Decorative Storage Boxes the Secret to Transforming the Room

Do you see mystical themes in the stories of people who manage to have the room tidy more than 12 hours in a row? Is it a recurring temptation to get off the support table that is not known how but occupies 110% of the visual field of the room? The answer to these problems may well go through the decorative storage boxes.

5 tips to be had in mind for decorative storage boxes

5 suggestions of the latest trends in styles for boxes, storage baskets and chests of all sizes in wood, fabric, white, pastel colours, or with vector patterns, Exotic Chic and Ethno Mood.

1. Chic-style wood

2. Decorative storage boxes for cabinets

Do you know what the adult version of the bedroom chair is? It’s the shelves of the cabinets at waist level. No one could have predicted it, but apparently, it is a matter of instinct for humans to chain all sorts of clothes and props into this space if it is not physically reinvidicado by another object, such as a storage box.

In case you prefer ethno mood or exotic chic trends, there’s no mistake: opt for the wicker decorative storage baskets and wooden crates for the most diverse purposes, only a spark of creativity will be required!

3. Chests

Yes, it’s true, technically the chests are not boxes – but they are almost and the RAYAS Chest enters a zone so hybrid that it was not possible to get around the central question: Yes.

It is simple, spacious, visually pleasant but at the same time being a charismatic piece and with presence. The RAYAS Chest can be the second central body of a room where you want to gain all the breadth possible without the space feeling “empty”.

4. Creative Verticalization

A creative way to use the wooden storage boxes is to place these pieces vertically, working as well as table and cabinet support simultaneously. Creative options always appeal to us, and this particular creative option works very well in spaces whose décor can integrate the modern rustic, natural or shabby chic styles.

5. Decorative storage boxes for small objects

The FRODO wooden box could come with a ring of invisibility (any prop from the Lord of the Rings trilogy made us happy), but if not the case, we must give credit to the design of this piece that sublimely unites the traditional and the modern. This polished wooden box features arabesque decoration on the lid observing motifs with vector patterns and geometric designs in blue, black, and brown on a white background.

It is therefore an exemplary piece of the Ethno Mood trend, and it is undeniable also the convocation of the typical image of Portuguese architecture that resembles the nature of 18th-century azulejaria.