Breeding age ewes wanted either silvernose, VBN or grey faced Dartmoor. Securing the future of our rare and native breeds of livestock, RBST is excited to announce that it has just welcomed the rare Albion cattle onto the Watchlist, as a recognised UK native rare breed, Rare Breeds Survival Trust is a company limited by guarantee registered in England under number 1204694 and registered as a Charity number 269442, Registered office Rare Breeds Survival Trust, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV82LG, Shetland Sheep Ram Lambs - Gloucestershire, Soay Ewe lambs and Soay & Boreray Wethers - Staffs Cheshire Border, Purebred Hebridean shearling ewes - North Yorkshire, Derbyshire Gritstone Shearlings - Lancashire, UK Working Class Horse Heroes Facing Extinction, Rare Albion cattle recognised on the RBST Watchlist. Also selling a castrated soay Ram. Soay yearling rams - North Wales. Not registered. Come to the bucket. Swiss valais blacknose sheep semen very rare genotype 1. Over the years Soays have been imported on to the mainland but remain rare. £380 Watch. Strong blood lines linked to Cumbrian sheep. Some buyers mistakenly believe that unregistered sheep can be registered at a later date. They have been running with the ram since Oct 10th. Lambs are small, born easily … Fully vaccinated hep and wormed to date and ecto. Situated nr launceston. Grazing available in Gower for tack sheep. Approx. Rams from the Battle Meadow flock are now active right across the UK from Caithness to Wales to Sussex. All three will come to the bucket. 2yr and 3yr olds left. ============================================================, ===================================================. Surplus ewe lambs, sheep. Bucket trained. Excellent selection of prize winning stock with good legs, teeth and true to herdwick type. From excellent blood lines, Signet Performance Recorded. The Soay ewe lacks prolificacy to be used as a purebred in a crossing system but when crossed with another breed and the resulting cross put to a terminal sire can contribute thriftiness and hardiness to the mix. Seller: Ewen Brown. must have CPH number. Also: SOAY lambs. Perfect for trimming sheep for shows etc. Water on site. Some individuals are scurred (small, misshapen horns). Excellent selection of prize winning stock with good legs, teeth and true to herdwick type. Grazing available in Gower for tack sheep. Conachair flock Boreray for sale now that April/May born lambs are ready to wean. Dam Stanton (S16011). £85 each. Possibly looking for a ram swap this season too. All lambs came from a texel ram Ideal starter flock. Contact for further details Visits are welcome. All have been wormed and crovected. Surplus ewe lambs, sheep. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN YOUR ANIMALS ARE SOLD SO THAT THEY CAN BE REMOVED FROM THIS PAGE. Friendly and Bucket trained. Two year old, three year old and aged ram available To advertise on the website please email your advertisement to Kerry Gibb – Northern Ireland groups Legacies Leave a gift in your will FAQs In memory donations Appeals Corporate support Why Corporate Support Our Corporate Supporters Admin Log in; Basket: (0 items) Marketplace Buy something Livestock Soay Ewe Lambs for sale - Warwicks. Grazing available in Gower for tack sheep. The Soay ram can be used on commercial type ewe lambs to ensure an easy first time lambing. 5 lovely Ram Lambs from a great Sire will be great to show, they can be registered as the Sire was registered 60.00 each or 220 for the lot. But now, less than 10,000 remain. Kilvaree Lewis     S19010  – UK 0545753/00016, Email:            Website:, Contact phone: 07858 817767   Location Argyll, Scotland Must have CPH number... 2 ewe lambs 2 wethers with gorgeous coloured fleece. Ten month old Hampshire Down ram lamb ready to work. Also texl rams and texel x Charolais rams available.  07713159584, Soay ewe lambs (4) for sale, born 2020. Both beautiful, proven, rare and special. Tup also available message me for more details. 11 available, male and female, will be registered at point of sale. Photos are welcomed on the understanding that the society may use them elsewhere on this site. 1 castrated ram lamb £40 6-8 January born Ewe lambs for sale. Find Sheep for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers in Northern Ireland at, the pet classifieds. Not registered. Poll Dorset and some South down x Poll Dorset x charollais Breeding Ewes, Grass mowers, friendly sheep. Two year old, three year old and aged ram available Wormed fluked and mvit drenched. We are selling our 2 x pure soay ewes with lambs (Wiltshire horn x soay) Lambs are 2 ewes and 1 castrated Ram. However, like all sheep breeds they like to wander as “the grass is always greener on the other side”, so there needs to be good fencing to keep them contained. Prices.........From £225 All have been wormed and health... 10 sheep from 4mths to 4yrs Hebridean cross, 10 ewes age range 4mths to 4yrs Gotland/ Ryeland/Bowmont/ Corriedale breeding. See here for the Combined Flock BookFor more information about the breed visit the Soay Sheep Society. each and growing. Grazing available in Gower for tack sheep. Bubble and Squeak, 2 lovely whethered Shetland Sheep. Please email for more info and photos. Devon Closewool two shear tup excellent for tasty grss fed lamb, We give a % of our income plus FREE advertising to our chosen charities. Two Badger Face ram lambs Heptavaced and wormed and... Surplus, been wormed, lambivac, blackleg. 6 months old and quiet to handle, designed to grow attractive soft wool for hand spinning. I have bred from all except the 2 youngest of these ewes, they are a friendly, easy to manage flock and I would like to sell them all together if possible... Cameroon sheep are a rare breed with thought to be only a thousand in the world, they are hair sheep so require no shearing. We have 12 ram lambs for sale born March / April / may prices start at £50 per life sold sold sold. Wethers/lambs for meat or conservation or other grazing. They have been running with the ram since Oct 10th. Depending on the location, lambing percentages range from 80-90% when left to their own devices but can reach 150% in the lowlands with good management. The Soay is generally slaughtered as hogget or mutton as the lambs lack size. Because of their primitive origins Soays can be very flighty and nervous. Wild End flock. Registered Yearling Ram  –  April 2019 – Good natured – Hep Vaccinated and wormed Breeding age ewes wanted either silvernose, VBN or grey faced Dartmoor. Wormed fluked and mvit drenched. Based near WOOTTON Bassett. MOSSOAY FLOCK, PERTHSHIRE, SCOTLAND are pleased to offer for sale:-, all lambs are eligible for RBST registration and will be RBST registered unless wethered, More information / contact details on our website: Fully vaccinated hep and wormed to date and ecto. I have Poll Dorset tup lambs for sale by a registered tup and out of non registered ewes. Ewes are either polled or horned, ram usually horned. Come to bucket. Name: Judith Elt Phone:07713159584email:[email protected]County: Warwickshire. Situated nr launceston. Pls pm for details. Tup also available message me for more details. Ideally sold together.