1x Vitsoe 606 Off-White Single Shelf 65.5 x 36 slightly tired finish but still fits the system perfectly. Take a seat, or two Vitsœ’s Lily Worledge and You can sit at all three sides. Tell us which you need. We were equally pleased with the quality of the product when it arrived, Gauder magnets for magnetic boards | ceramic. Solve your electrical problems by adding an open back to your cabinet: wires can pass through; audio or video boxes can be ventilated; and wall sockets can be used behind the cabinet. Been kept in the box for years,even has the price sticker on. Just add a desk shelf or integrated table. Add to it. Cleverly it can be hung in three different orientations. The side of the drawer is open. 1x Vitsoe 606 Off-White Double Shelf 65.5 x 36 shelf with hanging rail to be used in the iconic vitsoe shelving system. it has audio in so you can play your spotify from your phone. It may be used either way up. Nobody will know that your confidential information is discreetly stored here. Drawer dividers can be used with or without the drawer liner. The end plates are 3mm anodised aluminium in a natural finish. Lockable. Vitsoe up for sale!!!! The double shelf can extend your work surface while looking after your aluminium trays (two per 65.5cm shelf; three per 90cm). Hand it on. Add shelves, cabinets and tables to your structure. "If buying lots from our range, please contact us for discounts". The refreshing detail of a perfectly comfortable pour. Add to it. When upside-down (flipped) it has no lip at the front edge – unlike the metal shelf. Internal dimensions can be found in the price list. The cabinets – that hang from the E-Tracks – have drawers or doors to organise your life. Ask your Vitsœ planner for advice. Contact UsWe welcome all e-mails, and happily respond to every e-mail we receive, usually within 24 hours. Take it with you. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every sale we complete. Drawer dividers are available for CDs, Blu-ray and similar. The companion to a Vitsœ chair …or any chair, bed or sofa. All cabinets are 36cm deep. (Note that the side of the drawer is open.). The integrated table comes in two depths – 80cm and 120cm – for eating or working. Vitsœ’s Lily Worledge and Mark Adams expose the depth of thinking and care needed to create a chair that lasts, expands and contracts. The wool felt liners add a certain softness to your drawers for more delicate items or those that may slide. The shelf with drawer offers discreet storage where a cabinet is just a bit too much. You are bidding on 3x 171 E tracks Contemporary i've had these in storage for years. Add drawer dividers and a pencil tray for a true sense of organisation. Or add it to a cabinet with drawers so that wires and multi-gang adaptors can be tucked away. The aluminium pencil tray combines with drawer dividers. The double shelf has a hole in the back for the wires to your electrical boxes. The open door provides a temporary work surface for light tasks. Vitsoe Shelf 606 Universal Shelving System with 3 90cm x 30cm shelves off white £68.00 Collection in person or Best Offer Only 1 left. The usable depth of the 22cm shelf covers a surprisingly wide range of uses for hardback books, journals, magazines….