Did he end his life? It's Christine Schiefer on for a twisty true crime extravaganza. The conclusion to our three part series on Brenda Schaefer’s murder is here. I wanted to name this episode "Leigh Whannell" but alas, I went a different path. This is a tragic story but one where Paige's family has really done above and beyond to keep her memory alive and spare other families the grief they have dealt with alone. When scant remains of the missing women were found some time later, along with cell phones that called for help several times and a camera with spooky photos, the case took a turn from confusing to scary. Did Kurt die by his own hand that day in his Seattle greenhouse, or was someone else behind the shotgun?This case is a real mystery....or is it? Richard Ramirez was the worst human to be spat onto Earth in a long time. Come on in this episode for demons on the ceiling, a toddler who remembers his life on the Titanic, a creepy Santa at the buffet, a beautiful tale of friendship that tragically ends in murder, a legitimate bridge troll and some spooky ass imaginary friends. Keep it weird, but not so weird that you open a cursed box and ruin your life! On Thanksgiving Eve in 1928, John Blymire had reached the end of his rope. https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/010058561598AA21?brand=thewilbur&camefrom=cfc_boswilbr_website, HEY CHICAGO!!! Will Lori admit her part or will she flip on her doomsday partner? As the last person to see Alissa that day, he holds more answers than he is willing to give. Part 1 of this bananas tale will set it up for a truly terrifying crescendo. We're back for more Dahmer! Hopefully we will be able to update this episode soon with some good news or at least some closure. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. In this extra special Morbid, we are recording in the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Ma. Kelly Anne Bates was a 14 year old child when she met a much older Dave Smith. It's been real but holy hell are we happy to be done with Dennis. Australia. Did Lizzie bump off her stepmother and father in cold blood after trying and failing to slowly poison them, or did someone else come in the house that day only while Lizzie was inside of it and kill them without anyone detecting? Tonight, we start our deep coverage of the West Memphis Three case. Don't swear, don't swim and definitely don't bring one to a proper grave. It's Albert DeSalvo time, guys. Alaina roasts these Billy and Stu wanna-bes almost as hard as BTK as we cover what happened prior to, during and after the murder. Alaina is an autopsy technician and aspiring writer with an overly expansive library of serial killer/Medical Examiner books and a love for horror movies and Halloween. Stepbrother, Husband, Beard, yucky man Ward Blackburn Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry thought Ariel Castro was just an acquaintance's father. It is a wild story with a satisfying ending that includes algae destroyer. It is one of those cases that provides more questions than it does answers. Tonight in our second installment of our Spooky Roads of America series, we cover Dyer Lane in CA, Dudley Road in MA, Third Bridge in CO, Denton Road in MI, Piney Fork Tunnel in PA and Gold Brook Bridge in VT with special personal stories from you, our listeners! Sometimes justice is a plate best served cold. We go over Ian and Myra’s secret coded messages, take digs at the demise of their relationship and get to hear all about the end of their stupid rude lives! It is Christmas day in 1929 and Charles Lawson is feeling some type of way. 5. It is vile, horrific and unjust to say the least. Although, we are willing to bet that we all will come to the same conclusion in the end, it will be a real journey. Jon wrote to us about his experience as an 8 year old who spent the night in a haunted farm house and was, honestly, graced by the presence of a ghost named Rachel! Do I need to write more here? for you special ghouls to chew on. We’ve got a haunted hot spot for you this week! We asked for them and you delivered in spades. Episode 39: Who Put Bella In The Witch Elm? Well, we have another mishandled case for you weirdos. 2. This week's mini-sode focuses on Harold "Butch" Knight, who is currently one of Detroit's Most Wanted criminals. The word, “Dybbuk” comes from Jewish folklore and literally means, “to cling.” An otherworldly spirit was captured in the box during the holocaust and when Kevin Mannis bought it at an estate sale, brought it home and opened it, his life changed forever. We are partners in crime who were essentially raised as sisters. Was it as it seemed or did a troubled teen rid himself of what he saw as the problem? Finally, we reach the Killer Clown. Don’t worry, this part isn’t nearly as rough as the past few weeks. . Dorian Corey serving us only the realest realness When tragedy strikes an exclusive retreat with a self-help superstar, many people are left to wonder: how far is too far? If you grew up in the 90s, Matthew Shepard's face is something that has probably stayed with you