But that doesn't tell the whole story. Sometimes we forget how awesome Toyota is. The Toyota Camry is currently in its 11th generation, starting out as the “Celica Camry” way back in 1979, but really began to hit its stride with the V10-era Camry which launched in 1982. Do you think the greatest Toyota Camry is not towards the top of the list? Get started here. Which is a shame. By now, you know that the Camry sitting in your driveway is from Kentucky. Vehicles like the 2000GT, Supra, MR2 – and yes, that Camry – are part of a legacy of greatness that has played out on our highways. Over the years he's moved on to great success, and many other much better cars. It's true that the 1958 model – the first Toyota to be sold in the U.S. – was a sales failure. It was a combination the famed Mustang had, perhaps, forgotten about. But that’s okay, because it’s a darn fine and practical car that millions of people appreciate. Multiply that across 52 (and counting) years – and over 40 million sold – and you've got greatness. While the 2007 model year has — by far — the largest number of complaints, it’s the severity and cost of the complaints in the 2008 model year that make that Camry the one to avoid, according to CarComplaints.com. According to the CarComplaints.com database, most years of the Camry provide faithful service with complaints numbering in the double digits, which is remarkable considering the number of Camrys Toyota sells every year. Of those, 24 complaints required a replacement engine. ), and wheel flares. The largest number of complaints were centered on stripped head bolts, which cost an average of $2,887 to fix. As such, we looked back and came up with a list of ten great Toyotas. So this is what Toyota engineers can do when they put their pens to sports car success. 185 complaints in the 2007 model year were related to the oil consumption issue. Who cares that platforms change, and mechanicals evolve? If there was a car that defined the 1980s, the second-gen Toyota "Celica" Supra was it: fresh-faced and sporty, with a hint of fun times to be had. Be sure to vote so that your opinion is represented. The current generation Camry — since 2011 — seems to have been providing trouble-free service for a lot of people. Yep. Hey – that ain’t no Camry! That's perhaps the best way to describe the first-gen Mister Two. Then they went and did this and shook the world with a bold statement of automotive expression, from the sheet metal to the sweet performance of the vehicle and its inline 6-cylinder engine. List of the best Toyota Camrys of all time, ranked from best to worst. Hey, here's a thought: Stop scanning this list for a second and look at this damn car. With only 45 dealers, it rang the register less than 2,000 times over three long years. Millions went for the change. For close to 20 years, enthusiasts have been asking the same question: When is the Supra coming back? There’s one owner that claims 16 million miles that’s throwing off the average, so take that into consideration. In fact, they’ve built some of the most revolutionary cars the world has ever seen. In case you aren’t aware of the history of the Camry, here’s a brief overview. This list is a great resource for both vintage Toyota Camrys and more contemporary ones as well. The cost of those issues makes the 2008 Toyota Camry particularly problematic. Back in the late sixties, Toyota was beginning to emerge as a serious player in the international car market, but their vehicles were still thought of as unreliable and boring appliances. Mustang knock-off, or charming 2+2 in its own right? I loved the Celica, and would own one again today, if only to sit inside it with a bunch of cats. The average mileage of those cars looks insanely high, at more than 638,000 miles, but the bulk of the complaints are in 100,000 miles. Take the Land Cruiser FJ40. It was a perm on wheels. If the 2000GT put the world on notice, Toyota stirred the U.S. pot more thoroughly with the debut of the Celica in 1971. Owners in the CarComplaints.com database confirm that they’ve seen oil consumption of one quart every 1,200 miles. The Crown and the Corolla are perfect examples of names that have lasted over decades and generations. Always wanted one. That engine served the Camry in the years between 2002 and 2011, but the major issues seem to have appeared in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 model years. Make a difference. Still mad about it. Through the years, the Toyota Camry has been synonymous with quality, but there are definitely better years that others, and particular years that can be problematic.