Deco Foil – Three Essential Facts You Need to Know Before You Start

Are you someone who loves art and craft? If yes, then chances are you are always trying to delve into something new. Any new art and craft form keep a creative heart both busy and happy. However, have you been intrigued by the latest deco foil art and craft items lately? And if you want to dabble on this craft type today, you have multiple types of deco foil available online.

You can use deco foils to make various crafts from embellished fabrics to an envelope. As you browse online, you will come across several deco foil products and supplies from ace service providers. You can browse through THERM O WEB foils online to know more. But before you get started with this craft, you need to be clear on a couple of facts. Discussed are three essential aspects of the art deco foils available on online craft stores.

Deco foil is different from gold leafing

Deco foil is different from gold leafing
Once you start the craft, the special effects of the deco foil might appear same as gold leafing. However, there’s a difference between the two. Deco foils are usually more durable, especially when you have to wash the surface or the fabric. On the other hand, gold leafing is available on sheets.

The modern-day deco foils can be best described as a gloss mylar that finely pulls off from a clear backing. Some service providers also refer this craft item as a foil paper and foil sheets as well. However, the primary use of the foil is for the special effects that it has.

The surfaces where you can apply foil

You can use a deco foil to ceramics, lace, paper, fabrics, sweater knits, vinyl, trims, leather, walls, wood and many more. You need to apply glue to the surface to foil it. The crucial decision here is the adhesive. You need to select the correct adhesive for various surfaces that you choose. Additionally, few online craft stores offer a complimentary adhesive for the deco foil you choose.

The best foil size to buy

deco foils
The new age art-deco foils are available in multiple formats. It all depends on the service provider that you are selecting. The leading stores will provide you with various colours and themes of the deco foil that you can use on small surfaces. There are foils designed explicitly for the first-time users. So, all you need to do is figure out your need and then search online accordingly.

When you are planning for a big or several craft projects, it is always a smart call to buy the more prominent and chunky foils. That will be an affordable option. Also, to minimise on the waste, make sure you cut a tiny piece slightly more significant than the space you need to cover. You keep the rest aside.

Similarly, when you have a smaller surface to cover, especially for school crafts, you select from the basic small deco foils.

If you are a beginner then before buying you can make general research on Google or YouTube on deco foils. The new age deco foil packages today offer you a manual that explains the directions and methods to use the same. So decide on the foil type and size, and you can get it all from the ace online service providers today.