+1 for 520. The Surly Trucker touring bikes are probably the most recognisable touring bikes in the world. 2018 Kona Sutra I have looked at others, but in Denmark where i live im very restricted to what brands i can actually buy and these seems to be some of the better options for my price range of roughly 1400€. 2018 Bombtrack Beyond The 920 is a fucking monster so if the 520 feels bulky to you it might not be for you. 2016 Specialized AWOL This bike can do that! Looks well kept, and most of all, has 2 Backrollers, a Topeak frame bag, and Topeak small top bag, a brooks saddle (C17 judging from the pics), and a gps, included. While the Trek 920 can fit up too, 2.3″ without fenders or 2″ with fenders. 2018 Kona Sutra LTD The 2016 Trek 920 Adventure Touring Bike. On the topic of future-proofing, I think 27.5″ wheels would’ve been the smarter option in the smaller sizes. 2020 Salsa Marrakesh However if you plan off road touring you want something around 18″ climbing gear which this bike doesn’t. 920 has bar-end-shifter, 520 brifters. The bike definitely should have carried over a cassette with a 36-tooth rear cog. It is definitely something to consider when buying a bike. 2016 Genesis Tour de Fer Priced at $2,099. 2016 Cinelli Hobootleg Geo If you want to do your own build, you can also get the frameset for US $725. The 920 is only gonna be bulkier. I don’t think this is a win for a dedicated touring bike, but it makes the bike feel a touch more nimble without a load. If you plan to ride fully loaded with 20kg or more gear on the bike anything under 20″ for the granny gear is ideal. The Trek 920 has a ProWheel forged alloy, 42/28 crank with 170 mm (5mm shorter then the 520 crank arms) and a SRAM PG-1030, 11-36 cassette. On first impressions the Trek 920 seems to have more of a MTB geometry and the 520 has a dailed in touring geometry all the way back to 1983. Trek trekbikes.com. However it is not the lightest. 2017 Trek CrossRip Honestly for the type of riding I like to do. Help. However the differences we start to see between this bike and the Trek 920 is that. All Rights Reserved. Then we start to see some slight differences in the numbers. Trek really makes the most of this with the saucer-sized 36t sprocket, which delivers a very low bottom gear (under 20in). Check out The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide which compares touring bike steering, sizing, gear ratios, specification, pricing and more. There are eyelets for racks and fenders. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Consider the Trek 520 Disc as a bike ideal for fully loaded road touring. The bikes use either compact or road triple cranksets, working with wide-range cassettes to achieve a lowish drive gear (close to 1:1 / 29 gear inches). BikeRadar gets world’s first test of Trek’s revamped steel tourer. Next up, the Elite uses Shimano Sora 9-spd gearing and cable disc brakes and is US $1199. 2018 Salsa Marrakesh The fork now has three-pack mounts for cargo cage bags, and internal routing for a dynamo cable. One would say more suited for bikepacking adventures than traditional road touring. 2019 Specialized Diverge The Best Touring Bike Trek 520. +1 for 520, 520 has mechanical disc brakes, 920 hydraulic. But that is the main difference between these two. 2016 Salsa Marrakesh A rear KSA-18 kickstand mount would’ve been a very welcome addition, and a bit more tyre clearance with fenders would’ve been appreciated – just enough to get my favourite slick touring tyre in, the 700c x 50mm Schwalbe Almotion. 2016 Kona Sutra The geometry is touring leisurely, with long chainstays, a wheelbase well over a metre and a slack head-tube angle. It is considered a “steel adventure bike made for off-road excursions”. If you are wanting to save money, I really think the 520 Grando is a capable bike. The frame geometry is otherwise essentially the same as previously. 2018 Fuji Touring Disc Trek's 920 and 520 are the choices I'm considering; I'm unsure of hydraulic disc brakes (the 920) and not sure if I want to go that rugged. The 720 is best suited to smooth roads with a lightweight load, although it’s a really sturdy bike and will handle front and rear panniers if you needed. 2019 Bombtrack Beyond Contact points are good and you can rack up those miles comfortably, albeit slowly. Thanks! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Now I'm wondering if it's worth checking out. Also, the 920 seems to have a pretty high front rack placement. That leads me onto the gearing. 2017 Marin Four Corners More posts from the bicycletouring community. There are now SEVEN different bikes, including the 2016 Trek 920, which are suited to everything from road touring right through to adventure off-road. And we have not discussed geometries yet. Surly offers 26″ wheels in the smaller sized bikes – that’s 42cm right up to 56cm. 2018 Salsa Fargo Ti Frameset Another solution is to fit Shimano 11-speed shifters with a GRX derailleur and a mix of Shimano SLX parts. 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