If that applies to you, what have you done to further that interest? Essays are supposed to demonstrate growth. 350 words is already a small space in which to tell a meaningful story, so don't be afraid to submit an essay that's close to the word limit (as long as your essay isn't wordy, repetitive, or lacking substance). #1: Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time. For example, ask yourself, "How has my life changed at home, at my school, with my friends or with my family?". Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or worked to overcome an educational barrier you have faced. does it work? Each response is limited to a maximum of 350 words. Make people laugh? The ‘moving’ bit can also flag privilege by highlighting details. Does your talent or skill allow you opportunities in or outside the classroom? Think about what you are competent at - i.e. However, a story about moving from one home to another is just too run of the mill. Proofread and edit. Did you work alone or with others to initiate change in your community? By paragraph three, we learn how that rather serendipitous introduction to music has led to something very meaningful. College Essay Example #6. Instead, Angie clearly tells us that her artistic skills are rather weak. Like Angie's essay, Terrance's essay comes in at a little over 300 words. Things to consider: A challenge could be personal, or something you have faced in your community or school. Showcase intellectual curiosity. Terrance's essay does a good job balancing humor with substance. How did overcoming this barrier help shape who are you today? As an artist, drawing is what helped stabilize her. On the contrary, you should sooner write about your drive to school or your desk at home. For example, you experienced a loss of some kind. Use “I” and “my” statements in your responses. Why were you inspired to act? How will you connect to people? Every applicant to one of the University of California campuses must write four short essays in response to the UC application's Personal Insight questions. What were your responsibilities? Many of the UC personal insight essay examples I’ve shown you do … In an artistic setting, leadership may be about organizing a set of ideas in order to create the conditions for collaboration. Every applicant to one of the University of California campuses must write four short essays in response to the UC application's Personal Insight questions. This length is perfectly appropriate assuming all of the words add substance to the narrative. What have you done to make your school or your community a better place? But it should be noted that her story didn’t follow the old “I moved a lot. However, I feel, the youth of today are slowly disconnecting from their community. Loss comes in many forms - death, divorce, moving house, health changes. One fascinating part of this story may be how you identified the problem to be solved in the first place. If you're currently working your way through a challenge, what are you doing now, and does that affect different aspects of your life? Who taught you how to recognize these kinds of things? Another thing to think about is avoiding the pitfall of being generic, so think outside the box. Things to consider: A leadership role can mean more than just a title. Describe how you express your creative side. How did your actions benefit others, the wider community or both? What is the context? These new University of California essay prompts (aka Personal Insight Questions) are each relatively short: no longer than 350 words. -You understood something important about someone else. What do you like about the subject? Think about what you accomplished and what you learned from the experience. The final paragraph also establishes a pleasing tone with its emphasis on music as a "unifying force" and something that Terrance wants to share with others. He comes across as a passionate and generous person who will contribute to the campus community in a meaningful way. If there is one weakness, it would be that the third paragraph focuses on Angie's early childhood. UC Berkeley: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics, UC Irvine: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics, UC Riverside: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics, UC San Diego: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics, UC Davis: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics, UC Merced: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics, UC Santa Cruz: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics, strategy for responding to the UC Personal Insight questions, Ph.D., English, University of Pennsylvania, M.A., English, University of Pennsylvania, B.S., Materials Science & Engineering and Literature, MIT. The tone of Angie's essay is also a plus. Describe how you express your creative side. Essays are supposed to demonstrate growth. Essay 4 and Essay 5 are too similar; don't pick both. Has your interest in the subject influenced you in choosing a major and/or future career? I grew,” narrative. Both essays are accompanied by an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. As we’ve mentioned time and time again, you need to convey a personality trait. The advantage of doing them after is that they can serve as drafts to the essay you will eventually complete, but you may not be as connected to the experience you want to share. What are the steps you took to solve the problem? Does the talent come naturally or have you worked hard to develop this skill or talent? Now look at the prompts and divide them into three categories: "Want to write," "Can write...," and "Don't want to write...". Most kids have moved from house-to-house or state- to-state. Change does not always occur instantly, in some dramatic plot twist. Are you inspired to pursue this subject further at UC, and how might you do that? What are the things in your life that have felt hard? Writing what you want to write first will make you feel slightly more confident and comfortable moving on. Raise awareness? This latter point, in fact, is the true strength of the essay. Bring the reader into the scene and explain how leadership works in it. Things to consider: Think of community as a term that can encompass a group, team or a place --- like your high school, hometown or home. For example, you hope to be a doctor in the future because you love biology and chemistry. Need help figuring out which school is right for you? How has this challenge affected your academic achievement?