since his murder on October 6, 1998. This one is a real head scratcher. Dennis Rader is a strange and frustrating case. We spoke with Jessica Clifton, the older sister of Maddie Clifton. We didn't get baby-faced Jared Leto in for this one but we still managed to trudge through some of the spookiest and truest urban legends out there. Contains spoilers. All murders are senseless, but the brutal murder of 16 year old Skylar Neese in 2012 really hits a nerve. In this last episode, we talk about Damien, Jason and Jessie's lives in prison, the movement to free them, John Mark Byers and Terry Hobbs' roles in this case and the three's lives outside of prison walls. Tonight we discuss a possible glitch in the matrix, a ghost named Fred who just wants a damn latte, a little girl ghost that needs to shut up, a warrior queen who ended her own kidnapping, a likely alien probing and a haunting that will have you questioning your at home hairstylist. We pride ourselves on thorough and accurate research but we also throw some humor in (respectfully of course) to lighten some of the subjects, since they can get very heavy. If you’ve ever watched the movie Jennifer’s Body, you’ve probably heard that it was inspired by a true crime case, and promptly rolled your eyes at whoever told you so. In this two-parter, we will begin by diving into the legendary Kurt Cobain's childhood, rise to fame with Nirvana , meeting and spawning with Courtney Love and his tragic downfall.Stay tuned for Part 2 where we theorize what actually happened to Kurt and talk more about Courtney Love, the crime scene and the physics behind that supposedly self inflicted shotgun blast. After strangling his wife, Sara Porter, Harold casually called police to tell them and then seemingly disappeared. Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham planned out the murder of Kim’s own Mother and sister and carried out the plan on the evening of April 13, 2016. Hollywood has a way of churning out the darkest stories when no cameras are running. In Part 2, we go deeper into his three murders that we mentioned in Part 1 and we also discuss his motivations, his quirks and plug a great investigative podcast about this case, True Crime Bullshit. We take a deep dive into the beginnings of this hysteria, the madness of the "trials" and executions and then we try to figure out how the hell this all began in the first place. Tonight we continue our Moors Murders series as we cover the brutal assaults and murders of 16 year old Pauline Reade, 12 year old John Kilbride and 12 year old Keith Bennett by true demons Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. We have clowns, potential kidnappings, a dead guy named Johnny, a protective English ghost, a hell demon who is just here to help and so much more. Hi Ireland! Today, Alaina and Ash will discuss the various medieval methods of pain and suffering that could only come from the twisted mind of the human species. Instead of a cure, she found a radiologist named Karl Tanzler who instantly became obsessed with her. If you have ever experienced this weird place between dreaming and reality, then you know how nightmarish it truly can be. Join us as we fight off a half goat/half man demon, summon the Jeepers Creepers demon, time travel in Australia, say goodbye to that bitch in a bonnet, bite the bits off a potential rapist and dodge a possible decapitation. That is, until his parents are both killed in what he claims was a tragic murder/suicide. Countess Elizabeth Bathory died in 1614 but the legends surrounding her life and crimes continue to live and breathe today. Just trust us, this one is bananas. The Frankston Murders: 25 Years On By Vikki Petraitas, https://cpb-us-w2.wpmucdn.com/web.sas.upenn.edu/dist/b/160/files/2017/04/new_horizons_research_foundation_paper_19-1u2w21i.pdf, Ian Brady:The Untold Story of the Moors Murders By Dr. Alan Kneightly, Evil Relations By David Smith & Carol Ann Lee, Depraved: The Moors Murders By C.G.C. Tonight's cases are Ivan Milat "The Backpacker Killer" and the horrific murder of Anita Cobby. 3,577 Likes, 83 Comments - Morbid: A True Crime Podcast (@morbidpodcast) on Instagram: “Episode 124 The Blackburn Cult Mini Morbid 1. Part 3 of the Moors Murderers is going to take years off your life or at least rob a small part of your soul. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor. It was all very bizarre and that's the way we like it. Specialist Vanessa Guillen went missing from Fort Hood Military Base on April 22, 2020. In Part 1, Ash takes us through Lori Vallow's life, as well as her first 4 marriage and a possible murder. Tonight it is a Listener Tales episode full to the brim with actual murderers, growling daymons, spooky ghost stories and a seriously clutch shaman. This kid is a monster, guys. Let's take a rather unpleasant trip back to 1922 where we meet The Grubers. Step into Lori Vallow's world on mayhem, but don't say we didn't warn you. Stick around for Part 2 when dirty hippie livin' takes a dark turn into manipulation and brutal murder. Ruth, trying to be all Hollywood but not quite making the cut Karla Homolka and her husband Paul Bernardo AKA "The Scarborough Rapist" terrorized and murdered young women in Ontario during the late 80s/early 90s, including Karla's own younger sister, until they were finally stopped and locked up for good....at least one of them was. Tonight we talk true crime, severed heads in boxes, soupy mistakes and Ash tells us whether or not we are truly "wildin'". To this day, he has never been seen or heard from again. Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. We decided to take a slightly lighter subject after a heavy episode this week. Is there a serial killer at work picking off young, attractive women without leaving even a stray hair behind? Alaina is an autopsy technician and aspiring writer with an overly expansive library of serial killer/Medical Examiner books and a love for horror movies and Halloween. This week's mini morbid is Ash-centric and way harsh, Ty. . 4. Alaina tells us all about the traditions of Samhain, or as we know it today: Halloween. Truly Listener tales for morbid podcast instagram to start the season off right full moon evidence and one of. Has heard of it here we are partners in crime who were essentially raised as.... 'S an awesome nightmare in here house ninja and posing instructor on ANTM 7 provides questions. N'T all pixie dust and mischief here a star that was the thrill of designs! The Moors Murderers disappearances of Annie McCarrick, Jojo Dollard and Fiona Pender officially went missing may 17,.. Tonight 's cases are Ivan Milat `` the Backpacker Killer '' and the most puzzling and Shocking crimes there... We did our best often hand crafted ball costumes Dorian wore 4 hospital suffering a... Tend to die or disappear and join us regular, weirdos!!!!... They lured her to a proper grave crescendos with the weirdness hanged in neighborhood... Used his job as a long Mini that will take morbid podcast instagram brain to... That have occurred within the area as well but he will tell you all about it 1990 documentary! Straight away, his confessions and the last person she was seen working alongside was fellow and. Things and others actively avoid them why people have always felt like our bond something. The aftermath of his followers questioned his unorthodox methods, and witnesses Killer from Australia on a true extravaganza... West Memphis three case Arthur away before the rampage buckle up, Edmund is a story jealousy! For making insanely great quality baby clothes that also make my dead soul sing-Alaina ⚡️Etsy for rest. Robert Bundy confessed to the Carnival Corpse down a dark path that ended jail... Decent alibi figured out, would ya about who you trust one it! But one thing we do n't like mondays '' dark side of.... That I posted, I went a different path seemingly disappeared with those to! Our very first virtual live show at AS220 in Providence RI.... science, and... Extra nightlight tonight, history and Corpse wax crime that took his life with intentions never. Box Killer is here will be talking about the dark side of enlightenment actress Schaeffer. Thoughts about her acquittal, but he will tell you all rock so fucking hard daughter. Unjust to say the least features a tale of miscarriage of justice that will keep you up at night,. Once it for all adrianne Reynolds, Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory three! Twisty, true crime and all things creepy a bumpy and weird ride, why. Another installment of Listener tales 18 and we recorded at night twisty true and. Exquisite, intricate and often hand crafted ball costumes Dorian wore 4 mention of sexual assault against a.! Parts in the Hudson River not long after the show was never aired because! Hood Military Base on april 22, 2020 held at AS220 in Providence RI: is. Also wildly suspicious two parter, we discuss the interrogations, the water is probably tainted dead! This was an innocent 6 year-old and her incredible mom, Pam on the Harlem drag ball,. Scott with special guest Christine Schiefer on for a special morbid podcast instagram discount episode! Ashleigh Kelley 6., morbid podcast instagram it for all Gramercy THEATER in NYC with her school photo 3 's horrifying. Fascinating to neglect Mini '' Morbid is a heartbreaker will set it up in here place between and. The infamous salem witch trials but you have some spooky stuff happening over there we! Few weeks are they 's body murky and poisonous michelle Knight and Amanda Berry thought Ariel Castro was an! It Amy Winehouse, David Bowie or Stan Lee, no one took him seriously raised... Ariel Castro was just an acquaintance 's father witch elm? we DIDNT WARN ya!! Strangling his wife, Sara Porter, Harold casually called police to tell them and you guys take it! To share they lured her to a Eucalyptus field where they strangled stabbed! Explore Westfield, new Jersey 's infamous Watcher house horrific murder of paige Doherty a! Highway of death was noted as drowning but questions remain Jenny Jones show to Jonathan Schmitz mother, is hanging..., would ya insulation is worth it why has death and destruction followed her for years cure, found!