Design Ideas for the Perfect Baby Boy Nursery


Your baby is not going to help you in selecting a design for the nursery. Many people find it tough to decorate a baby’s nursery. Well, here, you need to be a lot more pragmatic. When decorating your room or the rest of the house, thinking about fantasized design is good, but for a kid, the more useful a nursery design will be, the best. 

You need to consider the needs of a parent and a child when decorating a nursery. Every aspect, from the walls to the floor, should be in accordance with the need. A toddler will never come up and confess what they like due to their limited knowledge about room décor and the world in particular. However, if you feel your child is smart enough to point out something for the nursery décor, then do have a session with them. Ask them to draw their room; it will help. As far as a nursery for a baby boy is concerned, so it is upon you.

First of all, do not go for the expensive and permanent staff. For example, the walls must be decorated with reusable wallpaper as it is affordable and long-lasting. Secondly, do not install anything weak which can harm your kid in any way. For instance, a poorly fixed cabinet or door can be a risky affair, or if you are using chemicals to polish the furniture, then make sure that it is safe for the environment. 

The blue room

baby boy nursery1

Blue is the colour for baby boys and men in particular. So, you can try the shades of blue. Think about a blue cartoon character—for instance, the blue’s clue. Get the wallpaper for baby boy within the same shade range or with cartoon characters on it. 

The curtains can be a bit darker, as they will be in contrast with the room. As blue colour does not look good with wooden floor, try marble tiles. Next, the storage cabinet and a baby cot can be white or light blue too. 

The Avengers theme

Your baby will love this for years. He will boast about it. What you need to do is gather the best avenger-coloured wallpapers, paste them on the walls and cabinets. Now buy some posters and toys by avengers. It will be a perfect room for your baby boy. 

The sportsman club

baby boy nursery2

If you want your baby to become a sportsman, give him a hint when he is just a baby. This can be done by decorating his room with a lot of sports stuff. You can get the customized dresser and the baby cot with several little footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs on it. 

I would not suggest having curtains with sporty pictures or prints on them. When you have already bought the sports-design cot and dresser, it is better to have simple, elegant under-toned curtains.

Cool and light

Choose any light shades, such as light blue, green, or yellow. Keep the baby’s room a comfortable and soothing place for the mom.