Spacious studio apartments, lofts and open-plan houses sometimes seem too cold and uncomfortable. How to properly divide a large space into comfortable zones and give them a truly homely look, you will learn later in this article.

Built-in modules, original partitions and décor – we present you with 9 ways to perform this task beautifully and in the proper style!

1. Interior blinds

Wooden blinds are a very beautiful and versatile décor for open-plan dwellings. In the next photo, they were used to separate the stairs in combination with built-in wooden boxes. A great idea for a multi-storey building!

2. Warm central element

A fireplace or a special stove can perfectly serve you as a marker for the place where the dining area ends and the recreation area begins. This option has one obvious advantage: the heat source does not stand at the wall but evenly warms up the entire room from its centre.

3. Two rooms in one

Folding doors, Japanese partitions and simple curtains allow you to create a personal space in a large studio apartment, for example, separating the bedroom or nursery from the reception area.

4. Transparent partitions

Glass or thin textile screens help to visually divide the space into zones while maintaining its overall integrity.

5. Zoning with color

Different colours of walls or floor coverings also help to highlight the transition between different functional areas. In addition, the contrast between shades always has an invigorating effect on the room, making it more lively and friendly. In the next photo, a number of bright bar stools serve as a coloured divider, which shows flexibility in the ways of applying this method.