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Choosing a Colour Palette for Your House

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After building your house, there’s an integral part of making your home complete that is missing. And that is creating harmony between the rooms in your house. You may wonder how on earth you’ll be able to achieve this. The answer to this is simple: finding a colour palette.

When you decide the paint color that you need for your house. This is not an easy task. It is because you’ll need to decide on the paint palette for the whole house, it will be easy to give your home a well-put-together look.

You’ll need to gather inspiration so that you can select different colours to suit all the different rooms in your house. Here is a guide on how you can go about picking a sound colour palette for your home.

1. Take note of the rooms that are visible to each other

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To do this, you’ll need to walk through your house and take note of all the spaces that you are able to see from every single room. You can choose to use a floor plan so as to keep track of this.
You can select a vantage point, a bit farther from the rooms from where you can have a clear view. When you figure this out, you can take note of it because it will be essential in forming the basis of your house’s colour plan.

2. Begin by selecting a colour for the largest room

The biggest room in your home may be your kitchen or your living room. When you want to pick the colour palette for your house, you’ll need to consider this centrally placed space.

You want to first pay attention to choosing a colour that will make picking colours for the other rooms easier, especially if you are having a hard time. Neutral hues such as ivory and different soft colours will work well for your main space.

3. Start with the boldest room

Start with the boldest room
As an alternative to focusing on first picking a colour for your biggest room, you can decide to begin with the room that you want to paint the boldest colour. If you are big on hues, you can choose first to pick the colour for the specific room then build the colour palette for the whole house around that colour. Rather than picking similar bold shades for the rest of the house, settle on softer and more subdued tones.

4. Pick different shades of a hue

This is a great tip. When you pick the shade for your room, an easier and simpler way to go about it is to use different shades of the same hue for the adjoining rooms and adjacent walls.

You can decide to select a tone from the nearest paint chip or colour up or down the same paint chip. You can even have the same paint mixed with white, in order to have a lighter version of that colour for your other rooms.

This is an excellent idea because apart from giving your house depth and interest, it will also provide the rooms with harmony in colour.

5. Be methodical when selecting the colours for your open space

Picking a palette for your home, especially if most of it is visible all at once is very important. This is mostly the case if your home is an open plan home.
Be methodical when selecting the colors for your open space
You need to pick colours that will work together. Using tints and shades of a similar colour may work well for such a space. You can also use the environment as your inspiration. That’s because in most cases, the colours that go together in nature will also work well as paint.

6. Keep your connecting spaces as neutral as can be

Another great tip when you are selecting your colour palette is to use neutral colours in your connecting spaces. Different shades and hues of whites can work great in such cases. These colours give your eyes a chance to rest, in between places with more vibrant colour.

On the other hand; if you choose a neutral or white palette for your rooms, then you can make your connecting spaces to have more sumptuous shades and hues of the same colour. This will act as a great distraction from the colours in the rooms.

It will be so much easier for you to select the interior decoration that you want in your home when you finally choose the colour palette. Buying art pieces and drapings and blinds will be easy for you after that. Companies such as Select Blinds Canada will ensure that you get the perfect blinds to go with your house’s colour palette. Once your house has a perfect colour palette and interior decoration to go with it, your house will be ready for you.

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