, and a reputation. It wasn't simply that they both loved it and went to the track and later to Atlantic City as often as they could.