USCG has a site that charges $26.00 for vessel documentation renewal. You shouldn’t have to deal with sites that say they’ll make it easy to fill out your vessel documentation, only. Fax: 1-800-535-8570, Phone Hours: M-F Buddy checks! Your yearly certificate will … We make sure our fellow shipmates stay safe during drills and actu... #OTD 1994: The Coast Guard icebreaker Polar Sea and the Canadian Coast Guard Shi... Head to Coast Guard Alaska to follow along with Buoy Tender Roundup this week! Users entering will be redirected to the new NVDC Homepage which is being hosted on the Department of Defense American Forces Public Information Management System (AFPIMS). Called credit card company and read them some of these reviews. However, to do that, you have to know your vessel documentation status. Happy #NationalAviationDay! Your documents will be processed and screened for any omissions or errors by our private company's documentation processors. The Maritime Documentation Center agent said that the issue had been cleared up, and that I could go ahead now and renew my documentation for three years. A new scam is targeting boat owners looking to save a little time online, but it’s costing them hundreds of dollars: Websites offering documentation renewal services for a fee. I called the number on the mailing to try and straighten out some documentation questions I had for 2017. “These companies are not issuing the certificate, but rather, they are the middleman who charges a fee for processing the paperwork on your behalf.” “I said: No. US Vessel Documentation is the World's largest US Coast Guard Documentation Processing company, and the first to offer an application process that's 100% I received a letter from them about renewing my documentation prior to receiving the official USCG letter, read it too quickly and went to their website to renew. Use ScamPulse to. For more information on Certificates of Documentation call the Coast Guard’s NVDC at 800-799-8362 or visit U.S. Coast Guard sent this bulletin at 07/05/2017 01:30 PM EDT. 8:00am - 4:30pm, OUR NEWER TECHNOLOGY & ADVANCED SSL ENCRYPTION, Maritime Documentation Center is a private firm and not affiliated with. 960 likes. They even went to the trouble of hiring an lawyer to send me a letter when I disputed their charge via my credit card company. Phones are not manned on Thursdays Show us yo... #OTD in 2005: #HurricaneKatrina made landfall-- one of the largest Coast Guard r... U.S. Coast Guard Hawaii Pacific is live now! Recieved an official looking form in the mail advising that boat documentation is going to expire and directing me to a web site. This business poses as representatives of the US Coast Guard. Do not use this company ! Petty Officer 1st Class Christopher Wallin examines fishing vessel documents during a fishing vessel inspection in Cordova, Alaska. I filded with Chase Visa, they will not cancel the charge, so they too are in effect participating it the fraud. In compliance with U.S. Coast Guard directives, the NVDC’s website will be transitioning to a new platform on June, 29, 2017. I logged into their website and found an official looking webpage with a prominant picture of a USCG cutter at the top. I called back about an hour later and he said he did listen to the call and that the attendent did say he would cancel the transaction, but then he told me that he could not help me and my card was charged anyways. Main: (304) 271-2400 The letter even listed the boat’s hull number and looked every bit like an official Coast Guard document. They often realize too late they are not dealing directly with the Coast Guard. Upload your ship documentation to your USCG Documentation application processing. They said my doccumentation had not expored and they had not sent the notice. To help get started we have compiled our most used applications. IF YOUR USCG (CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION) IS PAST 30 DAYS BEYOND ITS EXPIRATION, IF, AND ONLY IF, YOUR USCG (CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION) HAS PASSED 30 DAYS OF EXPIRATION, YOU MUST REINSTATE YOUR DOCUMENTATION. fee for an expired diccumentation. This is a scam. Chase Visa does NOT PROTECT IT's CUSTOMERS FROM FRAUD! I realized shortly after I called to renew my vessel documentation thet it was not even supposed to expire for another 2 months. They offer to help for a fee. This company has designed there website, communication and overall web presense to appear as though they are an official government agency. Type of a scam Online Purchase At one point or another, many vessel owners feel that same way. - we bring changes together. Steps to Apply for a Raise of Grade MMC.Steps to Apply for a Modification MMC. How to Apply for a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC).Steps to Apply for an Original MMC. !,,What a SCAM!! The very helpful banker at Well Fargo put in a fraud claim and is sending us new cards. Petty Officer 1st Class Christopher Wallin examines fishing vessel documents during a fishing vessel inspection in Cordova, Alaska, Sept. 18, 2015. Instead he told me that everything was fine, and that I should just tear up the renewal notice from the government. Totally misleading scammers they make it look like they are the official U.S. Coast guard Documentation renewal Center, you call them its a recording, you email them they don't reply! Phone Hours: M, T, W, TH, F This month (March 2019) I received my US Coast Guard renewal notice that showed my documentation would expire in April, and that I had not paid for any further renewal. “I have warned them: When you go to renew your documentation, just be aware there is another company that provides that service.” They fool customers into thinking they are re-registering their boat documentation with the USCG. Having problems with Maritime Documentation Center? They obviously use Government resources to find and communicate with Vessal owners that have exitered federal boat registartion and they convince them to register there boat through this company at a 600 -1000% markup. Maritime Documentation Center or phone (800) 535-8570 Misleading boat registration or documentation renewal service that gouges for a service charge. Safety Alerts Marine Casualty Reports Merchant Vessels of the United States Capt Michael Healy, USRCS, 1896. USCGC JOSHUA APPLEBY is taking over our Instagram this week! They charge more than twice what the legitimate USCG site charges to register boat. So, I thought it was the coast Guard. This company presents itself as the USCG and it is NOT. "Maritime Documentation Center", is a private company that provides a web portal for renewing US Coast Guard documentation. They have nothing to do with the Coast Guard or and government agency. Does it seem confusing as to whether or not you would want to document your boat? I received a letter from them about renewing my documentation prior to receiving the official USCG letter, read it … International Maritime Organization Inspections & Compliance (CG-5PC) National Vessel Documentation Center Marine Safety Laboratories International & Domestic Port Assessment. Maritime Documentation represents themselves as the actual Coastguard website for Boat Documentation renewal. Deputy for Operations Policy and Capabilities (DCO-D), Director of International Affairs and Foreign Policy (CG-DCO-I), Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy (CG-5P), Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise, Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise - Home, Commercial Regulations & standards (CG-5PS), Lifesaving and Fire Safety Standards Division (ENG-4), Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee, Packaged Hazardous Materials & Bulk Solid Materials, Office of Operating and Environmental Standards, Office of Standards Evaluation and Development, U.S. Coast Guard Regulatory Development Program (RDP), Office of Investigations & Casualty Analysis, Marine Casualty and Pollution Data for Researchers, Assistant Commandant for Response Policy (CG-5R), Office of Incident Management & Preparedness (CG-5RI), US Coast Guard Office of Search and Rescue (CG-SAR), Assistant Commandant for Capability (CG-7), Office of Specialized Capabilities (CG-721), Office of C4 & Sensors Capabilities (CG-761), Office of Requirements & Analysis (CG-771), National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC), Marine Safety Information Bulletins (MSIB). Note Coast Guard websites URLs end in .mil, while Maritime Doc ends in .us . I ended up paying about $150 when it only really costs $26. The wife of a fisherman in Whittier, Alaska, paid twice the standard fee of $26 after her husband received an email that stated his permit could be renewed with a fee. Maritime Documentation Center. No charge by the Federal Government Billings Montana Boat Consignor fraud scam: Maritime Documentation Center Do you know what an enlisted ancient albatross is? They will tell you your "Documentation is ecipred" and there is a $450.00 fee to reinstate.